Chapter 2.29 – Nothing Illegal

“Well?” Faith asked as April hopped off the stairs and rounded the corner to the kitchen. “Did it work?” April rocked on her heels and nodded, smiling. “Yes, I managed to smudge some of the gloopy stuff from my wrist on the stick. It’s so much more gross-looking than it was when you guys hadContinue reading “Chapter 2.29 – Nothing Illegal”

Chapter 2.28 – Reason to Fail

Despite her last memory being of the inside of a taxi, the second Lilith awoke, she knew exactly where she was. Band posters and portrait sketches on the wall, the light scent of candied violets on the pillow and almost everything she could see was orange. This was Melinda’s room which meant that she wasContinue reading “Chapter 2.28 – Reason to Fail”

Chapter 2.26 – Crash Helmets

Note: drug references, vulgar, contains painful levels of cringe Whatever had gone down with Seth certainly seemed to put Faith back in a better frame of mind; she and Melinda had had a heart-to-heart and been enjoying a game of cards when the door flung open and April rushed in, running straight upstairs. Caleb skulkedContinue reading “Chapter 2.26 – Crash Helmets”

Chapter 2.25 – The Silent Man

Broof Hogwash cradled his head on his arms and tried to calm his heart, keep his anger in check. Anyone who really knew anything about the former butler of the late Sandy Moss would not describe him as a tempestuous or aggressive man, but the memories of a hundred cameras and flashbulbs, the snide wordsContinue reading “Chapter 2.25 – The Silent Man”

Chapter 1.20 – Five More Minutes

Ten Years Earlier “Yes!” Faith squealed, throwing her arms into the air, “I could beat you with my eyes closed!” Melinda shook her head and turned away from the arcade machine. “You cheated.” “I did not! Right, best of three.” “I’m out of tokens. My mum only gave me five simoleons this week. Said theContinue reading “Chapter 1.20 – Five More Minutes”