Chapter 2.51 – There Are No Words

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15 thoughts on “Chapter 2.51 – There Are No Words

  1. Ooh, a wordless chapter! Fun!

    Wyatt’s room is so very Wyatt, I love it. I didn’t even know all these neon decorations existed in the game, but they’re amazing. I wonder what Broof found! In a room as clittered like this, there ought to be a few gems.

    So Caleb can see what April is actually up to. I wonder what the constrainsts of that are – can he only see when she’s in a really heightened emotion like now. Does it only work a certain distance? Oof, I am curious how this will go; if she can’t leave the house, but she also is going to be compelled to try to find him, if Sage is to believed, which part will prevail? Or will she just… fall apart into tiny pieces? Easy to imagine with that already cracked face.

    Oh I would love to see how that chat wit Jess’s mum went. Naturally vampires were a subject, and… dinosaurs? Dragons? Monsters? The cat scene is super cute but I still can’t shake an uneasy feeling, once of those cats may very well not be a cat. And now there’s a cat army. Forget the vampires and the Wangshafts, maybe they’re the real threat 😂

    Aww, poor Yibbo got the short straw. Still, we didn’t actually get a good look at the body, so I’ll cling on to some hope it’s not really Ralph… not holding my breath, though.

    Aand Lilith is indeed familiar with Sage. Fun. We know that Wyatt found Sage’s bedroom familiar and we got that little glimpse of a super idealistic scene wih Nathaniel and Lilith and possibly Sage, so it seems like they originally started off on good terms and then things went horribly wrong… Hopefully Lilith will share a bit, perhaps with Melinda when she gets back to the house, but then Lilith is not a very share-y type, so we shall see what crumbs she’ll give us…

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    1. I really like Wyatt’s room, but it was getting to the point where no character would actually sit in it without complaining about trash/laundry/the mouse/the broken neon signs so I made it over. Or rather, Broof did. Wyatt was very pleased, as you can see. 😆

      Interesting questions. I’ll likely address them later so will zip for now, but yes, there are constraints; some situations are louder, thus reach further etc.

      The conversation pretty much went ‘vampire?’ ‘vampire!’ ‘dinosaur?’ ‘plane!’ ‘briefcase’ ‘heart boxers, then they went inside. I hope that was informative. A ghost cat did turn to be fed, but I cropped her out. The other cats are all totally non sus. Totally. Just cats. 🐈

      Aw man. I tried to avoid sticking a picture of a dead body in – did you know that I have a whole pose folder called ‘dead people’? – but yes, it’s Ralf.

      There is history with the sugary witch and the frosty vampire. You want crumbs? You may actually get more than that. Hee hee. 🤭


  2. I have a very bad feeling for Lilith’s fate and I can not say that the last picture makes me more confident.
    We know that the only reason Sage did not execute Caleb on the spot is that he has a bond.
    To my knowledge Lilith has no bond and her surprised face can mean anything 💀

    However, it is clear that Lilith recognizes Sage from a distant past.
    I wonder if Sage is the young woman talking to Lilith in Caleb’s memory?
    Caleb also had a feeling of having met Sage before when he showed up for his job interview.
    What past have they shared together? It may be really bad but it might be good.
    One can always hope for a glimmer of light 🤔

    I can not help but laugh at the thought that Lilith is galvanized in Cosmopolitans and that it might give her an absurd kind of scald. Oh boy! That woman can drink 😂

    It may be that the chapter is without words but your pictures tell so much … and yet you have made an effort not to reveal anything …. except that Jessica’s cats will not die of starvation.
    It emphasizes the silence before the storm 😶 🧨

    It is clear that the book is nearing an end.
    I hold my breath and hope for the best.❤

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    1. Her face can mean anything. You won’t have to wait too long to find out what it means. And I did say that not everything was bad so… hope for that glimmer. 🌼

      She can really drink. I was trying to test if sims got drunk but, what was that, ten drinks? And she waltzed out of that pub absolutely fine. I can’t do that. 😆

      I’m glad that you like the silent chapter. Calm before the storm indeed. We are nearing the end. We have 3 chapters left in book two, so not long to hold your breath!

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  3. Oh hey, this is the first time we’re getting a completely wordless AE chapter, isn’t it? 😁

    Lilith looks so happy with her cosmopolitan. I’d chuckle and tell her she deserves a break, but I remember the ominous “we’re so screwed” when she was talking to Chuck and, well… Lilith, darling? If things are this dangerous, maybe you could try just a little harder before starting to drink? Lilith? Hello?

    Bwahaha, Broof looks so happy decontaminating Wyatt’s room. I’ve never seen anyone this excited to be cleaning. Hopefully the state of Wyatt’s room isn’t so bad that the rubbish starts fighting back.

    Ooooh, so Caleb realizes he can look in on April. I want to think that it’s worry that’s going through his head at April’s physical and mental state, but knowing Caleb, the fact that it’s Melinda that is comforting her, on a bed, probably means that he’s mostly jealous.

    Woo! Go Pixie! She’s actually being really helpful to Jessica, GliTS loon or not. Wait, is that the same white cat that Seth has been bonding with here and there? Sure gets around, that one. Oops, looks like Yibbo drew the short end of the stick there. Poor Ralf. I didn’t like him all that much but he wasn’t a bad guy, and he didn’t deserve an end like that. I wonder who is going to replace him, and what they’ll do to Jessica now. They can’t keep her in the Tower forever… can they?

    12 cosmopolitans. Oh dear. Lilith. And she’s even getting refused any others. Oooooooooh hell. So she really does know Sage, and well enough to be really startled upon seeing her again. Seeing how Sage is an experienced vampire hunter, I can imagine that their parting might not have been a pleasant one. Did one of them kill her parents, or was it a different one and were they caught up in the mess that followed?

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    1. Yes, first wordless chapter. And last, for a good while. Like Mona said, calm before the storm. 😉

      By her own admission, Windenburg is supposed to be sanctuary from vampires, somewhere they are not permitted to be but yeah, she’s just necking cosmos, enjoying the wallpaper. Doesn’t quite add up that, hey?

      Broof maxed out his fun bar cleaning up that room. He found hundreds of simoleons in the pockets of the discarded clothing to reward his efforts too. See? Not everyone in AE is having a terrible time! Lilith is tipsy, Broof is cleaning, Wyatt can now actually get into his bed. Smiles all round. 🌼🌞

      …OK, not all round. Yes, Caleb is seeing April again, although if he realises it’s ‘live’ or whether he thinks it’s imagination/hallucination/something in that drink Sage gave him remains debatable. At least April has Melinda, not that Melinda can do anything. Ever powerless to save her friend.

      Yay! Go GliTS! Morag’s excessive cat feeding did attract most cats in my save, and a lot of them are white and floofy, but cat biscuits probably wouldn’t attract Robert, with his acquired tastes. 😉 Ah, yes, sorry Yibbo, the draw wasn’t kind to you. Ah, now the town is totally lawless, back in control of the Wangshafts. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

      Lilith does know Sage. Or did. You’ll find out Friday for sure. Ooh your last questions! You’re doing a Foamy. So, so close and yet… so far. 🤐



    Gah Lilith stayed there til nighttime. I wonder how drunk she is. And if she’d remember recognising Sage when she wakes up!

    What did Broof find in Wyatt’s room? Aww. I’m liking all the signs he collects. I’d say he collects signs, but he seems to collect a whole load of other things too! But they definitely pop! Love the super grunge ❤ And I like clean so Broof + grunge room = perfect combo. Sorry Wyatt but I kinda like Broof’s version of your room. It even has a cute red plushie on the ground. GAAAAH! That devil horned thing is adorable!!

    Is Caleb imagining half the visions he’s getting or can he peek into April’s head. That would be terrible if he could 😦 He’s intruded enough on her already. That Mel flashback. I bet she sneaks up to April’s room all the time. What specifically is she remembering about though.

    Bleh that Wangshaft Tower looks horrible. IT’s obviously a prison! Why hasn’t anyone come and demolished it yet. Gehhh! D’aww isn’t it great to find someone who speaks your language. Looking at Pixie and Jessica’s mom! Maybe the Glits will have a fourth member now! Or 5th since Jessica is one of them. Watching Morag and all those kitties around her is a dream! Real Morag probably died by asphyxiation in 10 minutes rofl but look at them! I say it’s a beautiful death. Lol. Speaking of deaths. Holy crap.. Yibbo found Ralf’s body!?!?!?! Idk about that shirt Tagline. This moment feels plenty depressing. Is Ralf truly dead D: !

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    1. There is cosmopolitan! Her state of mind will shortly be revealed.

      What did Broof find? Lots of loose change, a mouse and the floor. And hey, now Wyatt’s allowed to cast some spells, maybe his room will actually stay tidy.

      Ooh… oooh… I can’t answer! 😆🤐

      The Tower looks horrible? But they put flowers on it and everything. It’s not a prison, it’s a facility for rest, recovery and rehabilitation. That just looks like a prison. 😉 I’m glad you like the kitties scene. Morag glitched out and would not stop filling the bowls; that black cat was almost completely round by the end of the scene, he’d eaten so much. 😆 The shirt tagline is so perfect. Like, you don’t even realise yet how absolutely perfect it is. 😭😍🤐💕

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  5. M-kay. And we´re starting, slowly. Lilith gets drunk, Broof has fun cleaning… I wonder if that shocked look he gave was when he found the dead mouse. Or the magazines. *snicker* Or something else that totally should not have been there. Like Ma´s old textbook or something that´d have gotten Wy in trouble. You never know. Might just have been the cookies, too. XD

    Huh. Is Caleb questioning his sanity now? Or maybe realizing the pictures are real? La-la-la, that would make for an interesting conversation. 😀 But that would require a witch-free meeting, which… we can hope.

    …Let me see if I can translate what Melinda is thinking. Something along the lines of “from one prison to another?”

    Wyatt doesn´t seem all that thrilled. And I could kind of sympathize, but his room definitely seemed to have grown far, far beyond any “organized chaos.” I really don´t expect him to be the type that can actually find things in what was in there. But maybe it´s more him worrying because Broof had not been resting at all, not that Wyatt didn´t know that´s what will happen anyway.

    The Tower, huh? You know, the construction on the far right windows looks scale-able. Not that I expect that to help anything. But I can´t help noticing these things.

    The Mom visit seems to have gone well, then. The cat feeding has gone exceedingly well… but wait just a sec. This wild theory about a person in the shape of a cat. I… do remember I´d been considering it before, the GliTS do seem to know what they´re talking about at least sometimes… but then I also remember identifying two of the three instances they mentioned so the third might be false. But then again… if a vamp can be a bat, is it really so far fetched that a witch could be a cat? Hmm. Hmmmm… And what then if, theoretically, someone was a vamp AND a witch? Like April, possibly? 😉

    And then there´s the other shoe. Whoa-what? I had really not expected any mess to be left behind. This definitely seems to be dirt to be found. How… atypical.

    …well-p. She had gone afterall. I guess the only thing left to do is hope the booze can help Lils knock some of that artificial conscience out of her system so Sage doesn´t completely wipe the floor with her. Unless of course Sage´s “rules must be the same for everyone” could protect Lils too, but I somehow severely doubt that.

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    1. Just another night; Lilith drinking and Broof cleaning, nothing to see here!
      Caleb may have started to understand that these images are real, but who knows? Maybe he just thinks he’s still suffering after effects of the party, or imagining things.
      Melinda’s thoughts are very much like that, yes.
      Heh, yeah Wyatt was not pleased with the clean, even after all his persuasions to Broof earlier. No pleasing some sims, is there?
      We have evidence that at least one person has managed to escape from the Tower, so perhaps it’s not quite as secure as everyone thinks it is.
      Are you referring to “Witnesses have shadow memory of a monster who savages his victims. They have described a green-eyed succubus who lures men to madness and a little witch child who can turn into a cat.”? If so, maybe the GliTS weren’t so crazy… or maybe they are and this is just a bunch of regular ol’ stray cats. Ooh a witch/vamp/cat hybrid? How left-field of you. 😉
      Sure is unusual for a body to be left behind. I’m sure Beth has a plan.

      Oh, Lilith. Whatever will we do with you?

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      1. True that Rose managed to get out. Hopefully it wasn´t just Will having messed up because that loose end is very and truly tied up now.

        Yep, that exactly. I wonder, if the first was Seth and the second Medusa, because I think they were… is there the third as well or is that witch child just… an obligatory proof you can always get some bad info with the correct one. Hmmm.

        More like a witch/vamp hybrid that can shapeshift. Because vamps /can/ shift, can´t they? At least some of them?

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        1. Caleb is not the finest source of information, but he did say something fun in book one: “You’ll have something. It might just take a while to manifest… And if it does, it’ll be something really good. Like shapeshifting! Clearly I’ve given you three some powerful stuff.”

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          1. Ha! That did slip my mind. True on the not very reliable source and it sounds like its a rare power but, huh. Guess it might be possible. 😀

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