Chapter 2.02 – Forgot My Kidney

Note: drug references Lilith looked down at the heap of man that Seth had dumped on her doorstep. “Special delivery for Ms. Lilith Charlotte Vatore. Please sign here.” “And what exactly am I supposed to do with him?” “Vixen, has it been that long? You dine on him, of course. Do you remember where theContinue reading “Chapter 2.02 – Forgot My Kidney”

Chapter 2.01 – Embrace Disgrace

“Thanks for that, Bob. We’ll have more on the potential alien toddler invasion in Strangerville later, but first on to our top story. “The search continues for April Moss, 18, daughter of the late superstar Sandy Moss. It is believed that April is in the company of her two friends who are also missing; theyContinue reading “Chapter 2.01 – Embrace Disgrace”

Chapter 1.52 – Full of Holes

The first thing that struck Seth was that all the lights were off in the house. Despite having excellent night vision, Lilith always had lights on, even if there was no-one home. It made it look ‘lived in’, she would say. It didn’t matter that not a single soul ever passed here, she liked toContinue reading “Chapter 1.52 – Full of Holes”

Chapter 1.50 – Monumental Fuck Up

It had been a gruelling day with the police and the journalists and it was gone midnight when Chuck finally opened the door to their home. Babs had made a beeline for the television leaving Chuck to his thoughts. Melinda was eighteen, an adult who had left by her own volition. There was only soContinue reading “Chapter 1.50 – Monumental Fuck Up”

Chapter 1.23 – Foil in the Microwave

April missed her reflection. She was hoping that she was putting lipstick on in the right place. Faith was beside her, trying to apply eyeliner. “This is such a disaster,” April sighed. Faith looked at April’s face. “Well, you have some on your fangs but otherwise it’s fine.” April ran her tongue over her teeth.Continue reading “Chapter 1.23 – Foil in the Microwave”