Chapter 2.35 – Killer Heels

Disclaimer: one screenshot that, in context only, is very disturbing.

Caleb looked between the two girls carefully before he replied, focusing entirely on April, his voice unusually cold, “Yes, I got a job. I start tomorrow at the flower shop. Perhaps not quite as interesting as a secret agent but it’ll certainly put food on the table of the food.”

He took April’s hand. This time, April recoiling from his touch was definitely not Melinda’s imagination.

Unperturbed, Caleb pulled April closer. “Can I tell you all about it? We could make plans?” he murmured, running his fingers lightly across April’s abdomen as he glared at Melinda. “Just us.”

“Later, I’m chatting to Mel—” April began.

“But I want you to myself,” he insisted, adding quickly, “Please.”

Fight it, Melinda thought. April glanced over, almost as if she’d heard.

Caleb looked like he was having some sort of internal battle before he finally gave his clear command through clenched teeth, “Come and talk with me. Upstairs.”

Melinda watched in horror as April’s shoulders fell and she started to follow the rotting potato to the staircase. Melinda wanted to say something, do something, but what? If she let on that she knew, what would Caleb do? Would he command April to do something else – something worse – out of spite?

How deep did this go? He could command her to act a certain way, could he command her to think a certain way?

Feel a certain way?

I’ll fix this, Melinda thought, willing April to hear her. I’ll get you out of this. Somehow.

She could have sworn that April replied.

I know.

Lilith lingered in the bathroom enjoying the silence and going over her responses to why she was vegetarian and why she lived in the forest. How she wished that she could be vegetarian and actually live in the forest.

The truth was, her bland, non-standard diet was born from absolute necessity and Forgotten Hollow was the only place she’d ever felt safe. Isolated and painfully bored, yes.

But that was the price of control.

Lilith had expected that, once the dust had settled, Caleb would bring the girls back. That he’d explain exactly why the siblings didn’t hunt and why they had both chosen to survive on the blood from sedate humans.

She hadn’t had chance to explain to the girls how even the most well-intentioned vampire could fall foul of the lure. The hormones that raced through their emotive prey; the heady rush of life itself. How it would capture them, slowly, subtly, eroding through their natural resistance and their morals. Building their dependence, their tolerance until no sacrifice was too great.

She would have to hunt again now. There was no other option.

No other viable option, anyway.

Lilith dried her hands and headed back downstairs to tell Babs that she was vegetarian because she just loved animals and that she had inherited the house from her grandmother. Sorted. This evening was going surprisingly well.

“Thank goodness, just in time!” Chuck gushed, running in as Lilith opened the door. “You’d think after thirty years, I’d be used to this cuisine, but Babs never fails to surprise me or my stomach.”

If anyone had told Faith a month ago that she’d be donning her most revealing dress and wondering if killer heels were suitable attire for going on a murder spree with a sexy vampire, she wouldn’t have believed them.

Back then it was just a dream, a morbid fantasy. Not the murder part, the sexy vampire part. The murder part was just… a bonus? No, that wasn’t the right word. It definitely wasn’t a bonus. A necessary evil? Not quite right, either.

She hiked the sides of the dress up; it had a habit of slipping down when she wore it without a bra. Hopefully she wouldn’t need to lift her arms above her head or she’d be flashing her tits to everyone.

Will there be anyone to flash? What even was the plan tonight? Faith probably should have asked for details, but that meant that she’d actually have answers when Melsquito starting buzzing in her ear with her hundred questions.

She yanked the dress up again. Maybe she should change; perhaps jeans and her regular boots would be a better option, especially if she needed to run. Would she need to run? Probably not, she couldn’t imagine Seth chasing down his prey like a wolf; he’d probably make them chase themselves with his epically hot mind magic.

She’d keep the heels, then. But jeans or no jeans? Well, that was easy. No jeans; they were only a barrier to getting laid.

Was she going to get laid? After last night, he probably wouldn’t want to. That hadn’t been her finest moment. She’d gotten completely carried away, practically dragged him into bed and ended up taking way more from him than she intended. No wonder he hadn’t blown his load and no wonder he’d lost his shit with her. Come to think of it, he’d actually been very patient. If it had been the other way round, she’d have dealt him some serious damage.

He was clearly a much better person, fundamentally, than she was.

Maybe she’d apologise to him, if he hadn’t changed his mind and decided not to bother with her at all. Maybe she’d wear something with a bit more coverage, appear a bit more serious. But then it was a date, right? So, the expectation was there. Dates always ended in sex; it was inevitable.

Did that rule apply even to murder dates, though? Fucking hell! Someone was about to die, and she was worrying about sex? What the hell was wrong with her?

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you at all, Faith.

Maybe he was right. Melinda disagreed with Seth; the whole world did. In their world, everything was wrong with Faith. She wasn’t smart enough, good enough, she was broken and just not normal. In their world, it wasn’t acceptable to do anything other than to fit within a range, to conform.

But she didn’t have to be part of their world. Not now.

She could be part of his.

After dinner, and when most of the fishy porridge had been deposited – partially digested – into the toilet, the trio settled on to the sofa to continue their light-hearted conversation. Lilith was not well-versed in the modern etiquette of visiting others’ homes, so she wasn’t sure how long she should stay. But, for now, she didn’t seem to be outstaying her welcome.

“…and the little munchkin was hiding under my desk the whole time! The police saw the funny side, but I was horribly embarrassed.”

Lilith laughed and Babs smiled. Babs’s hostile thoughts had lessened over the course of the evening as she had gotten to know the ‘threat’, although Lilith couldn’t help but notice Babs’ positioning; always directly between her husband and Lilith. Lilith wondered if these were the seats they always occupied, if she was simply filling Melinda’s space, or if Babs was using herself as a physical shield.  

“What were you like at school, Lilith?” Babs asked. “Ooh! Let me guess. Quiet and bookish. You were probably the girl who had all her homework done before she left the classroom, yes?”

Lilith hesitated. She’d never gone to school. Her mother had taught her to read and then she’d simply learned everything else from studying the wealth of manuscripts and tomes in her father’s library. She wasn’t even sure that she’d be the kind to do her homework straight away. After all, she was here, procrastinating, hanging out with humans when she should be at home, studying. But it sounded as good a description as any.

“Yes, that was me, class nerd. Is it that obvious?”

“There’s no shame in that, Lilith,” Babs smiled. “Look where it got you! Your own established surgery. Mellie was similar, always did her homework on the bus. Although she was more determined to be an artist rather than a doctor…”

At the first mention of their daughter, the pair fell silent, looking between each other with those subtle eyebrow raises and nods. Lilith didn’t have to interpret the facial expressions; she could clearly hear the unspoken question.

Shall we address the elephant in the room?

Their polite to-and-fro was painful to watch and Lilith couldn’t prevent her intrusion. They didn’t want to bring the mood down, but they both desperately wanted to share the grief that had swollen in the empty space their daughter had left behind, like an abscess, and continued to grow. It required a swift incision.

“Have you heard anything since that message she left?” Lilith asked. “What did the police make of it?”

Babs deleted it, Chuck thought with a tenseness Lilith hadn’t heard in him before.

“No,” Babs replied. “We haven’t heard anything and the police aren’t interested. She’s been missing for eleven days now. Eleven. And as much as we tell ourselves that she’s an adult, that she’s with friends, she’ll be fine…” her voice began to break. “Someone must know something. They must.”

“…we’ve re-mortgaged the house, you know, so we can offer a reward for information about our girls,” Babs continued. “Adina, that’s Faith’s mother, she recently lost her job and now her daughter as well…”

“…we just need to know,” Babs said. “What went wrong? What happened? Why did she leave? Why can’t they tell us?”

“Because you’re safer that way?” Lilith whispered, against the wall. “Perhaps they’re trying to protect you.”

“Protect us from what?” Chuck asked. “What could they possibly be involved in that meant they were safer away from home?”

“Organised crime,” Babs said. “Oh my god, that’s it. They must have witnessed Sandy’s murder and now they’re all in hiding. Or being sought by the mafia! Or dead in the forests of Forgotten Hollow never to be seen again!”

Lilith couldn’t take any more. She leapt to her feet. “I need to be off now. Thank you for hosting me; it’s been lovely.”

In a second, the pair were up alongside her. “I knew we shouldn’t have said anything,” Chuck groaned. “All I wanted to do was repay you some way for all your kindness, and here we are instead, burdening you with our woes and making you uncomfortable. I’m so sorry, Lilith. We won’t talk about Melinda. Please don’t feel like you have to leave.”

What was it about Chuck that made Lilith want to lay all her cards on the table, to bare her soul? They were so desperate for information and the guilt of with-holding it was chewing her up. She reminded herself that she couldn’t give them any more without outing herself and her kind.

Or could she?

“I met them,” Lilith admitted quietly. “In Forgotten Hollow. They appeared fine and said they were leaving the area.”

“You did?” Chuck asked. “When? Did they—“

“Can you prove it?” Babs asked. Chuck looked at his wife with confusion, but Babs shrugged it off. “Well, can you?”

Lilith sighed, considering making a run for the door. She wished she hadn’t said anything. Could she prove it? Should she? She tried to think of something significant enough to be proof, but too insignificant for them to ask about. What were the girls wearing? Lots of black. Would that prove it? No, probably not. There must be something they’d said or done, something that was unique to them that an ‘interested stranger’ might hear or see in this casual, fictional discussion they’d had.

Of course.

Oh dear.

Lilith cleared her throat and quietly began to sing a few bars of the song she now remembered as Melinda’s ringtone, rising and falling through the keys without control, in her choked cat way, “You’re a mess, tangled with your confidence, you think you haven’t sinned. Well, you’re unstoppable, your walls are impassable…” she faded out, feeling like an idiot, but those few lyrics were enough.

She knew from their thoughts that both Chuck and Babs had recognised this song and also that the shit was well and truly about to hit the fan.

“Get out,” Babs hissed.

“Barbara!” Chuck gasped. “She has information—“

“She doesn’t! She’s a con artist, Chuck! A bounty hunter! Can’t you see? She didn’t ‘know anything’ until she knew there was a reward on the table!”


“I knew that the story of your so-called mugging was too far-fetched to be true. You just happen to end up on the doorstep of a surgeon who just happens to have met your missing daughter? I’ll bet you told her about that song when you were half-dead in her house. Maybe she even planned for someone to attack you; maybe even attacked you herself! Using my husband’s good nature to ride your way to some easy money, were you? Thought you could swan in here and take advantage of the grieving parents?!”

“No, I—”

“Get out of my house! Get away from my husband and stay away from my daughter, Dr. Vatore.”

“I’m not… Chuck, I didn’t—”

Chuck sighed heavily, but to Lilith’s surprise he didn’t argue. He sank into his chair. “I think you leaving might be for the best, Lilith.”


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15 thoughts on “Chapter 2.35 – Killer Heels

  1. Melsquito should have left before there’s too many fires for her to put out. 😔
    Babs confuses me. She’s been giving me the impression she doesn’t actually want to find anything about Mel. Deleting messages, throwing Lilith out… Kind of opposite reaction to anything I’d expect from a mother.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She should’ve left when April first asked her for a drink. Maybe there’s a firefighter or two on the way to assist her.

      Interesting observation. She’s certainly not playing by the ‘grieving mother’ textbook, is she?


  2. Put the food on the table of the food is a fantastic line.

    Oh Melinda. In a way her knowing might be worse for her since it must make her feel so powerless. It doesn’t seem like there is a way it could be fixed, though I do still wonder if April could get some level of freedom if she maanaged to get physically far enough for him not to be able to give her verbal commands. Although this would probably still not alleviate the personality swapping, so in a sense, Melinda could one day wake up next to Caleb in April’s body. Fun.

    Ooh, interesting to catch a glimpse of Lilith’s dark form before her dark form eyes went poof. I wonder what event caused that specifically. It feels like it would be a single event, since your eyes can’t just gradually disappear, right? I think 😀

    Lilith had expected Caleb would explain something? Lololol. I thought she was the smart one of the siblings. I wonder if Lilith intends to start another practice again when things blow over (if they blow over haha) and the SBI stops snooping, or if she’s really given up. It’s not her first failed practice, after all. But one can only stay resilient for so many tries, I suppose.

    I mean, flashing someone with your tits is one way to soften the blow of their imminent death, I guess? Oof, Faith’s thoughts are a blast. “clearly a much better person, fundamentally, than she was.” Haha, nice one. But it kind of makes me wonder who out of these lot would technically be the most “fundamentally good person” if we looked at their baselines… I wouldn’t dare to guess. But then most people aren’t fundamentally bad anyway. And indeed, how much does the fundamental even matter? Nobody stays a tabula rasa forever. Perhaps there’s more substance to the heels or no heels debate.

    Poor Chuck and Babs, must be so hard for them to be going through this and not having any answers. The mind can come up will all kinds of conspiracy theories in 11 days. And Barb has a point, everything about Lilith is objectively quite sus. I could easily imagine there have been people over the years that tried to take advantage of Chuck’s good nature. Kind of defaults her to being the bad cop, because if they were both like Chuck, people would definitely take them for a ride. Lilith is right, she shouldn’t have said anything, the little she can reveal to them will not really offer them any solace. But of course it would be hard to face grieving parents like this, know you have information and not say anything. Sigh.

    Aaand off on the murder date we go!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is, especially as Danny doesn’t even have a table. Maybe a trip to IKEA is on the cards.

      “Melinda could one day wake up next to Caleb in April’s body. Fun.” This sentence is so very disturbing in so many ways.

      Yes, was it an event, or series of, that robbed her of her vision and took her from vampy baby blues to pits of darkness? Hm.

      I know. Lilith, what you thinking? Although, she likely heard him trying to explain to Melinda and Faith that night they fled, so maybe she was hoping he was becoming less of a waste of space. She could definitely start over, I wonder if she will.

      I like your style! And I now know that should you ever flash your tits at me, I should expect the end to follow shortly thereafter. 😆

      Babs’s mind comes up with crazy theories in eleven seconds, she’s probably been driving Chuck nuts over the last few days. Yes, someone like Chuck will have likely fallen foul to unscrupulous people over the years, trusting as he is, so that could explain Babs’s lack of trust and hostility. And that Lilith has gravity-defying boobs, obvs.

      I think you’re the only person looking forward to the so-called murder date. Next chapter is loads of fun, if your idea of fun is watching things slowly blowing up before your eyes. Which it probably is, I mean you’ve read this far.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I wonder if it’s not Melinda’s imagination and she and April can actually hear each other. And if that’s the case, is it because April has some mental abilities, or because Melinda came from April? Gah, not enough information. I will shelf it and keep it in the back of my head for later.

    I want to give Caleb points for at least trying to resist his toddler-fuelled possessiveness, I really do. I just… gah, I can’t. This guy is such a confusing example of blurred lines between what you can hold a person accountable for, and what a person simply cannot help. Melinda probably did the right thing not saying anything – if Caleb doesn’t know already, then poking that hornet’s nest without a plan is a very bad idea. How very like Melindog to worry about what Caleb could do to April, but not even for a second consider what Caleb could do to her.

    Very interesting bit about how vampires can get addicted to the rush of the hunt and blood. It sounds an awful lot like an addict getting hooked on drugs and then having to chase that “rush” further and further as they build a resistance, until they’d do literally anything to get that feeling again. Oof. So that’s the picture you meant in the disclaimer.

    I wonder what the “right word” for the murder spree is in Faith’s mind. A means to an end? An unnecessary but accepted extra in the total package that is sexy Seth? Just something to put up with/ignore in order to get laid and feel special?

    “Melsquito” is the person who keeps gluing you back together when you try to destroy yourself (and maybe, if it’s bad enough, even the only reason that you’re still around), Faith. Gah, more than anything else, that jab at Melinda made me want to throw things against the wall. Treating people like an attention switch that you can flip on when you need it, and off when it becomes a nuisance is absolutely horrible. They are not toys to be used and discarded.
    “He was clearly a much better person, fundamentally, than she was.”
    *repeated headdesk*
    Oh, look, There’s a dent in there now.

    Oh, Babs. I sort of understand her anger and suspicion of Lilith. She’s in a bad place at the moment, her daughter is missing, I seriously wonder if she forgave herself for cheating on Chuck, she’s insecure and now there’s a pretty young thing going all googley-eyed over her husband. First impressions and prejudice and jumping to conclusions are very hard to get rid of, and it’s way more difficult to warm up to someone than it is to lose that trust again. And to her credit, Lilith’s story really is suspicious.
    Oh no, nooooo, no don’t tell them 😣 oh dear. Poor Lilith. The point that she could have told them passed a long time ago, back when Chuck first mentioned looking for his daughter. Not several encounters later. Oof. Ouch.
    The moment where she hummed Melinda’s ringtone. 😅 At best, they’d think that she was very awkward but at worst, Lilith just made herself look like a potentially dangerous person that memorized their daughter’s ringtone. Big oof. 😅

    Faith is the one that keeps calling Seth “little doggy”. Ironically, her pouting outside the house and that happy expression when she finally sees him show up is the most that she has ever resembled a puppy. I almost want to make fun of it but the irony is painful. 😅

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Imagine if Caleb ever went in front of a court; how/could they convict him of anything?

      The rush is very similar to a drug high and the tolerance is real. I bet the withdrawal is a bitch…

      Every time you say ‘sexy Seth’ I lose any semblance of cool and fall about laughing. We’ll get more insight into how Faith really feels about the murder aspect in the next few chapters. Hurrah.

      When Caleb goes to IKEA to get Danny a table to eat from (as per Plumbob’s comment), I’ll be sure he gets you a new desk and a few pillows. But knowing Caleb, what you’ll actually receive is an empty cardboard box and 400 apple-scented tealights. And possibly tampons.

      She’s low and insecure for sure. Probably a lot of guilt there, I mean who could hurt Chuck and not feel like a monster? Yeah… Lilith you dummy. You can really tell that she doesn’t socialise often can’t you?

      Faith is the only one without a ‘festering grudge’ sentiment with Seth; I think they had ‘deeply connected’ during this scene so her beaming as he appeared was her genuine reaction. Which is probably not helping things.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m trying to find something to write that I have not said before.
    Everything is masterfully described as always ❤

    Only one question intrudes …
    Who is the child? Is that Broof’s daughter?

    Liked by 1 person

  5. April’s dark form eyes are the same with Lilith’s. >.> I’m imagining April progressing to Lilith’s stage. Considering how it’s mentioned that the longer they stay vampys and take blood the faster they’ll lose their morals. It sounds inevitable but if Lilith was able to reclaim some of her humanity and lose her powers. It seems like there’s a way out. But theres 5 books you said so ok. *adjusts expectations*

    I wonder if Lilith’s flashback also includes Cabbage….. Dx If Lilith is able to base her memory around this child, I wonder what kind of sacrifice this child meant to her. She talks about the lure as if she had lost self-control before. Unsurprising given her age but it does make me wonder how bad was it. Was it like Caleb where she drained them altogether? Oof.

    A bonus? A necessary evil? What What what? I’m filling in the blanks myself. A nuisance? An unwanted consequence? Wanted consequence? Part and parcel of dating a vamp?

    Kay. Faith needs some Babs in her. Also makes me wonder, Faith, what kind of world do you want? You could make your own you know. :\

    The police aren’t interested? Huh? Why? Why do I get the feeling Babs doesn’t want authorities involved? Does she think Mel is caught in something illegal? I can’t help but think so. She cares about Mel, clearly she’s gone so far as to reach out to Faith’s mom and remortgaged the house. And the first thing she thinks of is organised crime. If she’s so defensive about Chuck, it makes me wonder if she thinks Faith might’ve gotten Mel in some kind of trouble. That depends on how much Mel tells her mom though.

    Also. I like Babs in protective mode. And I think I get it now. She has to second guess everyone’s motive because she has Chuck the nice and Mellybean so she’s doing a protector role sort of thing but somehow along the way it went into overdrive and now everyone is guilty until proven innocent. Well, that sucks. I don’t find it surprising that Chuck didn’t argue with Babs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. April, Caleb and Faith all have the so-called ‘baby blue’ vampy eyes and Lilith started with them. 5 books… looking at between 250-300 chapters. I don’t expect anyone to get all the way to end, myself included. 😆 You don’t necessarily need to adjust expectation; not every character makes it all the way to the final epilogue, after all.

      When Lilith was attempting to drain Will, she mentioned how she missed that she ‘could slaughter any human without a second thought’. I’ll let that fester there.

      Ah… we’ll see how Faith really feels about the murder aspect soon enough.

      “What kind of world do you want? You could make your own you know.” THIS a thousand times. If you don’t fit in any box, make a new box or just run around, free. Of course, she can’t see that. Her sense of belonging currently comes from validation/attention from others so it cannot come from within.

      They don’t know what Melinda’s involved in, but they do know Faith and how she gets into trouble. Babs also knows that Melinda models herself on Chuck so is likely to get swept in over her head. Of course the police are interested, but with media attention mostly focused on April, being the pretty, famous one, it can be easy to feel that no one is really interested, especially as every conversation they’ve had with anyone lately probably involves the names ‘April and Sandy’. It becomes easy for people to forget the ‘less attractive girls who are missing’ – like, for example, basement boy Danny didn’t even remember Melinda’s name. There is a certain amount of ‘let Mellie come to her senses’ going on with Babs, as well as worrying what too much police involvement might do if she is involved in some sort of crime. Add in that she’s trying to establish who’s genuine and what’s real when her whole world has gone bum up and yeah… you’re totally right. Chuck is such a nice guy that she has had to step in before to stop him being taken for a ride and now that desire is in overdrive. And like Plumbob says; Lilith is highly sus.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh I didn’t realise xD Hmm.. so only Seth and Mel has white pupils.. hrrrm… No. *You* absolutely have to reach the end lol. We’ll get someone to tie you to the chair.

        Or just run around, free. XDDDD I have a weird image in my head now.

        Oh that’s true. There’s a lot of Sandy April centered news and Faith and Mel’s names weren’t even mentioned. Welp. If Plumbob says so. Too much superb brainpower thinking there while my brain matter is made of simpler things. Guess I’m too far on the other extreme.


  6. I’m BACKKKKKK!!!!!!!! I finally earned myself a binge and I’m so happy. That moment between Mel, Caleb, and April was intense. I felt trapped, and that last line? “I know.” Wowsa. I think this is one of those moments when I realize that the men in this story whether they are aware of their own strength or not (like mental strength too), don’t hesitate to use it when it will benefit them. Caleb will never make the choice not to force April. Even for all his “agonizing” over it, he consistently chooses to overwhelm her because he just can’t imagine that he should ever have to feel uncomfortable. And weirdly, April and Mel see it while Faith does not. And you wouldn’t think that, because Faith comes off as so street smart and tough and together. You think that she’s gotten that was by having a real sense about people. But the real way she’s gotten by is selling herself short, making herself small. It’s kind of heartbreaking.

    Also, MEL WITH THESE BRAIN POWERS. Okay, I want to see her and Caleb throw down. Wait, no I don’t want to. I want them to get out of there because that line was ominous: what would Caleb do if he found he didn’t actually control April?

    This scene only made me more committed to Chillith. GET BABS OUT OF THERE. I can see why she thinks Lilith is a con artist, but at the same time, this is their one chance a real lead and its heartbreaking to watch it maybe slip away.

    Okay my binge continues…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Welcome back! Nothing makes my morning than waking up to a dozen notifications from Ferosh. Lemme get coffee and enjoy reading the comments you left me while you were enjoying reading the chapters I left you. Mutual soul benefitting going on here. 😁

      “The men in this story … don’t hesitate to use it when it will benefit them” Yes, true. Lilith said similar back in book one ‘What is wrong with you vampire men? You’re all the same, me, me, me!’ But then what did he reply? ‘That beast lives within us all’. Maybe vampire women, as human ones often are, are simply more subtle. Better at being worse, if you will. Hehe.

      Oh, Faith. She’s all front. She is good at getting a sense of people, but she’s not facing a regular group of people here. Bullshit tactics don’t work when the other party can see into your mind. Wow, imagine what the world would be like if we could all do that. *shudders*

      What would Caleb do? We’ve already determined that he can’t bear the thought of not having April, that he’s threatened by Melinda, that he’s prone to losing control.

      Aw, poor Babs. Just trying to protect her husband and getting so much stick for it.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Alright, so Caleb is being jealous and impatient, going even against Seth´s advice to be careful she doesn´t become disillusioned… I mean, what else is new, right? Well, the girl´s potential telepathy is. April being able to mesmerize almost immediately after turning comes back to mind and tells me it might not be far out of the realm of possibility that she could mind-talk with the one she´d turned.

    So I´m guessing whatever memory is linked to that little girl is what broke Lilith out of… the lure´s influence. And it must have been very, very bad indeed to manage that, right? Eeep.

    Faith… hmph. At least she realized she´d been a bitch. That´s good points in my book. And the part about not having to conform, I like that, too. Now, sure, she is kind of going along with Seth instead but honestly… she already likes her own way of hunting, doesn´t she? She just hates that she likes it and that´s not the same.

    Also… on the one hand, I hope Lilith will stay away from Chuck, as futile as that hope feels. That is probably too good to be true. On the other hand, harsh Babs, harsh. Also what IS up with her not wanting the info on Mel? If she gave Lils half a breath, I´m sure she´d explain she wouldn´t take any of their money… and anyway, why even gather money for a reward if you aren´t willing to give it? Just what the actual heck.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep, Caleb is true to his impulsive self but yes, April and Mel have something new and interesting going on here.

      That little girl played a part in the siblings’ decision, yes. Eeep indeed.

      Faith knows she’s not the nicest girl in the world and that maybe now she doesn’t have to pretend to be. “She just hates that she likes it” the night will be a fun one. Maybe. 😉

      Bab’s behaviour is definitely not helping the situation but yeah, Lilith is not doing herself any favours. Now the parents know there is something hiding though…


      1. Heh. Lil /is/ sus. Babs is sus too, though. Everyone´s kinda sus right now. Except Seth. It´s not suspicion if you know something´s coming for a fact. XD

        Liked by 1 person

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