Chapter 1.39 – Behave

Caleb had screwed up. Lilith was certainly going to attempt to give him a sharp whack with the spoon of doom for allowing them all to get into this state. Especially April who was supposed to be recuperating.

Faith was such a bad influence; at one point she’d been practically pouring vodka down his throat as she wound him up, mercilessly, about his wild days. He’d apparently had a million lovers by the time she’d passed out and he was getting pretty self-conscious about his hair with her calling him Fringey. Next to the hilarious chaos of Faith was the understated wit of Melinda; watching their interaction had been much more entertaining than watching the movie.

He could certainly get into these movies that they liked, though; he had no idea what it had been about, but each jump scare had forced April closer. The deadly combination of his inebriation and that dress had finally started to break him.

Not that she seemed to mind. He knew she was at least as intoxicated as he was. He knew he should’ve stopped her when she climbed astride him and started trying to unbutton his shirt but he just didn’t seem to be able to.

“April, behave.” A plea, rather than a request.

“Make me,” she murmured into his neck.

Caleb really didn’t want to make her. He could have stayed forever with her soft weight on his lap, her lips on his skin, her hands… oh hell, where was her hand going?

“That’s enough,” he said, those two words taking all the effort in the world. She fell heavily in place beside him, gazing at him, dreamily, in her drunken haze.

“OK,” she said, tucking herself back into his embrace. “I’ll behave.”

“April…” he warned, catching her arm before she’d fully processed the command to move it.

She giggled. “I was just stretching…”

“I think I need to take you to bed—“

“Please do.”

“—Let you sleep this off. Call it a night.”

“Are you sure?” she purred, surely trying to ruin him with her kittenish ways.

“We have both had way too much to drink.”

He would put them all to bed, hide all the bottles and have an ice cold shower. Yes, that’s what he’d do. That was a great plan. Fool proof. Lilith would never know.

If only his legs would work and the room would stop spinning for just a minute.

It had been a long time since Lilith had pierced into flesh with anything other than a surgical implement. She hated to admit that Seth was right; she did enjoy it. She also hated to admit that Will did taste quite good. But mostly she hated to admit that she missed the days when she could slaughter any human without a second thought.

Will was surely the most deserving kill for miles and she just didn’t have the heart to do it. She kept thinking of his wife and his baby son, even though he never once did in the whole time he was buying Lilith drinks and dragging her out to the back of the bar. All that filtered through his brain was exactly what she’d expected; a parade of trucks and scantily-clad women, punctuated with beer and steak and power tools. For all that she hated him, she couldn’t help but admire that Will was one of the very few people she’d encountered who wasn’t hiding anything. However shallow and awful he was, he was completely himself, remarkably uncomplicated.

She’d barely drawn anything from him, but she’d lost her appetite. She withdrew her fangs and dumped him on the bench.

She had mesmerised him, so he wouldn’t remember their encounter, but she didn’t have the ability to make him forget his plan. Not anymore. She’d have to find another way to keep the girls safe. She’d start by moving them from Marjorie’s house to her own, tonight. That would buy some time.

The house was suspiciously quiet. For a brief moment she thought she was too late, someone had found them. Then she noticed an empty whiskey bottle on the floor, the lingering scent of alcohol in the room.

Faith and Melinda were passed out on the sofa; a silent horror movie flickering on the screen of the portable television. There must have been a dozen bottles dotted about the place; probably the entire contents of Marjorie’s secret bar. Enough to sink a vampire as tolerant as Lilith, let alone two fledglings who had probably never been drunk in their lives. She was extremely annoyed that Caleb had let them get into this state.

Where was Caleb?

A noise from upstairs caught her attention. She hoped he wasn’t too drunk; she couldn’t move the unconscious girls by herself, not with how weak she still felt and Will would not be out for long.

Lilith slipped upstairs and crossed the landing to knock on April’s bedroom door. There was no answer, but she knew he was in there and she could tell by the openness of his mind that he was unaware of her presence.

She found herself conflicted. On the one hand, he did appear to be changing, finally. He perhaps deserved some of the benefit of the doubt. On the other, this was Caleb and he was intoxicated and alone in a room with a girl who was also, from the sounds of her jumbled thoughts, very drunk. Too drunk.

Lilith found herself caring about that. Ugh. Why had she wanted to regain her humanity again? Had her conscience always been such a bitch?


She heard a sound like a broken radio as he instinctively shut down his unconscious mind. He didn’t respond.

I need to speak to you.

Still nothing.

Fine! I’ll give you three seconds to cover anything you don’t want me to see, then I’m coming in. One… two… three…

“Different, huh?”

“I know it looks bad, but I was putting her to bed, she climbed on top of me…”

“And what, got stuck? Put her down.”

Caleb made a disgruntled face and lifted April from his lap. April went willingly as he placed her gently on the bed. She rolled on to her side, instantly falling asleep.

“Happy?” Caleb slurred, trying to stay upright. “Look, still dressed, didn’t touch her.”

“Well done, you. I’ll get you a trophy,” Lilith said, sarcastically. “We’ve got a problem.”

He ran his hands down his face, “Can it wait?”

“Well I think it might have to now you’ve gotten all four of you completely wrecked, you irresponsible, selfish jerk.”

“I’m not wrecked.” He swayed, almost falling sideways on the bed atop April. “OK, slightly. But I’m not selfish.”

“You’ve plied her with spirits! Twenty-four hours ago she was dried out! Are you deliberately trying to screw everything up?!”

“I didn’t! Faith did! I genuinely was trying to put her to bed.”

Lilith looked at him for a while. Her expression a mixture of disgust and despair. She wasn’t sure who it was aimed at. “I drank from Will tonight.”

“What? Why would you do that?”

“I was going to empty him. He’s looking for the girls and he remembers being in this house.”

“You were going to empty him?!”

“I couldn’t do it! Look, he wants the reward money he’d get from turning in April. We need to move the girls to ours.”

“They’re fine here. He’ll have to get through me, first.”

“Oh yeah, what a threat. Caleb, you can’t even see straight. Get yourself into the next room. Sober up.”

“I’m staying here, with April. I want to make sure she’s OK.”

“No, you’re not. You’re going into the next room.”

“For hell’s sake, Lil! I won’t even touch her, I absolutely swear it.”

Lilith amped up the static. “No, you won’t because you’ll be in the. next. room.”

He hauled himself to his feet. “Maybe I’ll sneak back in,” he muttered.

“Maybe I’ll be lying here in dark form, waiting for you when you do.”

“Fine, I’ll go. But I think you’re wrong, Lil. You were the one about to throw away everything they worked for tonight, not me. Are you ever going to trust me?”

“I’ll trust you when you stop doing stupid shit like this.”

Won’t I?

Lilith carefully gave April a once over before removing her shoes and tucking her under the covers. She seemed to be OK. Her skin was rather dry, but that would soon remedy itself. Like Caleb had, when he’d pulled this stunt, April had slipped into dark form as she lay baking and, like Caleb, most of the damage would therefore be hidden. Although Lilith couldn’t help feeling it was something of a shame that neither had a more permanent reminder not to take their existence, nor their loved ones, for granted.

She wondered if sympathy would ever be something she’d regain.

As she placed the shoes into the wardrobe, she noticed something leathery underneath a screwed up pile of clothing. The state of April’s wardrobe was very telling; the girl clearly had never had to clean up after herself in her whole life. Lilith pulled out the leather-bound book, looked down at the cover: Encyclopaedia Vampirica.

So it did exist.

She took a moment to listen to check that April was truly asleep, then she sat on the bed, leafing through. Page after page of gory details about vampire hunts, methods to destroy vampires, methods to create vampires. Most of it was absolute nonsense. Written by a vampire hunter or fan, most likely. She laughed out loud about all the mentions of garlic and holy water. She remembered the villagers of Windenburg with their garlic wreaths, huddled in their churches, thinking they were safe from the vampires and witches who were standing right beside them.

The book mentioned the fabled plasma fruit but frustratingly, had no details on its location or appearance. Another dead end.

She scanned the news articles. Vampire hunts had eradicated most of the ancient vampire families, along with their hierarchy, strict rules and traditions. The humans thought they had improved the situation; cut off the head and the body will die. But what they had actually done was create an unstructured, lawless mess of rogues and small covens, answering to no one.

Lilith turned the page. There it was. The article that had started this whole mess:

Vampyre Infestation Finally Exterminated

Wilbert Wangshaft, renowned vampyre slayer, this morning presented to the townsfolk of Windenburg five decapitated heads belonging to the last remaining members of the known vampyre families: Straud and Vatore. The heads will be on display to the public until the next full moon, whereby they will be ceremoniously destroyed by holy water and fire. Tickets 1d.

She remembered reading this article in the local paper. The sick satisfaction of seeing her father’s head on its stake next to Vladislaus’s was eclipsed only by the dizzying thought that she was finally free.

She would see the world, she would find the plasma fruit or a cure and until then she would be a good vampire, the kindest she could be, living in harmony with the humans.

How foolish she had been.

She sat for a while in the silence of the house, listening to April’s dreams and wondering what had happened to her own.

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39 thoughts on “Chapter 1.39 – Behave

  1. Oh.. Oooh You just made me like Lilith so much. Will she ever regain her humanity? Will she regress to her old ways and shut out her conscience? (I can’t believe Will tastes good. That pack must taste so bad.) She used to have so much power but now she can’t use memory spells anymore. Dang. Why does she want her humanity back? What would she lose if she lost her humanity? (Can’t be Caleb right? Everything is about the guy already.) Or what prompted her to self-realisation that she was descending into darkness?? Can I ten thousand likes this chapter?

    You don’t get to call Faith a ‘bad influence’ you dang 300+ y.o. vampire who can’t even apply house rules to three teenage adult girls (the word teenage comes first :p) Caleb has a million lovers? This reminds me of gynecologists. How they’re so bored of p*ssies because of their work. Rofl sorry, let me just come back to the story. *Ahem*

    I’ve decided I’ll hate the movie they watch. I hate jump scares because they get me everytime.

    Way to go Faith for making him insecure about his Fringe! I don’t care if he’s hiding a scar in there. Men with scars look cool too. Get it cut.

    They’ve finally kissed! And Caleb can actually restrain himself. Looks like he’s not the broken energizer bunny I thought he was c: Still an energizer bunny.

    I want to know what Caleb was changing from? I don’t think Lilith meant changing from his manwhoring ways. They meant something else right? Lillith really doesn’t trust Caleb there. … And I’m back to disliking Caleb. Can he stop blaming Faith and then now it’s Lillith’s fault for not trusting him, then Lillith is the one ‘throwing away everything they’ve worked for tonight.’ I guess this is what happens when you feel powerless all the time but dude, I can’t. You’re 300. Stop the whining. >_> Damn I sound ageist but I can’t stand whiny men.

    Anyway this is getting long. I’ll migrate everything else on your thread haha.

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    1. Like Faith, Will gave Lilith the ‘divine drink’ moodlet. Clearly foul-mouthed asshole lumberjacks are the pinnacle of culinary delight for my vampires. It was a combination of reasons and we’ll explore that later…

      Ha, he’s such an idiot. I don’t think he has had a million lovers, Faith was just winding him up. For sure, after a few hundred it’s gotta be kinda boring, right? Can’t imagine they’re all that different without the emotional aspect attached, just another hole. 😂 He’ll get a haircut! I swear! I can’t promise he’ll be any less whiny, although next chapter may explain it a bit more. Maybe.

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      1. Ahh i took a million lovers literally 😆 omg theres a reason why will tastes good??? Ok im assuming this reply is for something else. Although if it were addressed that would be a big lol 🤣

        Oh gosh just another hole haha! Thank god that’s in his past. Dont need a Will 2.0!


    2. “This reminds me of gynecologists. How they’re so bored of p*ssies because of their work. Rofl sorry, let me just come back to the story. *Ahem*” Lmao just had to stop for a moment to appreciate this that is class 😆

      Also, it’s a testament to Snuffy’s writing and character shaping skills that she manages to write a chapter that makes you love Lilith and makes me go into a mega rant about how insufferable Lilith is 😊

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      1. Aw, thank you, Plumbob. I’m glad that I can frustrate and delight so much with my made up mess people.

        Geez, they have a bit of a kiss and the comments are full of fucks and pussies and balls. What’s gonna happen when I actually post a sex scene? 😂

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      2. Haha once again, Mercury and her crass comments hit the stage.

        I don’t deny that. Been loving Snuffy’s story since time immemorial. (Man i love this phrase.) And despite how flawed Lillith is, she has the qualities I like. Caleb though.. Despite how ‘good’ he is, he’s got all the qualities I don’t like. 😂

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        1. Haha, it’s the exact opposite for me 😊 Lilith nas very few qualities I like, or at least her awful ones overshadow anything ekse for me. Not sure if I consider Caleb “good”, more like chaotic neutral, but there’s a lot I can sympathise with as far as he’s concerned.

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          1. I didn’t realise those existed beyond DnD. I thought they were exclusively made for the game. I read those labels bt don’t quite remember them. So Caleb to me is simply ‘good’ with inverted commas since that seems like how he is intended to be projected.

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            1. I don’t know that much about D&D, but I do like RP in general, so I guess that’s why I think about characters that way. I mean in real life, neutral is far more common than good or evil, I reckon. But I’m getting very off topic haha. I reas Caleb as flawed, but not necessarily considering the wider consequences of his decisions on others and primarily acting out on personal whims, which is basically chaotic neutral in a nutshell 😊 I guess some of the comments he makes in this chapter alone could put him in the “good” territory, but he lacks the execution to really live up to that 😆

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              1. Ah okay. For me, everyone even in real life starts off good. There is not a single child (unless afflicted with antisocial personality disorder or have an extra y chromosome etc) that doesn’t want to be good in another’s eyes. It’s what they go through that distorts their perception of ‘good’, or eradicate it entirely.

                That’s why I’m fascinated by Lilith. She had a socially-accepted perception of ‘good’, at some point discarded it, then regained it for now. What could’ve happened for her to revamp her values? To fiercely protect Caleb to the point where the lines of protection and “killing him softly” were blurred?

                Caleb on the other hand, suffers from (to me) the same disorder that Sandy and April suffers. The only reason why I’m kinder to Lilith and April is because they actively try to control their fates.

                I’m hoping Caleb’s next reveal shows that him doing some of that in his past. Then I will sympathise with him more. 🙂

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                1. I feel like children actually have very little concept of morality (kids can be very cruel IMHO), but that’s probably getting to far off topic 😁 In principle I do think that most people intend to be “good,” whatever that means in their eyes, food and evil are extremes and rarely anyone is purely good or purely evil IMO – but we could debate them as constructs and spam Snuffy’s comments into oblivion haha. She’s already foing to wake up tomorrow and be like what the plum 😆

                  Also, my tablet keeps autocorrecting good to food, but I guess that would still make sense in AE universe 😆

                  Caleb does try to control his fate on occasion though – and every time he does, he’s met with the same reaction from Lilith; that he’s a total fuckup. Hundreds of years of conditioning like that from a very young age from the one person that’s a constant presence in his life would of course distort the level of independence you have as a person. Especially when you are forced to live in semi-isolation as a vampire, and every time you do something where you take initiative, the person that’s closest to you discards your judgement and threatens with their dark form and spoon of doom and whatnot.

                  If Caleb had the luxury of not being a vampire and having had other formative influences in his life than Lilith, he could have turned very different, but that was likely not an option. April was stunted by Sandy, but had Faith and Melinda to balance her autonomy out. We already know Caleb had no close romantic partners, and his only “friend” is a cat. Not much other perspective on offer there to counteract centuries of Lilith’s conditioning. In my opinion Caleb is very much a product of what Lilith made him, and we’ve seen very little effort from her to break the cycle – specifically, we only seen some degree of effort from her to allow him to be his own person when she thought she almost lost him to him killing himself. And that was short-lived. Makes me think they’ve done this dance before.

                  Yes, I’m sure something in Lilith’s past distorted her views, but until we know what exactly that is, that makes it hard to sympathise for me. On the other hand, so much information about what shaped Caleb and what keeps him in his “loop” is already in front of us.

                  Anyway, that got very long-winded, oops.😆 An interesting discussion topic for sure 😊

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                  1. Ahh I’m pretty sure Snuffy enjoy our discussion as do other readers that reach this point. But yeah Snuffy if you’re not keen on this do let us know.

                    Parenting influence is incredibly important during formative years, but it is not exclusively the determining factor towards one’s development. Throughout Caleb’s 300 years of existence, he has had lots of influences, exposure and resources in his life. Caleb and Lilith would’ve met other vampires, watched kingdoms/countries rise and fall, survived revolutions and wars, lived through political and cultural, technological trends. They find different means of survival and adapt each time. This tells me they are not stupid, Lilith and Caleb are incredibly smart vampires. Lilith can’t do everything on her own and we know she didn’t because Caleb is smart enough to to do Lilith’s medical paperwork, independent enough to go to Del Sol Valley, find Faith on his own, social enough to know Seth and Majorie, and charming enough to have a hundred lovers. Caleb is Cinderella in this story, except unlike her, he has a plethora of time and resources on his hands. All of his 300 years of living/wisdom, Caleb must know and seek out the resources available to him to find a way to break free.

                    Hence, I’m waiting to see the post where Caleb actually tries to control his fate because ever since Caleb’s character introduction, all he does is superficially resist, give in, then whine to Mel, April, readers about how terrible Lilith is. Since I don’t have much of his backstory, it means he has been whining for 300 years lol. So Snuffy’s next post is extremely important. It took April 18 years to finally kill Sandy. When did Caleb try to ‘defeat’ Lilith and fail? Judging by how terrible her dark form is, my prediction is that Lilith accidentally killed Caleb during the fight. That’s how she regained her conscience and become even more protective and why her dark form traumatises him. It would make perfect sense that he gave up trying after. So yeah, I’m in the same boat as you. Except in reversal. Lilith is controversial and critically flawed, but I admire her for how hard she worked, in her broken ways, to ensure her and Caleb’s survival. I can sympathise with her as the big sister trying to protect her younger brother in the only way she knows how. The younger brother though, all he does is demonise Lilith to Mel, April and readers. So until I know exactly what happened, its hard to sympathise with him.

                    Yea. More information is needed so that we can sympathise with all the characters. Until then, I still need a love-to-hate character to antagonise for fun, so I’m gonna pick on Caleb for now.

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                    1. Hah I mean I’m sure Snuffy enjoys discussion on her story, but a general discussion on what abstract concepts like good and evil are might be a bit much and a bit too OT 😂

                      I kind of think of the 300 years the other way around, like you said, every person has a breaking point, and April’s reached hers. It’s very likely that over 300 years, Caleb would have reached his, probably multiple times over the course of that time. So on the contrary, I feel like after 300 years, he would become entirely numb and stop trying altogether. I don’t think there has to be one huge influential event that “happened,” I think a constant of something over time can take its own toll in a more drastic way. We did see him wanting to leave her at the beginning of the story, the inly reason he ended up coming back was because he ran into Melinda. Also, him even making April as his companion for all of eternity was a form of defiance in its own. (Pretty stupid, sure, no argument about that).

                      I do agree that Lilith is clearly the reason they survived as long as they did, but clearly that’s gotten into her head, and no she thinks there can never be a different way than her way. I didn’t see Caleb villifying her to the girls at all, I think the girls very much get the impression that Lilith is “the sensible one.” Which she is, but like I said in my comment, she’s just as stunted and set in her ways as Caleb is.


                  2. About the concept of morality in children, I agree with you, that is why I wrote ‘children want to be good in another’s eyes’. They are but a reflection of their family/community/societal values.


                    1. I did wake up and go… what the plum? All these notifications; have I been on the news? 😆

                      Oh I totally do love this. Never hold back if you want to pick my characters/story to pieces. I have pages upon pages of psychological research and profiling on them. Of course, the research I find and the studies I base my profiles on have been done on humans who, as mortals, are constantly changing and growing and dying within a limited time frame. My cast are not mortals allowing me to be somewhat creative with the science as I try to determine how these concepts, theories and conditions would manifest in an immortal brain. And of course, it’s psychology; is there any right or wrong? Both of you are looking at the exact same information (and you’ve both heard Caleb’s and Lilith’s songs, so that can’t be what’s skewing it, lol) and you have each formed completely different opinions. Makes me so happy, I’m giddy. 😁

                      Next chapter will give you more insight into the minds of them both. It’s a longer chapter than usual, circa 2300 words, but I can’t fit 300 years into that, obviously, so expect some unanswered questions. I will be able to discuss more after I’ve published it, though.

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                    2. Agreed! I think I meant even before that, before they adapt the values of their parents, but yes, once they realise there is supposed to be a pattern they definitely project the world views of their parents until they form their own, like you said.


                    3. I understood what you meant the first time. It’s during toddlerhood that children begin to form an awareness of others and begin mirroring patterns that elicit approval from their immediate community, then during preschooler years when they embody family values etc development stages after. We’ve simply been reiterating each other’s point.

                      As for Caleb, lets just agree to disagree. I can see where he is pitiful, but I can also see where he is pathetic and have made my choice. As Ive said with Lilith, she is critically flawed, but I can see where she tries and view her positively. We can debate about this all day since I disagree with the things you’ve newly pointed out. But I’m not too sure if there’s any point. It was an interesting discussion. Lets leave it at that.

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  2. Hmm… can’t say I approve of Lilith getting angry at Faith and Melinda getting drunk – and choosing Caleb as the target of her anger. They’re old enough to make their own decisions, Lilith. There is no need for you to mother and/or police them. (of course, there’s a big reason why them being awake would have been better as they need to GTFO, but they didn’t know that.)

    “I know it looks bad, but I was putting her to bed, she climbed on top of me…”
    “And what, got stuck? Put her down.”
    This made me laugh so much for some reason. xD

    Geez, and he’s even saying he’ll sneak back in, like a pouty teenager. Their relationship is so dysfunctional. Oof. So Caleb tried to kill himself by burning in the sun, too? So that’s why his skin is cracked in the same way that April’s was afterwards.

    Waaiiiiiit Man-bun Will is a descendent of a vampire hunter? The same guy that killed Lilith’s parents? Holy cow. How that family has… sunk? I guess? Oooh so Caleb was a toddler when Lilith was already a teenager. Does that mean that vampires can actually procreate? Or did their family turn into vampires after they were born? Was toddler Caleb a vampire? If he wasn’t, did she turn him later? Did he want her to? So many unanswered questions gah.

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    1. Lilith is definitely misdirecting her anger here.

      You should’ve seen the pose I was going to use for that bit. 😂 Would’ve totally derailed the chapter though.

      Ah, drink brings out the worst in people but yes, their relationship is dysfunctional. He did, the dark forms are very telling. Lots of clues.

      Yes, Will is a Wangshaft, a notorious vampire-hunting family. Well, they were. Caleb did say he was turned by his father and there’s his father’s head on a stake…

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  3. Unfortunately, Lilith cannot erase Will’s memory and she has no conscience to erase him completely.
    Now the girls need to be brought to safety and right now they are in the worst possible condition. They must first sleep the intoxication out before they are able to move their feet.

    Lilith is not happy to find Caleb and April. Caleb has a hard time finding an excuse for what it is she’s seeing. …. He’s an irresponsible kid.

    By chance, she finds the Encyclopedia of the Vampires and we learn a little more about Lilith and Caleb’s background.
    Lilith had promised herself to become a good vampire. It seems that life has made it difficult for her to keep that promise.
    She blames Caleb much of the blame for not succeeding because she has repeatedly had to clean up after his scandals. Perhaps she has now begun to consider whether it is only he she can accuse.

    I wonder … Why does the memory of Seth appear right there?
    Is he a former vampire hunter that Lilith has turned into a deadly monster because she could not turn his hunting instinct.
    I’m eager to know more about what happened.

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    1. Yes, she’s got herself into quite a bind here. Not the ideal time to realise that you’re too kind to kill someone.

      Caleb is irresponsible and has caused her a lot of problems, but you’re right, she can’t blame him for everything, forever.

      Why -does- Seth appear there? Interesting question/observation. 😉

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  4. Haha, this is funny, because I live in the US, so technically the girls would all be underage if this took place here and Caleb would technically be doing something illegal since he is the only of age adult in the house (they’re 18 and legal drinking age is 21). I know, us Americans make no sense, we can vote, get married, sign up for the military, but heaven forbid we legally drink, lol. Anyway, totally went off-topic.

    Anyway, I give Caleb props; he resisted April’s charms while also being drunk.

    Lilith does have a point about Will, he is very honest, and doesn’t hide anything. He’s still a terrible person and maybe Lilith can influence him to take out a life insurance policy, then push him off a cliff and make it look like an accident. Then at least his wife and son get something good out of the deal.

    Oh, it’s interesting to see Lilith’s backstory. So she was born a vampire? Or turned by her father? I’m guessing that’s Caleb she’s holding. Is he also a vampire? Or did she turn him later? And I’m also guessing that Seth is the vampire hunter that is mentioned. I wonder when he was turned? Before or after his vampire hunting? And what his history with the Vatores is? Sorry, I left a barrage of questions, and no need to answer them. 🙂

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    1. I do enjoy a barrage of questions. 😁 I can’t answer any, but I like the way you think.

      18 is legal drinking age in AE Land, as I’m in the UK and that’s the age here. But y’know, vampires are already kinda lawless, a bit o’ underage whiskey ain’t a big deal next to all the murder and non-consensual blood-taking.

      Yes, give him that trophy, Lil!

      But if she kills Will, who will all you guys unanimously hate?

      If you enjoy Lilith’s backstory you’ll love the next chapter.

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  5. You thought I wouldn’t give you my Lilith rant?

    She completely goes back on any “trust” her and Caleb have established over the course of the story, throwing that out of the window. Even if him and April were getting frisky, that’s none of her business. No wonder he’s a so immature – how could tou not be when your older sister is basically wrapped around your balls? (Excuse the crudeness). And then she tops it off by once again asseeting that Caleb is a fuck up and by default, everything he does is wrong (even when it’s something pretty normal like getting hot and heavy with hks girlfriend), while she herself has fucked up on a whim, but she will never admit that, because she’s the “mature” one that can do no wrong, ever. She is so incredibly irritating.

    And again, I understand that she got this way because of her experiences, but in her own way, she is just as stunted as Caleb is, she’s holding on to this big sister act, constantly trying to disciplne him, several hundred years later. She’s just as stuck in a single frame of mind as he is, but what’s worse, she thinks she’s got it all together.

    Rant complete. I did enjoy the picture of young Lilith admiring the heads on stakes.

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    1. Oooh, I’ve been waiting for this and you did not disappoint! Can I like this a hundred times? Wrapped around his balls. 😂 You carry on with your crudeness, it makes me laugh my head off.

      Indeed, it is none of her business if Caleb is getting it on with April. Why is she so involved and why does he let her be? And yes, she was the one who fucked up, why is she so sure he’s a fuck up?

      Wrapped around his balls. Still laughing. 😆

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I forgot to mention how much I love everyone making fun of Caleb’s fringe 😁
      Pls get your eyebrows done too.
      They’re not straight
      They’re not curved, or arched
      They’re WAVES

      Liked by 1 person

      1. First everyone hated his clothes, so I fixed those. Then everyone hated his hair, so I fix that, soon-ish. Now it’s his eyebrows? I have to admit, I kind like his wavy slug eyebrows; they keep him just unattractive enough for me to not get attached.

        Maybe in book 3. 😉


  6. *facepalms* Lils. I don´t even have words. So she actually did regain a good measure of what she´d lost. But at the same time, since The Theory is obviously solid, she lost a good deal of her powers. Pretty much, she got more human with both the good and the bad. Meaning, she can´t make Willy forget stuff. Which creates a huge problem. *sigh* Conscience is /always/ a bitch.

    What is that about Lilith about to throw everything away, Caleb? You mean how she went to see Seth?

    Whoops, so the book is not to be trusted. Noted. Also, witches? Spellcasters exist? Interesting. And there´s a mention of the fruit. That´s what Lilith looked for, isn´t it? Heh, I guess things would just be way too easy if that thing was available, ech?

    I completely see how the hunters only made the situation more dangerous for themselves and all other humans. Now vampires like Seth answer to no one. I expect the Families made sure there wasn´t ever too many vampires in one place… too much competition isn´t good. Wellp, that can happen.

    Funny… there was a point in this story when I´d have been glad if Vlad got involved. I can´t take him very seriously as I´d mentioned, but we needed some balance to the Vatore´s good vampire act. At this point? Right now the sourface would just crash the party, so I´m pretty glad he won´t. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah Lilith. You silly billy. What are you going to do now?

      What *was* she going to throw away? Hmm.

      Appears not, but what book is? 😉 Yes, it seems that witches exist or at least they used to. I know, if only the plasma fruit trees were dotted around Forgotten Hollow or something. 😂

      Indeed. Vampire society kept everyone in strict line, and in destroying that… ooh boy.

      Nope, my ‘bad vamp’ was never, ever going to be Vlad. Vlad wasn’t happy when he didn’t get the role, so I gave him a tiny cameo that ended with his ugly head on the end of a stake, before locking him back up in Lilith’s basement with nothing but a hundred plasma packs and a bed he can’t use.


      1. Heheh, I know, right?

        Hmm… everything she worked for? I´m guessing Caleb was worried that Seth might tempt her back to her old ways. *shrug* And instead, it looks like she got “better” if we can call it that in the current, highly inconvenient situation.

        Well, yeah. I mean, some encyclopaedias are more trustworthy than others. 😀 M-hmmm, witches ought to be better at hiding than vampires, too. Interesting.

        Yep, no rules. Good for the best survivors, bad for about everyone else. And the best survivors don´t tend to be model citizens, either. The two just don´t tend to mix very well.

        Oooooh, vicious. Not that I´m criticizing… I mean, it´s not really his fault for being a blatant Nosferatu reference, but he /is/ way too easily hateable. And just generally… unsuitable for the storyline, ech? ;D Well, you won´t hear me complaining, that´s for sure.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. “the best survivors don´t tend to be model citizens, either” so very true. 😁

          Can you imagine if I *had* gone for Vlad? OMG that guy has the sex appeal of a dead fish. Then Faith might have run off at the first sight, and all this crap might not even be happening… which would make for a very short story. 😂 Stay in the basement, Vlad. Although now I do have a fun idea for another hidden page…


          1. And it´s not just that he´s ugly, either. He seems just way too serious, too. And I´d be surprised if he wasn´t totally full of himself, being like the oldest vampire and all… nope. /Really/ can´t imagine him picking up your sort of script. XDD

            Liked by 1 person

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