Chapter 2.36 – Fissure

Disclaimer: abusive, vulgar

The walk from the cottage through the deserted country lanes of rural Windenburg had been slow and painfully silent. Seth seemed calm and content, taking in his surroundings as they strolled, but Faith couldn’t stand it. There was too much to talk about. She stopped him on the path, but it was he who spoke.

“You look good enough to eat tonight, Faith.”

She stumbled. Was that a compliment or a finely-veiled dig at her? He was smiling; he didn’t look like he was harbouring a grudge. He was probably joking around again. But what if this was his way of saying he intended to return the favour with those carnivorous teeth of his? She wouldn’t blame him, but… ouch.

“Seth, about last night—“

“Ah, yes. We should clear the air,” Seth said softly, taking her hand. “I’m beastly when I’m dehydrated. Rest assured that it won’t get that far again.”

“No, I mean… OK yeah, you were kind of a dickhead,” Faith laughed. “You’re lucky I didn’t blast you across the room or something when you showed me that stuff with Chloe.”

“Yes, lucky,” Seth sighed. “So, if I wish to please you, I should submit to being abused and dined on, or accept that I may be violently attacked should I dare to explain my position or defend myself?”

Faith almost choked, “What? No! I didn’t mean that!”

“It’s all right,” Seth muttered, “I’m familiar with your disposition. In choosing to pursue you, the onus was all on me. I was good as asking for it—“

“Seth, oh my fucking god. No. That’s not what I meant!” Faith cried. “None of this is your fault! I literally fed on you ’til you snapped; you were totally justified to defend yourself. This is all my fault. Fucking hell! Why am I such a fuck up?!”

“Stop,” Seth said gently as he caressed Faith’s palm, her wrist, gliding his fingertip around the fastening on her leather cuff. “What’s done is done so let’s put it behind us, yes? Don’t let your issues ruin yet another night, Faith.”

“Why do you put up with me?” Faith asked in a small voice, fighting back tears.

“For my sins.”

Faith smiled, looking at the floor. “So, what’s the plan?”

“I have -ahem- borrowed a boat so I thought we could head out to the bluffs. The seals have come ashore this week, there are a number of interesting birds currently nesting on the isle, the blossoming trees are quite something to behold and I can see that I am boring you immensely.” He laughed, looking at her feigned expression of interest. “Perhaps you need to trust me on this. I’m sure we’ll find something to amuse you.”

Faith nodded, hoping that ‘something’ involved fewer clothes. “So why are we at the pub?”

“Why for dinner, of course. Head on in, find your dish. I’ll wait around the back. Wouldn’t want to cramp your salacious style.”

Faith laughed but as Seth started to walk away, it dawned on her that he was serious. “What? I can’t go in there! My face is all over the news! What if someone recognises me?”

“I’ll be listening and will intervene immediately, if required,” Seth assured her.

“But… what if you’re outnumbered?”

“Faith. Do you honestly think that a group of,” he paused, listening, “five unarmed humans stand a chance against me? I won’t let them, or anyone else, hurt you. You have my word.”

There is no other option.

No other viable option.

Who in hell could that be? If it’s Seth with another ‘gift’…

“What are you doing here?”

It took Faith mere minutes to locate her prey, have an obligatory vodka tonic and lure him outside. His friends catcalled to her as she led him by the hand, but no one had recognised or challenged her. She was bitterly disappointed; not only was she not as famous as she’d thought, but she’d quite wanted to see Seth storm in and take out five humans on her behalf.

Seth was waiting around the back, lying on top a picnic table, gazing at the sky, seemingly lost in thought. Or listening carefully, she thought.

Faith wasn’t sure if it was fresh air, or the sight of her boyfriend that caused her prey to snap to life, but his drowsy willingness suddenly gave way to apprehension.

“Who’s he? Is this some weird threesome? Because I’m not into that.”

Seth guffawed and waved his hand. “Ignore me; I’m not even here.”

The guy stared at Seth for a while, until his face clearly showed that he wasn’t registering the presence of the vampire any longer. He turned back to Faith, once again wearing a smitten smile.

“Can he see you?”

“See who?” the human asked.

“He can, but he cannot comprehend me,” at Faith’s look of awe, Seth scoffed, “It’s only you that resists me, Faith. Everyone else is most amenable to mind-meddling. He very much comprehends you, however, so might I suggest that, for the purposes of not appearing mentally unsound, you will your thoughts to me?”

I thought you couldn’t hear them.

I can when you choose to allow it, Seth projected back, his growl inside her head more an electric sensation throughout her whole body than an actual sound.

Are you doing this? Faith thought. Making him all compliant?

No. That would be your allure.

“It really does exist,” she murmured, forgetting herself. She shook her head. “I’m not crazy, honest, I just—“

“I can deal with a little crazy,” the human said, pulling her closer.

Of course it exists, Seth transmitted. Do you think Caleb would ever get his leg over without it? He needs all the rose-tinting and clouded judgement he can muster.

Does it only work on humans?

No. Seth laughed. But it doesn’t work on me, if that’s what you’re asking.

This guy is so into me, Faith thought, smiling at the human who gulped, his shyness evident. And he has such kind eyes

Seth sighed. You really are your own worst enemy.

Are you gonna watch? Faith asked, pulling the human closer and kissing her way from his willing lips to his jaw, his neck, wondering to herself what effect this might be having on Seth.

Might as well, came the unbothered-sounding reply. The sky is too overcast for star-gazing.

Faith had had no prior intention of actually seducing this human but, knowing Seth would be watching, she worked her hand unsubtly into the guy’s jeans as she worked her fangs into his jugular, tapping the vein.

She couldn’t see from this angle if Seth’s face was giving anything away, but the tell-tale compression and thudding at her temples began to increase.

As she drank, spurred on by the liquor that burned her throat and blissfully blurred her senses, she gradually began to forget there was anything else in the world. It would be so easy to Just. Not. Stop.

“Still not bothering to mesmerise,” Seth’s voice cut through her trance. “I can’t say I blame you. Who wants to drink from a numbed human when they can wrestle with one in the throes of fear or passion? Ian here must be quite the experience, somewhere between the two extremes; finding you both incredibly arousing and utterly terrifying.”

Something in what Seth had said struck a chord and it took Faith a while to realise exactly what. She gently extracted her fangs and rounded on Seth. “Don’t tell me his name!”

The expression on Seth’s face was pure amusement. “Ah. Why not?”

“Because…” she paused, trying to put her thoughts into some sort of sentence. Because what? Because it gave him identity? It made him real? It made it all real? “It’ll make it harder,” she whispered, wondering exactly what she meant by that.

She clearly wasn’t the only one surprised by this answer.

“Make what harder?” Seth asked. “Him? I think he’s about at his limit there, Faith.”

“No, I mean,” Faith began, but unable to speak the words, she thought them. It’ll make it harder to… carry on. Y’know. To the end.

“Oh, I see,” Seth said, dragging the emphasis on the vowels. “Harder to kill him.”

With the words spoken so bluntly, Faith found herself defensive. That’s what I’m supposed to do, right? What you want me to do?

Seth smiled in his usual, reason-abating fashion. “Do you want to?”

Faith hesitated. Ian was clearly oblivious to everything that was going on, holding on to her as he swayed and trying to nibble her ear. Faith tugged up the side of her dress that had started to slip and muttered, “I thought you’d make me.”

“I’m not going to make you do anything.”

“Who are talking to?” Ian slurred. “You’re so beautiful, but you are cuckoo!”

Faith caught the guy as he stumbled against her. “You know what?” she said to Seth, as casually as she could muster. “I think I’m done. So, if you want him, be my guest.”

Seth shook his head. “I’m sated. I’ll spare you the details, shall I? Lest they displease you.”

Faith winced. “You’ve already hunted?” she muttered. “Without me?”

Seth climbed from the bench and swaggered over, grinning. “You sound almost disappointed, Fledgling.”

Was she disappointed? Maybe he was joking, again. Wasn’t hunting the whole point of this date?

Or had she got it all wrong?

“I thought—“

“That I’d drag you along on a frenzied murder spree?” Seth finished. “Interesting. Why would I do that?”

Faith scratched her wrist, suddenly feeling stupid. “You said I should embrace what I am.”

“Is that not what you’re doing?” Seth asked, gesturing to Ian. “Faith, you’ve told me that you find my hunting methods repulsive, that you don’t want to watch me kill someone; you even requested that I change the way I hunt, I do recall and then dropped me like a hot potato when I refused. Hell, only last night, you freaked out over my treatment of Chloe and that was one of my kinder ones. I’m hardly going to subject you to rampant bloodshed now. It would have you running for the hills. Wouldn’t it?”

Faith felt about two inches tall. She had said all those things, but…

Seth was remarkably calm, “Are you definitely done?”

Faith nodded and Seth beckoned the human towards him. Ian swayed as he pivoted on the spot to face in Seth’s general direction.

“What are you doing?” Faith asked. “I thought you didn’t want him?”

“I don’t,” Seth replied coolly. “I’m simply ensuring that he won’t remember you.”

“Holy shit,” Faith whispered, in awe. Seth merely raised an eyebrow in response and Faith watched as he waved a hand before Ian’s eyes, lightly fluttering his fingers and instantly rendering the poor guy even more dopey and mute than previously.

“Wait!” Faith cried and Seth paused, looking slightly irritated. “His friends will still remember me, right? Won’t they ask about me?”

“Good point,” Seth muttered, in concession. “Ah, murder is so much less complicated. Right,” he flexed his fingers and waved his hand again, manipulating Ian in a gentle oscillation. “How about this; he’ll remember you, but he’ll tell his friends that he came to his senses when you demanded payment for your lousy hand job?”

“What?!” Faith spluttered, escalating rapidly through all three anger levels.

Seth motioned Ian away. The addled human wandered back towards the front of the pub, bumping into the fence and looking confused as he did so.

“All right, down to the marina we go—“

“Lousy hand job?!” Faith shouted. “Lousy?! Nothing about that was lousy!”

“Shall we call Ian back and ask him for his review?”

“Of course he’s going to say that it was shit now that you’ve screwed with his brain!” Faith screeched. Seth tilted his head as if he found her outburst amusing, which did nothing to quell her rage. “OK, so you think I’m shit at sex, whatever. Instead of teaching me what you like, you’re just gonna make everyone else think I’m bad too? Just to ridicule me about it?”

Seth laughed. Laughed. He extended his hand towards her. “Not quite what I had in mind, no. But then, I wasn’t aware that you aspired to be the Wondrous Wrist of Windenburg. Come here.”

“Are you laughing at me?!” she cried. “Is this all just one big joke to you? Am I just one big fucking joke?!”

“At the moment, yes. Are you finished?”

“We’re definitely finished!” she screamed at him. “You know what you can do, Seth? You can take your fucking boat and stick it firmly up your fucking ass!”

“Ah, adding a chronic fissure to my growing list of wounds,” Seth said playfully.

“You can stick the fucking seals up there, too,” Faith huffed.

“Now that’s simply cruel. Come here; I won’t ask you again.”

“Why?” Faith shouted. “Want a lousy hand job? How about a crappy blow job? Go fuck yourself; you’d probably enjoy that more than my lousy efforts!”

Faith turned in her heels to storm towards the path but she didn’t get far. She felt herself being compelled into Seth’s arms with so much force that it almost knocked him backwards. He shook his head, took a moment to compose himself, while she took the opportunity to justify her rage.

“How dare you,” she hissed. “I told you not to control me!”

“You tell me to do a lot of things. If I obeyed all your commands, I’d be running in circles, weeping from every orifice.” He looked directly into her eyes; his joviality gone and his tone leaving no room for argument. “Listen to me.”

She just about fought the urge to spit in his face. “I don’t give a shit about anything you have to say! Lousy fucking hand job!” she shouted again. “Why would you say that—“

“Why do you think?” he hissed. “Watching you flaunt him, right in front of my goddamn eyes? It hurt, Faith.”

Faith’s fight instantly abandoned her. He was jealous? That wasn’t what she expected to hear, and Seth looked like he’d couldn’t believe he’d admitted it; he appeared shell shocked, dazed.

Realising she once again had the upper hand, Faith gathered her senses. “Good,” she snapped. “Now you know how I feel about you fucking Chloe. Let me go.”

Seth held her fast, his words barely above a whisper, his eyes regaining the colour they’d lost with his earlier confession. “I didn’t violate her, Faith. There are very few things I won’t do, but that’s certainly one of them.”

“Then why the hell would you make me think you did?!” Faith ranted, struggling against his hold.

“You know why,” he asserted, inclining his head towards the pub. “To test you. To push you. To incite a reaction. We are playing the same game here, Faith.”

“You’re an asshole,” Faith mumbled.

“Then so are you,” he stated, laughing as she opened her mouth to protest, then promptly clamped it shut as she conceded. She could feel Seth’s psychic binds loosen around her as he gently stroked her cheek. “You’re stubborn, hot-headed and you will likely drive me insane,” he murmured. “But you’re also so much more than you think you are, Faith. You’re showing me things I haven’t seen before, teaching me things I didn’t know about myself and that really is some feat.”

Faith was silent. His hold on her was completely broken, her head blissfully free of any compression; she could walk away, leave him stewing and missing her. But how many times could she do that? Why did she keep doing that? Pride? Her tapered high heels had sunk into the soft earth beneath her feet; an anchor point, as if they had made the decision for her to stay put and, for once, to listen.

He leaned towards her, seeking a kiss that she stoically refused to engage in.

Having someone around when I’ve been alone for so long is… taking some getting used to, he whispered, from inside her mind. You are so often out of my control and that is, frankly, infuriating. I have a lot to learn, and unlearn, but we’ve barely scratched the surface. We could be something amazing together. Something utterly terrible. I will allow you to walk away but, know that, I’m not going to give up on you. I will pursue you. I will fight for you.

As he let go of her, the loss of his firm embrace and the associated promise it held caused the last of her resolve to snap. She returned his kiss with a fever, clinging to him in her desperation.

He gently nudged her away, fixing her with one of intense stares of his. “So, I take it that you are staying?”

She nodded.

“May I remove the boat from my behind?”

Faith snorted inelegantly as her laugh bubbled up through her tears. She looked like she was seriously considering this before she replied, “Fine, but the seals stay up there.”

“Twisted,” he growled, finding her lips again.

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17 thoughts on “Chapter 2.36 – Fissure

  1. Faith is hilarious 😂
    She’s a big mess. She changes state of mind and opinions faster than one can keep up with.
    That she gets a tantrum over Seth changing the memory of her victim so that in future he will only remember a cheap and bad hand job. ROFL! 🤣
    As it should be her worst fate?

    I think it’s all due to her lack of confidence. Her self-image tells her that she is an irresistibly powerful femme fatale … but that image cracks again and again
    Poor confused girl. I guess it’s more sad than fun 😕

    Seth suddenly turns out to be the spacious good guy?
    This may well be solely due to the sacks of potatoes he has had in his head in recent weeks 😂
    However, that does not change the fact that he is highly manipulative, whether his motives are the desire for sex or a desire to get to know himself better.
    His age and experience mean that Faith often ends up completely confused 🥴
    The attraction seems to be reciprocal. Is there a possibility that this relationship will be a win for both?

    Oh yes. I almost forgot that you sent us on the weekend with an unsolved riddle 🤨
    Who is the sorceress and who is it that stands in front of Lilith’s door.
    Have a nice weekend. 😜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Faith is certainly a lot to handle. Yeah, there are surely much bigger issues for her to focus on than whether or not her dinner enjoyed himself.

      She’s a conflicted little thing is Faith, ever struggling for identity. Things can be both sad and fun at the same time; that’s the nature of tragicomedy – should we laugh? Should we cry?

      Seth has received a lot of potatoes, although this chapter was already mostly written when he received his first pelting, so it might take a while for any changes to filter through. Is he good? Or just very good at being bad?
      “Is there a possibility that this relationship will be a win for both?” well each has something the others wants so never say never.

      One of those riddles will be answered next chapter and the other… eventually.

      Have a good weekend!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. 💩💩💩💩💩

    😂 One for every Faith-level vulgarity I successfully silenced. If Faith can’t do it I can. But. Well, I’m gonna pretend I’m more refined than I actually am and that my vocabulary extends more than brown matter when it comes to this sack of 💩. 🤣

    Luckily I managed to come up with something civil.

    1. Get a thousand splinters from the boat in your bumhole Seth.
    2. Raven-haired witch looks like Sage, which makes me think of Cabbage. I have this wild theory now that since Wyatt and Broof are 70 and that Cabbage’s whereabouts/status is unknown, maybe she’s actually alive and is this grown woman. (Unlikely, more likely that grown woman is Sage or someone else unknown but y’know. Me and my wishful thinking. 😆)
    3. Faith’s corruption to the lure is so dangerously rapid. Almost lost herself there drinking from not-mohawk boy.
    4. Somewhere in S1 Seth talked about not wanting to be a pedo. Well, congrats bud. Now you’re both dipshit and pedo.
    5. Why isn’t Wyatt named Parsley, or Coriander or Fruitcake? Does the naming convention skip generations?

    My pristine vocab is back. K. Cue for exit. 😅

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh. People have stopped flinging potatoes at me and are now flinging shit. Is this progress? 😆

      You don’t have to be refined here. A barrage of crap or swearing is perfectly acceptable feedback.

      A civil response! I’ll try to give you civil answers:
      1. Afraid he can’t, as Faith permitted him to extract it so they can continue their lovely date night.
      2. Raven-haired witch is one of those you’ve mentioned.
      3. She almost lost herself drinking from Will, too, way back; ‘It was hard to stop. I thought it would be grim, but he was so tasty’ Ch.1.16. She’s been clinging to this slippery slope waaaay before Seth appeared to coax her along it.
      4. Hahaha! A dipshit and a paedo. His list of achievements just keeps on growing.
      5. Wha—? Wyatt wasn’t even in this chapter! 😆 He does have a planty middle name: Ranunculus. I wanted something of watery connotation for his first name, but not obvious like Ford or River, and Wye is a river near me so… Wyatt it is.

      Um… next chapter is date part 2 so… we’ll see how long that pristine vocab lasts. We’ll be back with characters who aren’t rage-inducing soon, I promise. 😅


      1. Its not for you. Its for Seth! 😆😆

        I think its progress! Reading stories is to have fun right? Its fun to get mad at characters haha. 😂 gotta let out the storm in a healthy outlet. Cant do that irl.

        2. OOOOOH!!!!!!

        5. Idk theres Sage, and Cabbage, so Wyatt not being a Vegetable name is odd. The thing is my sis has a fruit name, so when people meet me they always ask why im not called ‘Orange’ or ‘Strawberry’. Im just doing that to Wyatt haha! 😂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve been in doubt on whether this should be a potato-throwing rant or a calm analysis. I can’t decide, so I’m going to do both! Woo!

    Seth “clearing the air” with Faith made me rage, but you probably expected that already. Interesting how, in his whole spiel about clearing the air and being beastly and that it won’t go that far again, Seth did not apologise. There was nothing even resembling an “I’m sorry” in there. And then he immediately turns his “apology” around on Faith, letting her think that it’s all her fault and he bears none of the blame. I wonder if he used “asking for it” because he knows it’s a phrase that works well, or because he knows it’s a phrase that will work well on Faith specifically. Even the end of the “clearing the air” is Seth literally telling her that it’s all because of her issues. And she’s so full of self-loathing that she laps it right up. Doesn’t even question it. 😭

    Ironically, if it wasn’t for his plans with Faith, I get the feeling that Seth would actually go seal spotting and bird watching and walking around in nature and have an absolute blast.

    “I won’t let them, or anyone else, hurt you.”
    That wording specifically doesn’t include you, does it, Seth? 🥔

    Ooooh, young Lilith has the same baby blue eyes that Caleb, Faith and April have. And now it’s just a black void instead. I wonder if she lost them gradually over time, or if it was one big event that caused it. And that spellcaster – is that Sage? Is Lilith the one responsible for killing her parents, and is that why Caleb recognizes the name Sage Harper? Or maybe it’s a different person entirely, that’s also possible. We’ll find out in due time either way, I bet 😁

    I don’t know if I believe that Seth was jealous. He explicitly told her to go into the restaurant to fetch someone in her “salacious style”, then didn’t sound bothered when she asked if he wanted to watch. He doesn’t seem like the type to hold back if he really dislikes something. And we’ve heard his thoughts about Faith. I wonder if his comment about being jealous was genuine, and he was surprised by his own feelings – or if he said that on purpose, and got surprised by Bob yelling “lies” in his mind again.

    Gah, Faith. Handing a human over to someone else for the kill does not mean your hands are clean of guilt. 🥔

    I know Seth changing his memories to make him think that Faith, erm, is a bad performer, can be seen as funny, but… I don’t know. It’s such a huge aspect of who she is and what she cares about. Heck, it’s one of the only things that she cares about, and Seth knows that. He could have chosen anything else,. He could have had her run away, or him chicken out, or both of them get threatened by a tiger. But he chose to make a dig at that specifically.

    “Realising she once again had the upper hand”
    You have never had the upper hand, Faith. Not once. Gah, turning a relationship into a tug-of-war power game where you need to get the upper hand and “win” against your partner is such an alien concept to me I just. I don’t understand it. At all. 😣

    And here’s a part where I want to start chucking potatoes again. The negative traits he calls by name, but the positive side is nothing more than “you’re more than you think you are”. Would it kill him to actually list a trait to make her feel good about herself? Resourceful, witty, humorous- heck, anything. I know he probably doesn’t do that on purpose but bloody hell, she’s feeling so low about herself. Any compliment that doesn’t relate to her body and doesn’t come from Melinda would help at this point.
    Gah, a partner is not supposed to be in your control. You’re not supposed to allow or not allow them anything. That is a toy, or a pet – not a healthy relationship. I’m sounding like a broken record here, I know. 😅

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh, calm, potato-throwing rantalysis. A quick scan of your comment shows only a couple of potatoes and no poop emojis, so I’d say that was quite calm.

      I thoroughly expected rage, yes. I have long given up on trying to send you running into Seth’s arms. Absolutely correct; his apology did not include an actual apology. Why would he bother when she’s so keen to blame herself?

      He has commented previously that he was never bored in nature, so yes, he’d definitely be spending his night exploring the world if he didn’t have someone to mess with, obviously.

      That wording doesn’t include him no. It’s omitting someone else, too…

      All be revealed about Lilith’s slide into the void, our mystery spellcaster and her relationship to Lilith in due course.

      Either explanation is possible. The appearance of Bob (lol) certainly gives him mental whiplash, so that could have very well been a lie.

      “Handing a human over to someone else for the kill does not mean your hands are clean of guilt” here we touch on AE theme exploration number 3. Hee hee.

      It is a huge aspect of who she feels she is, so it definitely wasn’t an accident him picking that exact scenario. Why choose to make a dig there at that point though? I wonder what she did to annoy him right there.

      The tug-of-war style of relationship is perhaps something Faith has witnessed first hand.

      Giving her a genuine compliment *would* make her feel better about herself, wouldn’t it? And if she felt better about herself, maybe she’d start gaining some confidence, some self-worth and stop clinging to everything he says so much and building herself around his identity. Why *wouldn’t* he want that? Any partner in a healthy relationship would want that for their partner, right? To be independent yet feel secure, to feel valued and yet equal. I guess you can sum all that up as; none of this is healthy.

      I’m really not a good romance writer, am I? 😆

      Liked by 1 person

  4. “We could be something amazing together. Something utterly terrible. I will allow you to walk away but, know that, I’m not going to give up on you. I will pursue you. I will fight for you.”

    Oh no. I have been seduced. Everything I thought I was gonna yell about Seth just flew out of my head. Faith, you probably in danger, girl, but I can’t even tell you get out of there.

    Who is at Lilith’s door? Is Boof? The witch mom? I almost forgot about her, but if she and Lilith teamed up and kicked Caleb’s ass I’d be fine with it now.

    Wait, what’s up the magic in that flashback? I feel like I know that lady…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh dear. Is Seth’s dangerous charm once again working its magic on you?

      Lilith and Sage to team up and kick Caleb’s ass? 😆 Even if that doesn’t happen, I feel like I want to make this happen.

      I feel like you do…

      Liked by 1 person

  5. *facepalm* These two. So Faith is being her fragile, ticking-timebomb self as per the usual while Seth… *le sigh* Am I supposed to believe he had expected Faith to do exactly what she´d done and yet surprised himself by feeling jealous because of it? I mean, he may have lied, but that´s never made his eyes change before. Emotion does that, right? And if he was jealous, well… that would certainly be inconvenient, wouldn´t it, what with Faith being almost half a succubus. And Seth can come across as rather… cold, at times. Such a messy situation.

    Also, witches. Whatever the reason for Caleb remembering Sage, Lilith was probably involved somehow too, if she knows about witches. Or could it be coincidence? Hmmm… given Lilith usually cleaned up Caleb´s messes, no. I don´t think it is coincidence.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Certainly he would have known how she’d react to all that – maybe he just didn’t know how he’d react. He might have been feeling jealous or it might have been a particularly harsh mental whipping from his inner she-demon, for some reason. Either way, it is definitely a messy one.

      Yep, Lilith has spent her whole time cleaning up after her brother, stands to reason that whatever he knew and whoever he got involved with, she would also, in some capacity.


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