Chapter 2.46 – Saccharine

“Do you still take your tea with fourteen spoons of sugar, Broof?” Sage sang towards him as the pot finished brewing with a precise ping!

“No, I’m down to six now. Thank you,” Broof said, lifting the mug he was offered, before Sage could place it on the coaster-less countertop, and taking a small sip. He was gradually getting used to his tea tasting like tea. He couldn’t say he enjoyed it much, though.

Sage had taken the seat beside him and began a light-hearted conversation about the weather. Broof had known Sage all of his life, but the two rarely sat down – alone – to talk.

Sage had been good friends with Broof’s grandmother and had often visited the Glimmerbrook house, bringing along Wyatt. But ever since Ma had passed on and Wyatt had become capable of making his own way to Glimmerbrook, Broof’s contact with Sage had dwindled. They were both now in that awkward place; where each knew more about the other than they should, thanks to their remaining mutual contact, and neither knew what to ask.

“The senior members of the coven have agreed to let Wyatt begin casting,” Sage said cheerfully, choosing the common ground. “I haven’t told him yet. That will be fun, won’t it?”

“Yes,” Broof agreed, fiddling with his fringe.

“None of us believe Wyatt’s grown up enough to be given free rein just yet, but he’s such a bright boy that he’s somehow figuring it out all on his own, isn’t he?” she gushed.

“Yes,” Broof agreed again.

“Oh! It will be wonderful to finally teach him how to do something with his energy, other than simply discharge it all, won’t it?” Sage beamed. “Because that’s definitely all he knows how to do right now, isn’t it? He’s cast a few times accidentally while discharging, but he’s definitely never done any spells deliberately, has he?”

“Not to my knowledge,” Broof murmured.

“Nor mine,” Sage winked and silence, heavy with the weight of mutual deceit, fell on them both like an itchy blanket.

Wyatt had said that he’d be home in thirty minutes and that was over an hour ago. Typical. Broof took a quick glance at his phone, but still no word. He finished his tea and made his way to the sink to immediately wash up his empty mug, hearing Sage chuckle behind him.

“Darling, you can use your magic here, you know!”

Broof smiled to himself, enjoying the hot, sudsy water on his hands; it was so much more satisfying than a quick spell, not that he trusted himself to cast with any accuracy.

He’d fobbed off an invitation to Becky’s last night so he could practice his Craft. Five hours of solid effort later and he still couldn’t conjure himself a palatable dinner, but he’d finally got candle lighting down.

He wondered if the High Priestess would agree to let him mentor Wyatt. Their training sessions would both allow Broof to gradually regain his own skills and also make him appear to be an excellent teacher, because Wyatt already knew much more than the basics anyway.

All thanks to Ma, who had been a staunch believer that witches of Wyatt’s calibre should be let loose sooner rather than later, despite all the risks and history to the contrary.

Broof couldn’t say that he agreed with his grandmother.

Broof was idly re-washing everything on the drainer when behind him there was a clatter and he heard Sage gasp. At first, he thought that Sage had fallen while dismounting her barstool and he panicked, almost relieved when he heard a desperate, male voice groan, “Mum, I’m so sorry. Yell at me later, yeah?”

The scene was almost comical; Wyatt half carrying, half dragging a young fellow into his kitchen whilst looking like he was regretting every choice he’d ever made in life.

Sage rushed over to help, but as she did, the unconscious man’s head lolled back and Broof got a good look at his face.

He knew that face. Why did he— Mother Earth. That was him! The vampire who visited the mansion, draped over his buddy, his neck inches from the monster’s face.

Broof started towards the pair, opened his mouth to shout a warning and stopped dead in his tracks, his hands flying to his face with a slap.

He tried to cry out but all he succeeded in doing was emitting a forceful, muffled noise that sounded like ‘grandpa’.

What was this? Some kind of vampiric mind control? Could they do that even when they were out of it?

“What happened?” Sage asked, still surveying the scene before her with shock.

“I took him to that party I went to last night. I know, I’ve screwed up, but can you help him? Should I call an ambulance?”

Sage stepped closer to the pair, examining the unconscious man carefully.

“I can help him. Put him in my room; yours is a health hazard,” she muttered angrily.

She waved her hand and Broof watched as the darkly-dressed guy floated gently from Wyatt’s relieved shoulder, hanging gracefully in the air as if suspended from a wire. Wyatt beckoned him towards Sage’s bedroom and he dutifully followed.

Sage remained in the same spot until Wyatt exited her bedroom and sheepishly made his way to his own without a word.

The whole atmosphere in the room changed as Sage and Broof were alone once more. The older witch turned slowly, walking back over to Broof who was still unable to tear his hands from his face. Thank goodness. She’d see he was struggling; she’d do something to help.

As she got closer, from the corner of his eye he could see her giving him what looked like a cold stare but… that couldn’t be right.

“Spill,” she ordered.

Ralf hadn’t gone to the café, he had come straight home and had been pacing the floorboards, trying to think.

The second he had mentioned the word ‘vampires’ Wilbur had faltered. Ralf had thought that was a reaction to the absurd, but now he doubted himself.

He doubted everything.

There was surely a logical explanation for all of this; the footage must have been tampered with. It was a hoax. The man in the sketchbook, who was identified as the same man who was supposed to be in that footage, could not also be the same man who was seen where Chase’s body was found.

Jessica could not be right.

It couldn’t be linked.

It couldn’t be—

The door.

Ralf clenched his fists. He was getting paranoid through lack of sleep, likely. It was probably only Mr. Greer from next door, complaining that Ralf’s car was parked too close to his, again. Maybe it was his sister or his niece stopping by with pecan pie and more memories of Chase to share.

But maybe it was Wilbur flanked by a white apron and a heavy tranquiliser.

He couldn’t know Ralf was having doubts – could he?

Again, Ralf considered running out of the back door, driving as far as he could and never looking back. But he knew that he only had one option where Wilbur was concerned.

He swallowed back the lump in his throat and headed to the door, expecting the neat shock of white hair, the sharp suit and shark eyes.

Not the mumsy, casual woman who was waiting.

Unlike Wilbur, Beth did offer a greeting; a warm smile. But like Wilbur, she too stepped into the hallway without invitation. She scanned her surroundings and then tutted.

“Skiving off, Widdlefinkle?”

“I was just fetching my—”

“Save it,” Beth said, her voice was warm and full of understanding despite her language, “You’ve lost your nephew and your team and now that inflated scrotum is forcing you to work, to save face, and with me of all people? I’d have told him to go screw himself in the craphole too, if I were you.”

Ralf nodded curtly, unsure how to respond.

“I understand your silence; I’m too close to the fire,” Beth whispered. She smiled, returning to her usual volume. “Let me tell you, Widdlefinkle; I disagree with the Wankshats on a lot of things and I’m certainly not about to force you back to work when you’re grieving. You know, Will has been missing for a week now? The bugger is probably dead in a ditch, or he actually has left me for that teen bimbo and I’m expected to carry on like nothing has happened, too. I mean, I barely ever saw the arse and it is definitely not an epic love story of a marriage, but I am still his wife, you know?”

Ralf remained silent as Beth looked around the room. “Nice place you’ve got here; he clearly pays you well.” She gave him a knowing look and followed it up with a playful smile. “Got any good liquor? Because I don’t know about you, but I really resent being made to work Saturdays. Saggy Balls can lump it; you need a friend and I need a rant.”

At Sage’s order, Broof’s muscles relaxed so quickly that he almost fell backwards into the freshly-cleaned sink. He steadied himself, frantically trying to get his words out.

“The guy with Wyatt! I think he’s a vampire!” he blurted, trying not to be too loud.

Sage looked down at him as he danced around in panic, and sighed.

“Yes, he is,” she confirmed. “I see your research has been fruitful.”

“I know it sounds loopy but — what? You know? And you let him… he’s been hanging out with Wy? He’s in your bedroom!”

“Darling,” Sage cooed, trying to calm him. “Relax. I’ve been hunting vampires since the 1700s and I know exactly how to handle them. This one calls himself Thor; isn’t that cute?” she laughed in her sugary fashion. “He’s actually my newest employee and quite the salesman, would you believe that?”

Broof took a moment to consider Sage’s words, her playful tone and her smiling face. “Is he? So this one’s not dangerous?”

“They’re all dangerous,” she corrected brightly.

Broof thought for a moment. Sage knew this guy was a vampire, had hired him and he was in her home, despite being a danger. Did he dare to believe that this meant there was hope? That destroying them wasn’t the only option?

How could he word this without confessing everything?

“What will you do with him?” Broof asked carefully.

Sage’s face hardened, her mouth set into a firm line. She scrutinised Broof as if deciding whether he was ready to hear her words. Broof had always known that Sage had been an active participant in the culling of vampires across the centuries, but he had never really been able to link this chirpy lady with that kind of violence.

For the first time Broof could really see a formidable hunter beneath the saccharine façade and it chilled him to the bone.

“I will slay him. I would have done it instantly, however,” she paused, staring straight into his soul. “How much have you learned about vampires, Broof?” she asked. “Have you read about the binding ritual?” Broof shook his head. “It’s the way the hierarchy vampires took a spouse, turning their conquest post-mortem. It takes the meaning of Master to a whole new level; robbing the victim of both their life and their autonomy,” she explained. “Are you following so far?”

Broof was horrified, wondering why she was telling him this. He nodded to convey his understanding.

“Our guest here has what they refer to as a bind,” Sage said quietly. “I need to find them before I slay him. To be successful, the pair need to be taken out simultaneously.”

“My guess is that he’s one of the old society vampires; they liked kidnapping young women, the absolute savages. Took them as food or brides.

“You can’t kill her!” Broof cried out.

“Her? It’s not like you to assume such, Broof,” Sage cocked her head to her shoulder. “But even if I overlook your pronouns, I can’t slay them? And why ever would that be?”

Broof had backed himself into a corner and he knew it.

“His… bind,” he mumbled. “I think it’s April. I recognise this guy; he came to the mansion, calling himself ‘Caleb Vatore’ shortly before April disappeared. And before she disappeared she was… turning into one.”

He winced, expecting at least a dressing down for lying to her.

“I see,” Sage said. Her voice had lost its honeyed sweetness and its sparkle, but lacked the anger or element of surprise Broof had been expecting, and he realised; Sage already knew this. Her words were sincere and gentle. “It will be swift and painless for her, darling. She won’t suffer.”

Broof physically shook, his heart sinking with regret as he fought back tears. “Is there no other option?” he wheezed, surprised he even made any noise at all.

“No, sweetheart.”

“Can’t we cure her?” he pleaded. “I read about a fruit?”

“It’s a fairy tale. No vampire really wants to be cured, Broof.”

“But all the things we can do, that the coven can do, the wonder we can weave; please, there must be something,” he sobbed, the desperation growing in his voice. “Can I bring her here? Can we sustain them? Can we try?”

“Broof, she is not the girl you knew.”


Sage’s tone was kitten-soft as she gently stroked Broof’s hand, “I know you became attached to April while you were in her service, but that girl no longer exists. And, my love, hear me. I understand with my whole heart what it’s like to lose a child; how you’ll cling to anything familiar—“

“Then understand!” Broof cried. “Sage, we can’t just stand by and let this happen to someone else.”

“With respect, who else is there?” Sage asked softly. “Sandy is gone and Travis is never going to walk free from that crime.”

Broof was shaking. He had one last card in his hand and he placed it carefully on the invisible table between them, wholly unsure of the reaction it would receive. “Wyatt,” he said. “Travis is not April’s father, Sage. Wyatt is.”

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23 thoughts on “Chapter 2.46 – Saccharine

  1. Mutual deceit like an itchy blanket!! Ahh.. these crazy images you conjure in my head. xD .> Oof!

    And this chapter once again reminded me of the inevitable that someone goes in this season D: Nooo…. Who is it!?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 14 spoons of sugar? 🤢 The sentence alone made my teeth hurt. Ah, just 6, much more acceptable.

    Broof is a pro at smiling and nodding, after his long years in Sandy’s service. Is the house bugged? That conversation was very cautious. Confirmed, the witches have a magical Alexa they put into every magical person’s house to listen in for the purposes of customising your broom adverts and incriminating families who dare train their magical children.

    D’aww, tiny Broof and tiny Wyatt, so precious! I see Broof is progressing in his casting skills a wee bit. I’m still curious how he became so rusty in the first place, beyond simply not practicing. What did he expend all of his magical energy on, I wonder… It is possible he never had great powers to begin with, but they way he words it, talking about regaining his skills, would suggest they used to be stronger than this in any case.

    Dang! So Broof recognised Caleb instantly. Caleb is in no shape to control Broof’s speech, and Wyatt has no reason to, so Sage is the most likely suspect here. But why is she so set on Wyatt not knowing Caleb is a vampire? Unless it’s the house is bugged theory again… but then she does ask Broof to spill the second Waytt is gone. Sage is so perplexing. My best guess is still that this is some form of test for Wyatt. Or maybe she subconsciously wants him to get killed because she subconsciously resents him for outliving his brother.

    Beth appearing behind that glass door felt like something out of a horror movie. Her motivations are still clear as mud too. She’s trying to throw Ralf off track – not a difficult task – but for who’s gain, good old Wilbur’s, or her own?

    Hmm, so Sage didn’t know Wyatt is April’s father? I would have thought that April’s part magical lineage was the whole reason Broof was assigned to serve the Mosses in the first place. He definitely seemed like he was in their service on a mission, but if it was not linked to April per say, then who?

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    1. I once knew a guy irl who had ten spoons of sugar in his tea, despite half of it not even dissolving; there would always be a sugary silt in the bottom of his mug. He had about as many teeth as you’d expect. Mostly this idea that Broof is a fellow sugar-lover stems from him once making a celebration cake while I was shooting a scene at the mansion, taking the cake upstairs to Sandy’s bedroom (as you do) and eating the lot by himself. There’s some useless AE knowledge for you.

      A magical Alexa 😆 “incriminating families who dare train their magical children” I see you’re very much in Ma’s camp of ‘start them training as early as possible’ versus the ‘teach to discharge and wait until they’re mature enough to handle it’ camp. Both have reasoning and merit but who is right? Who can say. It is a debate that has rumbled on for centuries.

      What did he expend all of his magical energy on” OOH! OOOOOOOOOH! You’re so close to the fire with this question; careful you don’t lose your eyebrows. 🤐

      I’m sure Sage will explain herself eventually. “maybe she subconsciously wants him to get killed because she subconsciously resents him for outliving his brother” ouch! Poor Wyatt, trying to live up to the perfect brother he never even met.

      Haha, as gorgeous as Beth is, she is also so creepy. Ralf is falling apart pretty quickly without his reliable deputy/nephew running the show, isn’t he? I’m sure it’ll be fine.

      Gah! You and your pokey probes. Must… not… answer…

      And that’s the end of your comment. Phew. I can go lie down now. Apologies for all the dodge and vague. You know what this means by now. 😆

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh but you know I hate choosing camps, siting on the fence is so comfortable 😀 But one of the issues with “waiting till they’re mature enough” is who decides on when someone is mature enough, and how impartial are they… since AE doesn’t have the best track record with impartial, unbiased characters, lol.

        I’ll shut up now and collect my probes 😀 Yes, I remember – I’m either close or very, very embarrassingly off, hahaha.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh, I dunno… fence-sitting sounds like a recipe for splinters in the sphincter to me. 😆 Totally agree with you though; measuring maturity is not a science and that rule was probably decided by a character with an agenda.

          Nooo don’t shut up! I didn’t mean it like that. There’s nothing like a good poke for me to test how watertight (or not) my plot is. You carry on probing me. 😆😘

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  3. Dear lord fourteen spoons of sugar. And “only” six spoons now 😨 that tea will be so full of sugar that there will be a layer of it at the bottom that just will not dissolve. Ick. Ick. His poor teeth.

    Oof, Sage’s exchange with Broof about Wyatt is so heavy with unspoken words. I wonder if Broof saw that as a threat. Letting Broof be the mentor would be a good idea here, yeah. Wyatt won’t be bored learning things he already knows, they’re already friends and Broof can get some practice in alongside him. And the whole “Wyatt can cast already” problem remains hidden, too. I still don’t understand why they’re so hell-bent on not letting kids like Wyatt at least learn to control their energy and let it out in safe bursts instead of “discharging it all”, like Sage puts it. It just sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

    Broof re-washing the dishes made me chuckle. He’s such a neat freak. I wonder if he’d be willing to come clean my house sometimes. Not that it’s dirty here, but dang, that guy is thorough 😂

    Oooooh was that Sage shutting Broof up? So not only is she able to do that, but she’s able to do that without anyone noticing, not even Broof himself, who did it. That’s terrifying.

    Gah, maybe Beth is just caught up in it all, but I seriously do not trust her. Why did she even marry Will? For the doors that it opened? She’s such a giant question mark and I’m right there with Ralf being nervous about what is safe to tell her. Probably nothing is. Nggggghhhhh be careful Ralf, I don’t like you all that much but I still got attached to you 🤣

    Oh gods, so Sage did know. And allowed Wyatt to not only be around him during work, but after work too, completely unsupervised (?). That is so baffling to me. I don’t understand it, especially with how she seemingly lost her own parents to vampires. There’s got to be something else hidden there. I wonder how she found out that Caleb had April as a bride. Was it that moment where she made noises and he felt warm inside? It did seem like she cast something on him back then.

    Hmm… would it really be that Caleb isn’t able to die without them killing April, too? What happens to the remaining one if the other dies, I wonder? Will the bond simply be broken, and would April be free? What would happen to the traits they swapped? Will they return, or stay as they are at the moment of death? Would the mind of one travel to the other in some bizarre two-in-one-body thing?

    “Sage, we can’t just stand by and let this happen to someone else.”
    Ouch. I wonder what Broof is talking about here. We never did find out exactly what happened to Cabbage, did we? I mean, you probably hinted at it or revealed it back in the prologue or something without any of us realizing what it meant, since you’re good at hiding stuff early on 😂

    Oh gods, that cliffhanger. Gaaaaaaaaaah 😂 So many new bits of information and plot twists and tension! Fantastic chapter again 😁 This novel of a comment was brought to you by Yimi Inc. Let’s hope that it all posts and wordpress doesn’t gobble up half of it, or steals all of my smiley faces again.


    1. “Letting Broof be the mentor would be a good idea here, yeah” FINALLY! Someone in AE had a good idea! 😆 We get loads of witch lore/history in book three that should hopefully shed some light on the disasters that may have already happened that prompted these unusual methods.

      Broof will be round first thing tomorrow to make your pad sparkle! Please ensure that you have an adequate supply of sugar.

      Sage really is quite terrifying. All three senior witches are, in their own ways.

      Beth married Will because she needed to [redacted] and the simplest way to do that was [redacted]. Ralf definitely should be careful but oops! He’s let her in now…

      “Oh gods, so Sage did know. And allowed Wyatt to not only be around him during work, but after work too, completely unsupervised” How careless of her! She let him be around Caleb at work under the influence of at least one potion that was supposed to protect him; probably didn’t think Caleb would want to hang out with Stinky Wyatt after work. Maybe Plumbob is right and she does just want him to die. Maybe it was oversight; she is ancient. I’m sure she’ll explain.

      Interesting speculation about dying while bound and one of those theories is pretty much correct! I wonder if we’ll ever see it happen. Maybe it already has.

      Generally, he’s talking about losing a child, but you’re right… you do all know what happened to Cabbage, at least part of it. I didn’t tell you quite as early as the prologue, lol! It was in a few chapters in book one though. There are visual clues in every Broof chapter and a huge cookie is still available for the first one who figures it out.

      Yay! So much info and yet so many unanswered questions.
      Thank you for input, Yimi Inc. Please forward your invoice to my secretary.

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  4. I never got back yesterday. I had a reasonably busy day.

    So Caleb saves life on a hair’s breadth due to the bond to April.
    Sage seems very creepy to me. Your title for the chapter is perfect. She is completely glazed in honey and sugar but there is an effective executioner hiding behind all the icing.
    I had expected that she knew more than she expressed, but not that she knew the almost full truth.
    It is more urgent than ever to find that fruit.

    Broof gets the last little crucial secret revealed.
    Dang! Wyatt is the father of April …. It can hopefully pacify Sage for a while yet.
    Does Wyatt even know?
    It should come as no surprise to me if Caleb turns out to be the stolen lost big brother. I have lost all threads now and my yarn keys are tangled together 😕

    I love the picture of Wyatt and Broof as boys. They are so adorable 🥰
    Wyatt has always been an unruly kid I can see.
    The witches’ rules and agenda are quite complicated.
    I get completely freaked out on top of all this new information and I am left with a feeling that the onion has got even more layers than the opposite 😵

    Poor Ralf is frightened out of his wits. How does he handle knowledge that is more dangerous than the worst taboo. Suddenly Beth stands outside the door and says she understands his grief and loss. She demands a drink and occupies his home. Where is it safe to be at all? 😬

    I know you say it gets darkest before the light breaks out.
    I think it all looks pretty black now …. or is it just me who forgot to remove my sunglasses? 🙈

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, bizarrely his bond has saved him, if only temporarily. All Sage’s lilted, sugary sweetness sure hides a lot of dark secrets doesn’t it? The smiling assassin in a flowery blouse. 😆 “It is more urgent than ever to find that fruit.” Yes. Yes it is.

      Haha, there are a lot of threads right now. A few weave together over the next few chapters and you’ll get quite a few answers to things as the truth starts to come out. I can tell you now though that Caleb is no-one’s big brother. 😉

      Oh I know, they were so cute! Wyatt was actually very well-behaved as a kid; in game, spellcaster children can’t cast any spells, so I had to pretend that he could. 😂 The coven rules are shrouded in a lot of mystery right now but yes, there are still layers to peel. A little will be revealed in the remaining chapters of book two (and you get handed your final onions to add to your very full basket) and oodles of layers will be shed in book three. Hurrah!

      Poor Ralf, crashing headfirst into the ravine. But hey, perhaps Beth does just want to be his friend; maybe she is just as trapped as he is?

      It’s pretty dark and it will be dark for a little while. But I promise, when the light breaks through – and it will – you will definitely need those sunglasses. 🌞🌞🌞

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Awwwh, Broof. He´s just such a good guy, covering up for Wyatt like that. And huzzah, it isn´t permanent! He can actually cast now! 😀 I´m guessing it was just being ridiculously rusty, then? But his plan… I mean, Broof probably /would/ be a very good teacher. But if not for that, I would have my doubts. What if he got assigned someone other difficult student, after? Also eeeek! Broof´s Grandma was actually the High Priestess! She was the portrait on the right.
    And /that/ was Sage. I´m sure she was the one who stopped Broof from saying anything while Wyatt was in there.

    Oh. So Beth is playing the good cop. For now… I still don´t trust that woman, even less now actually, but my respect for her is growing ever higher. I really, really like her style (I mean, she can pull off even the talking like a sailor part, somehow), but I´m still trying to suss out if she´s a friend or foe. She might be either, as things stand.

    …and the rotting bananas hit the fan. What the actual heck? /What?!?/ *deep breath* Okay… okay. Let me get my bearing, here. Sage knows everything. Slight surprise she knows Caleb´s bonded, but she did do some sorta spells, yes. She plans to kill him, no surprise there. And she /has/ to kill April too if it´s supposed to work? What? Okay, so. What options do we have here? She might be lying, I would /not/ put that beyond her. Or Lilith might not know. Or she does know and that´s why she was so willing to twist Caleb´s neck? But she did seem convinced it´d have killed him. I… now that I thought it through… I´m afraid that the most likely reason, to me, sounds to be like Sage is lying. That she /wouldn´t/ have to kill April, but she just wants to do it anyway. That´s the sorta impression /that/ witch made on me. Well, hopefully Broof can talk her out of that.


    1. Broof can cast! Perhaps he was just rusty, he did live in a mortal household for a decade and he admitted here that he likes doing things the mortal way. Or maybe that was to cover his loss of power. We’ll see. Haha! Imagine him getting another student after. YES! Ma Hogwash was a High Priestess! You’ve only got two to identify now…

      Beth -oof- that language she uses makes me cringe, but she does have a certain charm, doesn’t she?

      Rotting bananas hitting the fan is such a bizarre visual. 😆 Ooh, OK your options; yes, Sage may be lying and yes, Lilith may be lying. Neither might have the full picture or perhaps there’s more to come. And I guess it all depends on what Sage would deem to be a ‘successful’ outcome. Yep, over to you Broof! Don’t let the readers down!


      1. No doubt we shall see. Yeah, two more to go. I don´t think we´ve seen the guy yet, have we? He has a… memorable face. The other lady… I have this sneaking suspicion we may have seen her already. Maybe not. Maybe that´s just me seeing a vague similarity again, like with the gold eyed vamp. But… have we?

        *shrugs* Beth is certainly colorful, but… I guess she´s at least inventive with those terms of hers. XD

        *giggle* I was about to mention rotting potatoes again because that stink, oh my. But then, there´s lots and lots of potatoes to go around already, so I thought we could do with mixing it up a little. Bananas were the first thing that came to mind as sufficiently nasty when rotted. XD
        …but to focus on your hints. Right. So I expect Sage wants to kill vamps, it really seems as simple as that. Completely kill, can´t come back, can´t be a ghost or what have you. I guess there might be some wiggle room between kill and /really/ kill now that I think about it that way. Hmmm… It has very difficult implications, though. What of Lilith´s parents? What of Vlad and his… three wives, was it? How /did/ the hunters deal with them? *smirk* If I didn´t know better, I´d be kind of worried about possible return of one ugly vamp ghost right now. Good thing you made your stance on /that one/ abundantly clear. ;DD

        Liked by 1 person

        1. You have seen the other lady but not the guy, yet.

          Haha! My whole comment section is turning into a rancid greengrocers 😆. What hints? 😇 Nope, Vlad is not coming back, rest assured.


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