Chapter 2.13 – Little Balls

Welcome to The Sims mobile voicemail service. You have two new messages. First new message, received on the seventh of May at three fifteen am *beep* “Hello? Hello, Charles? Charles can you hear me? It’s your mother. Are you there Charles? Don’t you play silly beggars with me, young man; I saw our Melinda onContinue reading “Chapter 2.13 – Little Balls”

Chapter 2.07 – Shredded Bin Bags

The three girls and Caleb arrived at the motel on the docks in Evergreen Harbor just before sunrise. The girls loitered out of view in the shadows, trying to avoid the rats scurrying around in the accumulated trash and the first bright rays of sun, while Caleb went to check in. “Good morning, young man.Continue reading “Chapter 2.07 – Shredded Bin Bags”

Chapter 2.05 – Kick Him Harder

Violence, abusive behaviour This man had approached Faith within seconds of her leaving the motel. Nothing about him was attractive; he looked like he had been randomly generated by a people machine and plonked in front of her. But if she closed her eyes, used her imagination he could be anyone… It wasn’t how thisContinue reading “Chapter 2.05 – Kick Him Harder”

Chapter 2.04 – First Date

Caleb had carried April at superspeed past the ticket booth and April had mesmerised the usher. No one knew that theatre three at the Llama Lagoon Cinema was currently occupied by two lawless vampires on their very first date. The movie that they had selected, Bloodthirsty Bunny, was promised to be a ‘gruesome romp throughContinue reading “Chapter 2.04 – First Date”