Chapter 2.12 – To Your Taste

Penelope gently closed the door behind her and tiptoed across the room, even though she was alone in the building. She stole a look over her shoulder, before pressing the button on the machine, watching as it whirred to life. She did this most weekdays, but today was different. Today she would try it for herself. As the pot filled with the red-tinged liquid, she anxiously glanced towards the door.

“Relax,” she told herself. “You have ages.”

It felt like eternity and Penelope thought she’d get some sort of repetitive strain injury from constantly craning her head round. Finally, the machine beeped to show it was finished. Penelope took a mug and poured a tiny bit of the fluid into it, enough to not be missed.

Another quick glance over her shoulder and she proceeded to lift the mug to her lips, took a sip of the unappealing liquid. It wrapped itself around her tongue, burning its way down her throat; acrid, metallic and vile. She scrunched up her face, spitting the remnants back into her mug.

“What is this stuff?” she muttered under her breath.

“Not to your taste?”

At the sound of this glacial voice, Penelope snapped round. “Dr. Vatore! Good morning! I wasn’t expecting you so soon!”

“Clearly.” Lilith stepped into the space the girl had hastily vacated and poured herself a brew. “Messages?”

Penelope took a deep breath and regained her professional demeanor as Lilith took a seat at her desk. “Judith Ward wants to bring forward the date of her next liposuction from the 17th to the—“


“OK. A reporter from the—“


“Noted. Eliza—“

“Definitely not.”

“All right. That’s everything. So, today’s schedule; you have a consultation at two with—“

“Gertrude? Fine. But cancel the rest. I’m only doing the new drain therapy today; how many do we have booked in for that?”

“Um… four.”

“Perfect. Also, I need you to place a job advertisement for a new admini—“

“Oh? What happened to Caleb?” Penelope asked. I haven’t seen him for two weeks; I’m having withdrawal symptoms here.

Lilith rolled her eyes. “Don’t interrupt me. An advert for a new administrator and get Mortimer on the phone for me, immediately.”

“Dr. Goth? I believe he’s on holiday this week, in Sulani. That advert; is it for a temporary role?”

“No. Caleb isn’t coming back this time,” Lilith said; her clipped tone clearly indicating that the matter was not open for discussion.

Penelope lingered in the office, pouting, lost in her own thoughts. Why the hell did I wait for him to make the first move?! I should have stopped dropping my pen in front of him and just dragged him into the supply cupboard.

Lilith clicked her fingers, snapping the girl back into the room. “Penelope, call Mortimer. Don’t make me ask you again.”

“Yes, Dr. Vatore.” Penelope nodded politely and headed towards the door. Don’t take it out on me because you’ve finally driven him away, you frosty, stuck-up bitch. I’m definitely stealing another Botox shot today.

“Oh, Penelope? One more thing.”

“Yes, Dr. Vatore?” the girl replied, looking hopefully at Lilith’s suddenly brighter, more welcoming face. Caleb’s number? Early finish? Free butt lift?

“If I ever find you’ve been snooping in my office or stealing from me again I’ll be looking for a new receptionist and good luck finding another job with that record. Clear?”

“As crystal.” Penelope left the room; her thoughts a stream of expletives.

Lilith sipped her brew and scrolled through her emails until her phone lit up, displaying the name: GOTH.

“Mortimer! Enjoying Sulani? I hear the weather is nice this time of year.”

“I trust this is important,” Mortimer replied curtly.

Lilith checked the phone to ensure that Penelope wasn’t listening in. “Crucially. You have been withholding information from me.”

Mortimer didn’t pretend to misunderstand. “Patient confidentiality,” he answered.

“But of course. Unless there’s a story to sell for a good chunk of money, then you’re an open book, hey Morty?”

Mortimer cursed. Lilith heard him fumbling with the phone, making his excuses to someone, walking. There was a long pause before he spoke again, his voice hushed. “Caleb put me in one hell of a bind that night.”

You weren’t the only one. Lilith laughed, coldly. “I can imagine that convincing April’s parents their daughter was fine when the girl had evidently just been drained of all her blood must have been quite some feat.”

“Not really. Sandy was three sheets to the wind and preoccupied with her public image, as usual and Travis is a medical marvel; living as he does with his head firmly in his anus. The butler noticed, though he was accommodating of my diagnosis and requests for April’s treatment. He’s the finest actor in that house, let me tell you.”

“Treatment?” Lilith scoffed. “What treatment did you prescribe for your dead patient? Embalming?”

“She wasn’t dead. Well, not fully. She was already showing signs of unlife, Lilith.”

Lilith lowered her voice before she continued. “Then you should have brought her straight to me.”

Mortimer exhaled, angrily. “Caleb said that he would tell you, that you two would retrieve her. I trusted that.”

“You trusted him? I’m sorry, have you met my brother?” Lilith asked, sarcastically.

“Look, Sandy Moss was never going to agree for her daughter to be seen by anyone other than my trusted self. If April turned rabid before you got to her and finally managed to retaliate against her mother’s wrath, which I assume she did, it seemed rather just to me.”


“Entirely,” Mortimer replied. “Because perhaps it’s high time the world knew what you two are, Lilith. You informed me that my fears were unfounded; that you were both in control, tame. The boy is dangerous—“

“He’s not—“

“He is. And you’re worse,” Mortimer said, coldly. “You can’t see it.”

The line went dead. Lilith threw her mug across the room, landing it in the fish tank. She knew that Mortimer wouldn’t say anything to out her, but the way things were going, he probably didn’t have to.

Lilith was pulled back from the brink of a rampage by the sound of Penelope greeting someone in a professional voice that, on the surface, was quite polite. But like every face in Del Sol Valley, Penelope’s was fake. Lilith could hear the receptionist’s shallow, honest thoughts.

Gross! He’s so fat and old!

It appeared that Chuck had finally found somewhere to park.

Caleb had been waving his hands around for about ten minutes and Melinda was no closer to guessing. He waved his arm in a circle then gestured to his face, again.

Melinda watched him carefully before she spoke. “Right so it’s a play, three words and the first is ‘the’. The Air Face? The Atmosphere Cheek? The Sky Chin?”

“The Sky Chin?!” Caleb repeated, incredulously.

“No talking.” April reminded him.

Melinda sighed. “I have no idea. I’m not going to get it. I give up.”

“Over to team Flondie for a bonus point! Any ideas?” Faith asked her team mate.

“The Grotty Motel Man?” April guessed. “Oh! The Crappy Room Boy!”

Caleb slapped his face in frustration.

Faith turned to him. “None of us have a fucking clue. Put us out of our misery.”

“No!” Caleb protested. “Come on, Melinda! I know you know it.” He repeated his actions.

“I don’t know it!” Melinda shouted, causing everyone to jump. “I don’t know this freaking play, Caleb! Would you just drop it?!”

Caleb startled at Melinda’s outburst, but he didn’t relent and she didn’t apologise. “It’s The Watcher’s Eyes!” he said angrily. “Obviously!”

“Well, excuse me because I’ve never heard of it!” Melinda huffed. “You weren’t even pointing to your eyes and how does this,” she mimicked his general arm sweeping action, “translate to Watcher?”

“Because she’s all around us! Duh!” Caleb shouted.

Faith looked between the pair of them. They’d both been simmering since their brief but heated chat after Caleb had left the bathroom. April had begged everyone to put it behind them so, for now, they had.

Or so they’d said.

Faith had seen Caleb’s eyes flash ice blue before, but she’d never seen Melinda’s go eerie, milky white.

That couldn’t be a good sign.

“Is it a good play?” April asked. Faith didn’t know if April was trying to diffuse the situation or if she was oblivious to what was going on around her but just wanted to say something.

“It is,” Caleb replied, his expression softening as he looked at April. “Lil and I saw it a dozen times.”

“Maybe we should play a different game,” Melinda said. She had also mellowed at the sound of April’s voice, but still looked miserable.

“What game do you suggest?” Faith asked, playfully. “Want to put that vodka to some use and play spin the bottle?”

Faith watched her three companions exchange embarrassed glances between each other and her wicked little heart fluttered. Jackpot. But before she could wind down the rage and amp up the awkwardness, there was a knock at the door.

Everyone froze, looking towards the source of the noise.

“Maid service?” April whispered, hopefully.

“I’ll get it,” Faith said, getting to her feet.

“No.” Caleb placed his hand on her shoulder, forcing her to sit back down. “It’s still light out.”

Faith watched Caleb with a mix of thrill and trepidation as he headed to the door. Wondering if he’d sensed what she had; if he also already knew who was standing on the other side.

Seth waited patiently, replaying a few of his newly collected memories through his mind. Tabitha was a strange one. She had believed in the most ridiculous things; the words of fortune tellers, that crystals could heal, that she’d had a guardian angel.

He’d found her mind as bewildering as her apartment; both were completely full of junk that no sane person would collect.

No great loss.

Eventually it was Caleb who emerged from the room and closed the door behind him. Seth dropped the bag of bottles at Caleb’s feet and looked at him expectantly.

“Thanks,” Caleb muttered. “You can leave now.”

Seth tutted. “Where are your manners? I hiked all the way over here with a peace offering; you could at least introduce me to this perfect woman who’s stolen your cold, dead heart.”

“Where’s Tabitha?” Caleb asked, to change the topic, immediately wishing he’d chosen a different one.

“Various places,” Seth replied, without emotion. He gestured towards the door. “Lead the way.”

“You’re not going to give me a choice, are you?” Caleb muttered.

“I’ll give you a choice.” Seth smirked. “You can either welcome me and watch me be my loveable self, or you can shun me and watch me wreak havoc.”

Caleb rubbed his temples. “Fine. Whatever.”

“That’s not very welcoming. Going for the havoc option, I see.”

Caleb sighed, opening the door to be greeted by three curious faces looking up at him. His voice was as enthusiastic as he could muster.

“Ladies, this is my friend, Seth. Seth, this is April, Melinda. I believe you’ve already met Faith.” Is that welcoming enough?

“Ooh! So you’re Seth! I’m so pleased to meet you!” April gushed in an irritating, ditzy way that made Seth’s teeth grind. As she went to stand, he motioned her back to the floor. “Is it true that you can read minds and control them? That’s amazing!”

“It’s true,” Seth replied, absently. He couldn’t feign interest in the moronic blonde long enough to converse with her further. He smiled at Melinda who scowled at him.

“Melinda, why so quick to judge? Ah, Faith has told you some rather interesting things about me.” Seth looked to Faith with the flicker of a smile. “Perhaps she’s been embellishing the truth both ways; she made you out to be astute and hospitable.”

“She is, you’ve just come at a bit of a difficult time,” April explained, softly. She took her friend’s hand and whispered, “I know he looks like a hobo, Mel, but let’s give him a chance, hey? For Faith.”

“Caleb told me he didn’t have any friends.”

“Charming,” Seth murmured. “I’ll remember that.”

“I have so many questions, Seth! This is going to be so much fun!” April clapped her hands.

“So much fun!” Seth repeated, mimicking April’s action and girly tone, which made April giggle and Caleb clench his jaw.

Faith sighed dramatically, waiting until all eyes were on her before she spoke. “I guess I can put up with you for an hour or so, Seth. You clearly have nothing better to do than follow me around. We’re just about to play spin the bottle so who knows? You might even see some action tonight…”

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24 thoughts on “Chapter 2.12 – To Your Taste

  1. Oh! To my delight, I can see that you are ready to peel another layer of the onion ❤

    So Mortimer Goth is the family doctor at April’s family and he knows Lilith and Caleb’s secret. This can be very exciting.
    In addition, we unveiled some more details about April’s transformation.

    First. I love Lilith’s makeover. I did not realize she was so beautiful until now. ❤
    The whole scene with the secretary trying to sneak behind Lilith’s back is really entertaining. She does not have a chance and moreover we are presented to another woman who does not have too many nuts in her brain …
    Hm! Is this a kick in the gender debate? 🤔😂

    The mood is so tense at Caleb and the girls in their hideout. Their energy is dangerously close to explosion as Seth shows up with Caleb’s shopping bag.
    Caleb wants to see him go where the pepper grows and Faith seems completely uplifted by the prospect of finally something emerging that can wipe away the boredom.
    In the middle of it all, April adds an extra spice to the cocktail with her polite and silly comments.😂

    I think Seth’s visit is like throwing a big can of petrol on a ticking bomb …. we’re just waiting for the explosion and I’m expecting a raging bang.⏱🧨

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Finally, I’m peeling a layer of the onion that hopefully won’t make anyone cry.

      Yes, Mortimer knows the secrets. Hopefully he’s not foolish enough to spill them.

      At the moment, the gender debate firmly favours the male here, it is true. And Penelope here isn’t going to be running for president any time soon. But I wouldn’t write-off any of the female characters just yet. Sometimes perceived weakness can be a great strength. ❤

      ‘Go where the pepper grows’ is a new phrase to me, but I like it! So you’re hoping for an explosion? I guess time will tell if you’re right. Oh, who am I kidding? You know you’re right. 😁💣

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yup! I’m about to find my hearing protection for safety 👩‍🚒

        NB: Probably not all Danish phrases are known abroad. I love phrases that create images.
        It’s great if you can use it.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Damn… Lilith replaced her coffee with blood! And Penelope’s relationship with Lilith’s is so cold. I wonder why she isn’t surprised by Lilith’s mind reading abilities. It’s rather risky of Lilith to keep her blood coffee lying about, and conduct herself the way she did. If Lilith can find Mel appealing, she should find Penelope the opposite. Personally I think Penelope is acting pretty normal. Which person isn’t curious about the metallic smelling red liquid that keeps their boss looking hella young and beautiful? xD Just unfortunate Lilith can hear every single thought in her head. Probably formed some prejudice over Penelope for her intentions towards Caleb. So sad how hearing people’s thoughts can make one become like that. (Lilith) It’s hard to give people a second chance if you can hear all their controversial thoughts, despite how in-passing or irrelevant it is. Lilith must hate crowded places. O.o

    Aww so there are people who are accommodating towards vampys! Although it does sound like Mortimer has one foot out the door on that stance. I wonder what leverage Lilith has over him that makes her so certain he wouldn’t tell on her.

    Seth has white glowy eyes too! Is there a difference or distinction between vampy abilities and eye color or just aesthetics? But then Lilith has no eyes. Creepy.

    Has Faith only spoke about Seth’s good side or smth? I’m surprised April is so enthusiastic about him. I think it’s a cover/April’s first or default response to tense situations, but Seth can read minds so if it really was, he’d tell immediately.

    And you just amped up the tension here! Aaah! I wish this were a book. I’d read it all in one setting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Is it laced with blood? Maybe Lilith just enjoys really terrible coffee; I once had coffee that I found out afterwards was made from beans that had been eaten and shit out by some sort of cat. That was pretty bad coffee and a weird colour too, maybe it was that. Either way, I don’t think Penelope is gonna be trying it again. Does Penelope knows she’s being read here? Maybe she does and all the naughty thoughts about getting Mr. Pasty (for any Brits reading this comment, I’m not talking about the guy who makes sausages rolls here) in the supply cupboard and stealing product are to intentionally piss Lilith off. Maybe it livens up Penelope’s day.

      Yeah, for sure, hearing people’s most honest thoughts, all the time, everywhere seems more like a burden than a blessing to me. Especially when you work in a world like this, where cover-ups and lies are the norm. In a few chapters’ time you get to see what she’s like in crowded places. (That was fun to write. 😐)

      I find most men are very accommodating when they’re as strung up by the bollocks as Mortimer Goth is.

      The dark forms are very telling and certain features appear for certain reasons. But what could Seth and Melinda possibly have in common? Hm…

      We’ll see how the girls take to Seth soon. Tension? What tension? All totally fine.

      “I wish this were a book. I’d read it all in one setting.”
      Your wish can be realised if you follow these simple steps:
      1) Unfollow my blog
      2) Come back in about a year*
      3) Devour the lot and lose your mind

      *time to completion is approximate and depends on what sort of job I get / if my hands fall off / number of times my brain farts and dies

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You had kopi luwak? Oooh I agree that cup is hella strange. I had it during a coffee/tea tour. The problem is I’m not a coffee person so i can’t appreciate normal coffee, let alone this pricey half-digested weird brew. How’d it become the most exp coffee in the world lol.

        😮 im so intrigued by Mel/Seth connection now.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. OMG that stuff has a name? It’s expensive?! Aw man… I thought I was given it as a joke. I feel kinda bad about calling it liquidised cat crap now and telling my housemate to go fudge himself.


          1. Im sure they understand. Kopi luwak is controversial like durian. And we export durian at 120 per fruit at its peak too. Technically your description is on point. Hehe! 😆


  3. That’s a lot of certificates behind Lilith. I wonder if they’re real or fake. She certainly would have had time to get a few degrees.

    Poor Penelope, Lilith sure seems like a boss from hell. Not that Penelope is a model employee… guess it’s one of them chicken and egg things, which came first?

    I’m also curious about what treatment Mortimer prescribed. Is that why Broof was so cool with April feeding on him, because that’s what the doctor ordered? Doubtful. Can’t wait to get Broof’s thoughts one day… Also, seeing Mortimer Goth in Sulani is just fantastic. Never in a million years would I have expected him there, but now the Goths regularly vacationing in Sulani is canon in my head.

    Ah yes, the air in the hotel needed a bit more tension, good job Seth came over. On the bright side, Melinda now has more options as to where to direct her anger, so in a way, that’s like spreading it thinner, which is like dilluting it, so it’s technically helping…. no? Ok, I tried.

    I can see April is already planning a double date in her mind. Which, to be fair, would be hilarious, so I definitely vote for couples night.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes she would, although she’d have to be careful which ones she displayed, I mean, a medical diploma from University of Britechester dated 1880 would probably arouse some suspicion, if anyone looked too closely…

      You wouldn’t want to work for Lilith? You never cease to surprise me! Well, Lilith’s only other ’employee’ has burned the world and fucked off, so despite her indiscretions, Penelope might earn employee of the month for May and get that free butt lift after all.

      Morty loves Sulani! This was only my third or fourth time playing there and he was out every day in his tiny Speedos, playing in the sand. Bella never joins him though. Also, I can confirm that you’ll get Broof’s thoughts. One day.

      Seth is obviously the peace-keeping type, so will certainly diffuse any tension lurking within those walls with his ‘loveable self’ and definitely not cause any problems whatsoever.

      A double-date? I don’t think Faith would even go; she doesn’t really like Seth much.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. “Seth is obviously the peace-keeping type, so will certainly diffuse any tension lurking within those walls with his ‘loveable self’ and definitely not cause any problems whatsoever.”

        I mean, directing everyone tension to yourself is one way to diffuse tension between the other parties 😆 Seth, ever the samaritan 😬

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Oof, that’s a pretty bad relationship that Lilith has with her secretary. Then again, if she can hear every thought and keeps getting snippets of Penelope either lusting over her brother or wanting to steal from her, or other shallow thoughts, I can see how things turn so glacial. Lol, I wonder if Penelope will be paranoid over hidden cameras now or just think Lilith is keeping tabs on everything 24/7.

    Man, the more I see about hearing people’s thoughts and being able to probe into their mind, the less the idea appeals to me. You can’t play guessing games, because you can read the answer beforehand. You can’t gradually get to know people. I wonder what would happen in a crowd of people, too. Would she even be able to cope in a normal crowd, let alone one that was hyped up or in a frenzy, I wonder.

    So that’s what happened after April’s death, and how they managed to cover it up without anything being weird. Mortimer is covering for Lilith. Not completely voluntarily either, it seems. I wonder what kind of dirt Lilith has on him to keep him in line, and how far that gets her before she loses her leverage.

    Hah, so they did end up playing charades! xD Right after having a talk about Caleb’s “attitude” towards April, it seems. And a talk that left Melindog very irritable. Oh geez irritable enough to slip into dark mode. Err, Faith, maybe this is not the best moment for a game of spin the bottle…

    “Maid service?” made me chuckle. Oh, April and your unrealistically high standards for the dingy hotel room you’re in. It’s weirdly adorable. xD

    And of course Seth comes to the party in room 5 uninvited. He was kind enough to bring the alcohol, but, y’know, he did just brutally murder someone. I’ll sound like a broken record ranting to I’ll just *insert Seth-aimed angry rant*
    Seth not even lasting a single second against April made me laugh, though. They’re such a bad personality match. Almost makes me want to watch the four of them go on a double date. Minus Melindog, because his first introduction to her was literally trying to manipulate her into feeling guilty. *insert second Seth-aimed angry rant*

    Whoa, this comment is growing into half a novel. I wonder if I’ll reach the word limit at some point.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lilith is cold at the best of times, so putting up with an air-headed, brother-lusting, coffee and Botox stealing human every day is probably not going to warm her up much. Does get her in the right frame of mind for some of her clients, though.

      Mortimer has been a very naughty boy.

      I mean, what better activity to wind you down after a heated debate about consent/coercion than a healthy game of charades with the very people you’re pissed off at, right? I’m sure that Faith putting Melinda and Caleb on the same team was not some devious plan to cause additional friction and that spin the bottle was a joke.

      Poor Seth. He keeps turning up at the door with gifts only to be shunned, insulted and made to feel unwelcome. At least April seemed happy to see him; maybe the two will become besties. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Good evening to Business Lilith and Business Lilith only. Those bangs? That fresh from Snowy Escape blouse? Yes, honey, Lilith is bringing it and she not here for her incompetent receptionist’s shit. Also, Penelope should count herself lucky that she didn’t end up catching Lilith’s eye.

    I’m loving the Mortimer Goth convo, though I’m not 100% clear on what his deal is. Why wouldn’t he rat them out? It does feel like Lilith is holding things together by a very thin thread.

    Seth showed up at just the perfect time. I think: “Where is Tabitha?”/”Various Places” is my favorite dialogue exchange in the chapter.

    I liked seeing Melinda go all vampire! She is protective.

    And Faith. Queen Faith. Seth steals every scene he is in until Faith shows up. She plays the “oh it’s you again, I guess” role perfectly. I think I’m in awe of her.

    Oh and this gathering of characters is going to be trouble.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Something about that blouse with its twee little throat heart just said Lilith to me. That it came in her favourite colour; Pukey Mustard Gold and she glared at me when I put it on her was just a bonus.

      “It does feel like Lilith is holding things together by a very thin thread.” I would be inclined to agree, but I have just asked Lilith and she tells me that everything is fine.

      Trouble? Nah, it’s the Christmas Day chapter so it’s gonna be all warm and fuzzy and festive. 🎄🔥

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh right, my bad, Lilith is totally in control. Totally. I actually just realized that she and Caleb live in the same state of denial. I just didn’t notice it with her because she seemed so together.

        Oh dang, this is exactly how I want to spend my Christmas Day!

        Liked by 1 person

  6. I enjoyed the peek into Lilith’s office. Glad you decided to show us. I always admire everyone else’s decorating skills because I myself suck at building and decorating.

    I’m super curious to see what opinion Seth develops on Mel.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I reuse Lilith’s office set a couple of times just to really get my effort’s worth out of it. My building skills are fairy basic; I’m OK decorating rooms for the most part, but they’re all sets inside a big ol’ boring grey box. Or in a basement.

      Maybe not the one you expect…


  7. And to think I felt bad for Penelope for a moment there, being so very nervous about such a simple thing as trying the coffee. Me-he-heh, that one got cleared up quickly. The two of them deserve each other, though. I mean, Penelope surely does not qualify as a model employee, but she isn´t exactly wrong about Lils being frosty and mean, so.

    Morty is absolutely trying to get out of whatever situation Lilith has him in, too. I bet he´s hoping she´ll get in trouble and he won´t have to worry about her anymore. That´s silly, though. If this case was investigated properly, he would get in deep trouble too, for knowing about the vampires and not telling anyone. He could have prevented Sandy´s death and what happened to April could technically be classified as murder, too. As kidnapping and murder, actually, only in a weird order. ;DD

    And when it comes to Seth paying the clueless quartet a visit anyway… well, I guess he kind of has to, right, if he really means to keep them out of trouble? I do wonder what he´ll think about the other girls if he doesn´t end up leaving very soon. April might not be as clueless as he gathered from Caleb´s blinded thoughts and Mel… he probably doesn´t even need to see her dark form to figure out there´s something there they have in common. And if nothing else… well. Winding up Caleb /and/ Melinda ought to be fun, indeed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wouldn’t want either of them as boss or employee, so let’s hope they’re happily unhappy together in their roles.

      Morty could plead mind control I guess, those pesky vampires bending his human will. But that is relying on the case being investigated properly, which depends on how much a certain family has to say about anything.

      Well, he means to keep them out of one kind of trouble. 😆 Seth knows what he’s doing. 😉


      1. True. I guess he could play the mind control card… But of course, all of that would depend on the exactly reach of a certain Windenburg family indeed. Also on the power his own family has, no?

        *shrug* Depends on what we classify as trouble, for sure. P: Let me clarify. I´d trust Seth to do his best to make them not get caught by the cops… or hunters or anything of that sort. Would be kinda hard to mess with their minds if they lost their heads, right? 😀 Again, for all Seth thinks of it as “obsession” and Lilith as “being helpful” neither of them lets go easily once engaged in someone´s situation.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Ah, if messing with their minds is the end goal here, then yes, it would pay not to let them get caught. That last sentence though… that’s got me knuckle-biting not to splurge spoilers. You and your deduction skills. 😆♥


          1. *laughs* Oh, I don´t think messing with them is the end goal, per say. But whatever the goal is, it seems it requires messing with them as a tool at least… and letting them get caught seems rather contra-productive. Really, getting them out of hunter-trouble would actually be rather likely to earn him at least some trust… which ought to make any plans easier.
            *giggles* I don´t know about deduction, this is pure observation. ;D (And remembering details, perhaps.)

            Liked by 1 person

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