Chapter 2.37 – Wicked Way

Faith had been having such a great time lounging around on the deck of the yacht that Seth had stolen. She’d been sipping champagne she’d found in the cooler – imagining the taste because she’d never actually tried champagne when she was alive – and pretending that she was the wife of a millionaire, cruising in the blistering sun on the sparkling Sulani seas.

She’d been bitterly disappointed when they’d reached the dark, sandy little island off the coast of Windenburg and she’d been snapped back to reality. Faith had seen this island from the mainland, but had never been here. And with good reason.

There was fuck all to do.

Faith had never been so bored. Seth, however, had come alive; he was talkative and animated, pointing out birds and naming plants, like Faith gave a shit. They’d just finished staring at a load of overstuffed sausages with flippers for what felt like forever, and he was still describing, in great detail, the ins and outs of the habits of the seals. It was like watching a documentary she couldn’t turn off.

“They’ve come out to mate,” she said, trying to sound interested but also trying to distract him. “I can see why; it’s secluded. No people, lots of shrubbery. A great place for a cheeky shag.”

Seth sighed and walked away. “You’re about as subtle as a kick in the teeth, Faith.”

Faith pouted. Well, that didn’t work. No hunting and no sex? She could have worn jeans after all. Could have worn Melinda’s penguin bloody onesie. “What else is there to do here?” she asked irritably. “Like, actually do, not just look at.”

“You sound so painfully mortal when you say things like that, Fledgling,” Seth said, but he was smiling again. “Always rushing to the next activity and not stopping to appreciate the detail. You’ll get used to having unlimited time in a century or so.”

“Ugh. If I have to look at plants for eternity just kill me now,” Faith huffed. “I’ll die of boredom by the time I’m twenty, hanging out with you.”

Seth grinned and pointed toward the ocean. “If you’re so keen to get undressed, we could take a swim?”

Hmm. Seeing Seth’s wet, naked body did sound appealing, but it was offset with the knowledge that there would be all manner of slimy things in the water, fish that might touch her and maybe even sharks swimming around. There was also another problem.

“I can’t swim, so you’ll have to hold me,” she purred.

Seth rolled his eyes and carried on walking; hopping playfully over protruding rocks in the sand and picking up and examining seashells. Faith walked along behind, hoping she didn’t tread on any crabs or get any glass embedded in her feet. She’d left her shoes back on the yacht; who knew that vampires could still get blisters?

Seth was now describing a stone he’d picked up and Faith was seriously considering throwing herself into the ocean to find out if vampires could actually drown.

“I never understood the appeal of ‘romantic stroll along the beach’,” she said, interrupting his talk about trace fossils, whatever they were. “Rocks. Sand. Whoop. What can you really do with a load of sand?”

Say ‘make love in it’, she thought, willing him to hear. Say it.

He didn’t.

Chuck hadn’t expected that this evening would go quite so pear-shaped. Almost immediately after Lilith had left, Babs had started to vindicate herself. He had listened to her impassioned justification that she was protecting him, protecting them both from the likes of Lilith; the con artists, liars and cheats.

He didn’t need to highlight her hypocrisy; she was well aware of it. What had started as an emotive, yet controlled discussion had turned into a tense exchange and then, eventually, a full-blown argument.

Chuck had raised his voice to his wife for the first time in years and, by the time Babs had recovered from her initial shock, he already had car keys in one hand and the front door handle in the other.

He would take a drive. Calm down. The courtesy car he had been given had heated seats and a great stereo; a little old country rock and a few laps around the block would put him back in the right frame of mind. Then he’d planned to return home, apologise. He and his wife would look at the bigger picture and work together, like the team they always had been. When emotions were under control and motivations clearly identified, they’d visit Lilith together, find out what she knew and go from there.

What actually happened was that he found himself taking a right when he should have gone left. He’d started heading out of town, instead of driving around it. He could have done a U-turn at SacFondles and headed home, but he didn’t stop driving until he spotted a familiar billboard.

Chuck needed to find Lilith. He didn’t know whether she’d be home, or drowning her sorrows in some bar, but he needed to know what she knew. He wasn’t sure if he’d remember the way to her house, or not, but he boldly strode through the darkness and rounded the corner on to the path.

He remembered the last time he’d done this, desperate for answers – and the toilet. He strolled briskly through the wavering doubt he experienced as he passed the area where he was attacked. Something flickered in the corner of his peripheral vision but, before he could register what it was, Chuck collided with all of his missing memory.


“Charles Bucket. Fifty-eight. Astronomer. Apt; the planets are certainly aligned for me this evening.”

Chuck beat his fists to his head, the pressure immense, his ears ringing. “I don’t understand.”

“Of course you don’t; you’re a man of logic, of science and strong moral fibre. Driven here by a desire to save your daughter; Melinda, eighteen, adopted… interesting.”

“How do you—? Who—” Chuck stammered. Rooted to the spot, he could do nothing but watch as the face of the man before him changed. An ashen pallor washed across his skin, his eyes bleached of all their colour. Were those teeth there before? “What are you?” he gasped.

“I suppose the best definition would be ‘vampire’, Charlie. I know, I know – in your world of fact and calculation, vampires don’t exist. You’ll be more than ready to believe me, however, the second time we have this conversation…”

Faith didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Do you do this often?” she asked. “Steal boats and come out here to build sandcastles?”

“Yes and no. I commandeer vessels frequently, do visit the isle regularly, but this activity is rather novel.”

Faith couldn’t tell if he was being serious. Was this whole date just his way of winding her up? “Is that why you dress like a pirate?” she quipped. “So you feel the part when you steal ships?”

Seth laughed. He was definitely winding her up, she determined. “Not intentionally, but now that you mention it, there is a certain similarity.”

“It wouldn’t kill you to join the modern world and buy new clothes,” she said, scooping up a handful of damp sand and patting it on to the sculpture. “If you rob every human you kill, you should be loaded by now. Do you have a load of cash stashed somewhere, or do you blow it all on sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll? Are you a gambler? Do you bury it in chests in the sand? It’s the last one, isn’t it? I’m gonna get you a parrot and an eye patch for your birthday. When is your birthday, anyway?”

“Some time in the autumn, none of the above and I’ve warned you about asking questions,” he growled. “I don’t take from every human I kill and most of the ones who roam the streets at night are hardly ‘loaded’.”

Faith bit her lip. When he got all serious like that, it made her shiver and not all in a bad way. At least he wasn’t talking about bloody seals or fossils any more. “So you waste it, then,” she stated, making sure it did not sound like a question. “You could have your own yacht instead of stealing them, or maybe buy a mansion instead of living on a log in the woods.”

“The ‘log in the woods’ was a temporary camp while I visited Forgotten Hollow,” he explained, still sounding irritated. “I do have somewhere a tad more permanent.”

“So, what’s your ‘more permanent’ dwelling? Got an apartment in Del Sol Valley? A villa in Sulani?” she realised, too late, that she’d bombarded with questions again, but this time, Seth merely smiled.

“No and hell no. A vampire in Sulani?” he laughed. “I have incredible sun resistance, but that’s simply asking for trouble. It’s not far. I would take you, but it’s definitely a ‘see’ rather than ‘do’ activity…”

“What? No way!” Faith gushed. “Here I was, thinking you were some leather-clad forest Tarzan. You can’t tell me you have a home and then not invite me over.”

“As you wish.” Seth dusted the sand from his gloves and extended his hand towards Faith. “Will you accompany me to my humble abode, Miss. Splodge?”

“What are you doing here?” Lilith asked, looking equally surprised and wary.

“I remember,” Chuck said. “All of it.”

He stood bravely before her; his determination to get to the truth overpowering his judgement, his sense of danger. Lilith backed up against the door; her reflexes too quick, her aura too cold, that now-familiar darkness in her eyes.

He may have been past the point of fear and of rationale, but Chuck was never past the point of manners.

“Please, Lilith. I’m begging you. Tell me everything you know.”


As of the morning he’d driven her to work, he was sure that her voice sounded from somewhere inside him, that her lips didn’t move.

He nodded.

Her big, brown eyes stared at him, into him, through him, slowly fading to inky puddles of black so dark that no light reflected. His knees were knocking, he shook all over but he stood resolute. He’d expected her, at best, not to comply with his request, to turn him away, at worst to simply kill him.

But she’d had plenty of chance to kill him, if that was her goal.

Maybe that would be her goal now he was asking too many questions. Fiddlesticks.

The corner of Lilith’s lips lifted, just a smidge and she nodded as if she’d made a decision. Chuck fought the urge to run screaming into the forest as she advanced on him, placed her ice-cold fingertips to his temple and to her own, filling his mind’s eye with a hundred images that didn’t belong.

It was like watching a movie, but also, it wasn’t. It was more like… absorbing a movie? He could play back these events, these conversations she was showing him as if he’d lived them, felt them, understood them implicitly.

Understood everything implicitly.

“So you are… and the mugger is… and Melinda is… and her friends are…”

Lilith nodded slowly. “We all are. Vampires.”

Chuck returned Lilith’s nod. “Vampires,” he repeated, far too calmly. “That makes sense. “

“Chuck are you—“


“You are shitting kidding me,” Faith said, aghast and unimpressed as she stumbled along through endless tunnels of pitch black; her bare feet slipping and sliding on the damp rock as the walls began to close in around her. “You live in a mine?”

“Not quite,” Seth replied. He took her hand, his night-vision clearly much better than hers as he guided her around a protrusion she’d nearly impaled herself on, and helped her up on to a ledge where the narrow tunnel opened out into a vast, cavernous space.

Faith looked around, allowing her eyes to adjust to slightly increased light level.

“You live in a cave,” she stated. “Like a troll. Right, well I’ve seen it now so—” She made to head back into the tunnel, but felt herself being compelled back.

She glared at Seth. “Don’t control me.”

“You can’t leave,” he insisted. “Not only do you not know the way back, but you haven’t seen the whole place. Come on.”

“Meh. What’s there to see?” Faith asked, unmoving. “It’s a stinky cave. I think I preferred looking at the blubber bags on the beach—” she was cut off as Seth grabbed her wrist and yanked her into his arms. She wriggled, half-heartedly as he lifted her; her protests empty. “Seth! Let me go!”

“All right,” he said, throwing her up and catching her a few times as he walked down the path, laughing as she swore and clung to him, begging him to stop. “Let me go, stop letting me go, go away, come back, stick this up your jacksie,” he whined; a much better impression of her than anyone usually managed. “Just shut up for once and come with me.”

“Fine,” Faith conceded, making herself as floppy and awkward as she could in his arms. “But I’d never say ‘jacksie’.” She fell silent as he continued to carry her and she wondered just how big this place was. “This isn’t where you store all the dead bodies is it?” she asked.


“Smells like it,” she muttered.

“Trust me; it doesn’t.”

“So where are you taking me? Are you going to lay me down upon a glistening bed of sludge and have your wicked way, Mr… what is your last name, anyway?”

“Grimm,” he replied. “And I’m not.”

Something in his voice sounded very final. “Not tonight, or…?”

He raised an eyebrow in response. At her look of horror, he laughed. “You really need to learn how to enjoy being rather than doing or forever is certainly going to feel like it.”

The thought of being near this man and not being allowed to wrap her limbs around him for an undetermined length of time was physically painful, yet Faith’s undead heart fluttered.

Forever as in together forever?

Fuck; I’m turning into Blondie.

“I know how to be present,” she insisted. “We’re in a stinky cave. There are brown rocks, grey rocks. There’s some mildew. The whole place smells of rot and damp and there is fuck all to see or do.”

Seth sighed, set her down without a word and began to walk away.

“Ugh, you’re such a drama queen,” Faith huffed. “Your home is lovely, Seth. I hear dank and featureless is really in this season.”

“Turn around, Fledgling.”

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18 thoughts on “Chapter 2.37 – Wicked Way

  1. I don’t think we’ve ever seen Seth this jolly. And Faith this underwhelmed. Once you take away the primary surface stuff that appeals to Faith about Seth, i.e. him being a hot vampire who will demean her and control her so that she can relinquish accountability, there is very little they have in common. Being together forever? She can barely make it through this night without thinking about how bored she is every 5 seconds.

    I never understood those people who go for a drive when they need to calm down. But giving Babs space when she’s making herself go haywire whatever Chuck says is probably a good idea. Oh, he remembers everything now, oooh!

    “You’ll be more than ready to believe me, however, the second time we have this conversation” Interesting, so Seth not only assumed Chuck would survive the night, but that they would speak again too. Very interesting.

    Dang, is that your first instinct, Chuck? Remembering that your friend is a vampire that fed on you and driving to see her – alone – to have a nice chat about it? No fear! 😅

    So Lilith can project her memories onto people, not just whatever she’s currently thinking and experiencing, but a very lifelike reliving of her memories too. I can see how it would only be a small leap from that to be able to manipulate said memories, with practice, since that’s kind of just combining the two.

    I wonder what Chuck will do with this newfound knowledge…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, yes. This is a far cry from the rampant murder and sex themed evening she had in mind. So very, very far from it… And she might be bored, but I’m with Seth here; this date is great!

      Driving when angry is not recommended. Especially when that drive takes you to vampire town.

      Very interesting. Appears that Seth may have had a plan after all.

      Well, he was already in Forgotten Hollow when he remembered, so he might as well carry on down the path to see if Lilith was home. I did consider writing it where she wasn’t in and he ended up going to SacFondles for a burger, if Caleb had drawn that job from the fishbowl, but of course, he didn’t.

      What will Chuck do? Regain consciousness, first and foremost.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Random disturbing train of thought. If you get a human absolutely black-out drunk and then drink from them as a vampire, would you be able to taste alcohol, or would the blood just taste more ashy?

    Oh, quit complaining, Faith. Seal-spotting, exploring a deserted island at night, strolling along the beach, gathering seashells and building sandcastles sounds like a fantastic date to me 😍 a shame that it would have to be with Seth, otherwise I’d switch places with her in a second.

    So that’s what happens if you strip away everything else. Without the sexy vampire, horizontal tango and messing with each other’s self-worth, Seth and Faith really don’t have much in common, do they?. I’ve asked this already but I really wonder if Faith is actually able to be alone with her own thoughts and just be in the moment, like Seth puts it, without constantly grasping for something to distract her. Would it just show an empty mirror?

    Oh dear. Chuck remembers. And Seth anticipated that he would return there and remember, hiding that conversation on purpose. Gaaaaaaah to what end?

    Holy cow, Chuck is either incredibly brave or incredibly desperate – perhaps both – to go right back to Lilith who he knows drank from him and looks absolutely terrifying. I wonder if it was his “fiddlesticks” that ended up convincing her to tell him the truth. Also, that is a scary power that Lilith has. Being able to transfer memories and experiences like that is ridiculously powerful. I wonder if she can do that the other way around? Can she learn another person’s memory?

    “The whole place smells of rot and damp and there is fuck all to see or do.”
    She’s acting like such a toddler, only focused on what she wants and likes and not even trying to see what Seth is attemtping to show her. Those lights are gorgeous! Seth may not have a luxury suite, but he definitely has a great view in that cave 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love how you lot are always trying to find new and bizarre questions about vampires for me to answer. I can honestly say that I didn’t plan an answer to this because it is weird. So we’ll go with yes, it’ll be ashy. 😆

      Hurrah! Kindred spirit! You steal the boat, I’ll bring the hat, let’s go seal spotting.

      No, it appears they do not. However, as you identify, this might simply be a case of her not being able to ‘be in the moment’ and needing the distraction.

      What is your plan Seth?! AAAAARGH! I know, obviously, I’m just joining in, for fun.

      Desperate. He’s desperate. Lilith might have information and he needs information. Lilith can do a lot of scary things. Well, she could.

      I think that’s the first time I’ve seen you use ‘fuck’ in a comment. I know you were quoting, but still. “only focused on what she wants” hey, they do have something in common, then! Yeah, as far as caves go, that’s a nice one. Pretty moonlight through the gemstones. 😍 Have you stolen that boat yet?


  3. What a date 😅
    Seth shows Faith what is hiding under his armor-clad ruthless murderous mask and she does not like the man who reveals himself. Maybe just except his naked body, but he refuses her to reveal it tonight.
    Seth has something else in mind. He reveals his enthusiasm for nature and Faith hates it all. She fears the slimy fish, biting sharks and she abhors the sausages with flippers. In short, nature is boring.
    Faith appears as a spoiled amusement teenager who only has sex in mind. This puzzle is missing a lot of pieces before it fits. Or you have to file a lot of edges for the two pieces to fit together.
    The last pictures show that Faith may still be impressed by the wonders of nature that Seth reveals, but will it make her change her mindset? I have a hard time believing that.

    Before I completely let myself be seduced into the fascination of Seth as a nature-loving mr. good guy, then i’m suddenly awakened by the sight of his disgusting teeth. Poor Chuck! 😬
    His awakening must have been so much worse and guaranteed to have left an open bleeding wound.
    It amazes me that he survives the encounter with Seth. For what purpose?

    Chuck’s obsession with Lilith is strange. but he senses that she knows the truth about Melinda’s fate … and now Chuck knows it too.
    I have a hard time imagining where it leaves him from now on 🤔

    As always, I am left with the realization that I have not yet peeled that onion.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There’s just no pleasing some people, is there? Here Seth is, showing Faith a side that even Melinda would like, and she’s moaning about sausages. 😆

      Aw, he was so close to winning you over and then he opened his mouth. Poor Seth. 😁 Yes… what is Seth’s plan? It will be revealed soon (ish).

      Poor Chuck. He’s so desperate for answers and perhaps, until Lilith trespassed in his memory, he didn’t really believe she was a danger. Where does it leave him? With his face on the floor.

      It’s like every time we take off a layer, there is another. I wonder what’s in the middle…

      Liked by 1 person

  4. In an alternate, far far faraway universe, Seth and I can be exploration buddies, scuba dive and watch documentaries together.

    I wonder if Seth meant anything by taking a swim, other than he just liked all things nature and like the feel of water.

    He and Faith’s interests are at odds, but so understandable. He probably lived through many highs and done everything while Faith’s has only begun (figure of speech, cuz she dead, but you know.)

    What is SacFondles??? xDDD

    Chuck’s venture back to forgotten hollow makes me wonder. Seth totally anticipated that he and Chuck will converse again. So I can’t help but think there’s a grand scheme at play here, especially when he knows how Chuck, Mel and Will are connected, then he himself had some history with the Wangshafts too. Then involving Lilith by introducing Chuck to her. There’s a lot under the radar here.

    And what *did* flit by Chuck’s peripheral vision? My initial thought is Robert 😀

    Yes Faith. He’s winding you up, like, eons ago, since his ‘confession’. -.-

    How does Chuck’s presence remind Lilith of Sage/Cabbage/mysterious spellcaster lady? O: And Chuck regaining his memories makes me wonder if that was deliberate on Seth’s part, or he’s not all powerful as he thinks he is, or that with every flashback of his past, he’s gaining some form of humanity back and thus losing his powers. Even so this last is a bit farfetched since he seems pretty much the same in terms of how he went about his lifestyle.

    Lilith’s memory share ability sounds incredibly powerful o.o Does that mean Chuck can feel what Liilth felt? Trying to make sense of the words ‘lived them, felt them, understood them implicitly’. Implicit suggests surface understanding but ‘feeling’ sounds as if he could embody the mind of his host and feel the things she felt at that moment, maybe not her thoughts.

    I can’t buy into their romance at all. Not because they seem incompatible. I believe differences can be worked on. More so that all I can think of are Seth’s motives from the many chapters back, how he spent all his time figuring out faith and how to get her mirror to shine on him, then how he used the knowledge he gained of her against her from the rare moments she let him through, like the disastrous Part 1 of this chapter was. This part can be interpreted as he’s genuinely sharing himself, or as Faith puts it, he’s winding her up by being himself, only because he knows what kind of effect on her. Or he’s simply winding her up. I don’t think he’s acting the entire way, I think at times he’s showing a genuine part of himself, but regardless of his sincerity and openness, those cannot override his motives shrouded in the dark. So I know I’ve shipped Faith and Seth in S1, but for now I’m off the ship. :\

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh, I wasn’t expecting a comment so this is a lovely surprise! No poop emojis this time, either. 😆

      Join the queue for a nature adventure with alternate universe Seth.
      What else could ‘take a swim’ mean? Genuinely curious.
      He’s certainly had many highs, but has anyone ever done everything? Then again, even compared to her peers Faith is notoriously lacking in interests.

      SacFondles is a fast food chain in my game where my sims can go to get food poisoning.

      There is still some stuff under the radar, yes. Grand scheme, you say? Interesting.

      Could be Robert. Could be a bat. Could be that hooker lady. Could be his dinner causing Chuck to hallucinate.

      If it wasn’t intentional, then it’s a good job Seth snuffs all his prey, isn’t it? There’d be a lot of half-wiped people bumbling about. Just a note; no one in AE is ‘all-powerful’. Whether they want to acknowledge that is up to them.

      I’m using implicitly here in the definition of ‘without question, absolutely’. Back in Lilith’s flashback chapter in book one, she mentioned wanting to be able to pick up her her memories and understandings and put them in Caleb’s head, and that is what she has done here, to Chuck. It is powerful, but it’s an extremely vulnerable thing to do, because as you identify, it’s not just the images.

      “I can’t buy into their romance at all” because it’s a huge, steaming pile of shit? Hoping off this ship is totally fine. I wish Faith would hop off too, but she doesn’t listen. Which bits are real? Is anything real? Is he playing Faith? Is he playing us?


  5. What. Are. You. Doing. To. Me?

    Okay, I kind of see his point. Forever is a long time and if Faith is in a desperate search to be entertained every second of every day, she a) will become a monster and b) will get bored very quickly. That does change the fact that I don’t trust Seth with her for one minute, but it is true.

    I am, by the way, still seduced.

    I don’t know why, but I’m here for Lilith opening up to Chuck! I imagine it is the first time in a long time she’s had anyone to share her secret with and her concerns with that doesn’t need her to take care of them. I mean, yes, Chuck fainted. But he and Lilith are actually quite similar. I keep thinking about the argument he had with Babs and what Babs did with Faith’s dad and, well, I’m not so convinced that she is a “nice” woman.

    Also, I just ship Chillith and I’m looking for any excuse.

    I wonder if Faith is seeing a glimpse of Seth that is his personality before he was changed…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What am I doing to you? I’m just ensuring you see every angle of every character so you can decide for yourself if they are diamonds or mud clods. Welcome to Seth: Nature Edition. Good to know that the wholesome, seal-spotting and sandcastle building side does it for you as well as the ‘I will stalk you until you submit’ side. 😆

      Oh for sure, Lilith probably hasn’t opened up to anyone for ages. Caleb hardly spoke to her and she wasn’t going to poor her vampire heart out to her lousy receptionist, her patients or the guys at bar. I love how you are surrounded by shitty individuals in this here story and you’re like ‘Babs is the eeeeeeevil one!’ I’m sure Lilith is the nicer option, yes. 😉 “Also, I just ship Chillith and I’m looking for any excuse.” Would Chuck be Chuck if he left his wife for another woman though? Not that I wanna sink any ships because there are so few still afloat now. 😆

      “I wonder if Faith is seeing a glimpse of Seth that is his personality before he was changed…” she might be. As will you all. Soon. 🌼

      Liked by 1 person

  6. *sighs softly* Well… seashells are pretty. I guess looking for those might be fun. Maybe. I´ll admit, I´m not much of a nature person, myself. *throws the nasty side-eye* That doesn´t mean I´m suddenly on your side, Faith. You´re still a bitch.

    And there goes the hope of Chuck staying away. Fiddlesticks, indeed. And again, there is something creepy about how he “found himself” turning the wrong way. It´s like he´s being drawn back to her and I´m suspecting some sort of vampy magic, one way or another. And then there´s the way Seth told him they´d talk again. Which reminds me we haven´t figured exactly why Seth dropped Chuck on Lil´s doorstep yet, either.
    Either way, her being able to project memories… maybe didn´t shock me as much as it should have? I mean, we already know she can get in people´s minds and it feels like hiding stuff that belongs there would be trickier than sending her own stuff over? But then, she hadn´t been able to hide stuff for a time now, right? Had she been getting stronger again, I wonder?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Not a nature person? Maybe you enjoy the arcade, or a nice bar? Or are you, like Faith, also hoping for nudity and bloodshed? 😆 Either way, this date has gone so very well that there will definitely be another to look forward to that may be more to your tastes. 😉

      Ah, yes, Chuck has followed that call to Lilith’s door and somehow still remains alive. No, we still don’t know why Seth deposited Chuck with Lilith in the first place, or what exactly he’s planning, the tricky sod. Yes, depositing memories does seem like it would be easier, doesn’t it? I’m not surprised you’re not surprised; Lilith did mention in her flashback chapter way back that doing exactly that was what she wanted to learn to do to Caleb and I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it anywhere yet, but humans are typically easier to ‘meddle’ with than vampires, so she’d have likely had to practice in order to deposit anything in Caleb’s head. If she ever did.


      1. Heh, yeah I´m a bit of a geek. More pc gaming than arcade, but still. Also reading a lot and then I´m a girl that actually watches sports. When there´s the time, of course, not like the past month or two. *shrugs widely* Much more of a couch cat than a roof cat, is all. 😉

        As for my opinion on bloodshed and the like… well. If I were a vampire I would be inclined towards the basement prisoners way of doing things, personally. It´s a bit of a waste, to kill every night… but I would certainly not condemn a fellow Kindred for it… especially since I do realize it could be argued that keeping prisoners is much more cruel, if also much more practical. ;DD

        Mhmmm, I don´t think you did, but it kind of stands as a matter of course that vamps would be harder to meddle with. Even if they personally don´t have the power to actively read others, since their kind can do it, some low-key latent abilities are to be expected. And we already know Caleb learned to block Lils at some point, so… we know he, personally, can be resistant.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Hey, nothing wrong with being a geek. I’m still none the wiser as to what kind of date you’d like, though. Unless PC gaming and reading can be formed into some sort of date? They probably can. Sports can be date material. I’m not generally a huge sports fan but yet I do really like athletics. Watching athletics, that is, these legs don’t run. Regardless, there are loads of different kinds of dates planned for various pairings of my hapless cast; I’m sure you’ll enjoy at least one of them. 😆


          1. *shrugs* I mean, they don´t really give you a date activity, unless you do count multiplayer games, but they give you a lot to chat about. There´s also a difference between a normal date and a date with someone from around here. Like… you don´t try to play chess with a mind-reader, you know? *waves hand dismissively* Besides, watching a date and being on it are two entirely different things, as well. I may have felt where Faith was coming from right here, but that sure didn´t stop me snickering at her.

            Liked by 1 person

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