Chapter 2.16 – Paranormal Pants

Lilith was never really one for singing, but as she climbed out of the taxi and headed towards Joe’s Bar, she unleashed a few verses of a song that had been chained in her head all day. She was singing in her mind, of course; she was the first to admit that, even after threeContinue reading “Chapter 2.16 – Paranormal Pants”

Chapter 2.13 – Little Balls

Welcome to The Sims mobile voicemail service. You have two new messages. First new message, received on the seventh of May at three fifteen am *beep* “Hello? Hello, Charles? Charles can you hear me? It’s your mother. Are you there Charles? Don’t you play silly beggars with me, young man; I saw our Melinda onContinue reading “Chapter 2.13 – Little Balls”

Chapter 2.12 – To Your Taste

Penelope gently closed the door behind her and tiptoed across the room, even though she was alone in the building. She stole a look over her shoulder, before pressing the button on the machine, watching as it whirred to life. She did this most weekdays, but today was different. Today she would try it forContinue reading “Chapter 2.12 – To Your Taste”