Chapter 2.28 – Reason to Fail

Despite her last memory being of the inside of a taxi, the second Lilith awoke, she knew exactly where she was. Band posters and portrait sketches on the wall, the light scent of candied violets on the pillow and almost everything she could see was orange. This was Melinda’s room which meant that she wasContinue reading “Chapter 2.28 – Reason to Fail”

Chapter 2.24 – Ego Blow

“Lorna Broad-Castor here, still somehow awake and continuing your 24/7 coverage of the Sandy Moss Murder story. Eagle-eyed viewers among you may notice that a clock has been added to the screen, enabling those of you who are fully immersed in this story to now remember what day it is and allowing me to slowlyContinue reading “Chapter 2.24 – Ego Blow”

Chapter 2.23 – Undoing

Lilith’s eyes were looking in slightly different directions as she propped herself up on the back of the sofa; her words a jumbled mess of slurred syllables. “And then Caleb walks into the cottage, right, stinking of smoke and tells me that he can’t go back to that barber’s again. Oh, and that we needContinue reading “Chapter 2.23 – Undoing”

Chapter 2.22 – To the Bone

Note: It’s pretty evident to most readers by now, but Lilith has a drink problem. Fiddlesticks. On his way to work at the observatory, Chuck had managed to reach the winding, dark country lanes of Windenburg before the car ground to a shuddering halt. This probably had something to do with the gravy boat lightContinue reading “Chapter 2.22 – To the Bone”

Chapter 2.15 – Bad Influence

Faith closed the motel door behind her and tried to form some words. She had known from the second that Seth appeared that everything was going to go completely to shit. It was written on the wall that Melinda would hate him and from Caleb and Lilith’s reactions, it would stand to reason that theyContinue reading “Chapter 2.15 – Bad Influence”

Chapter 2.13 – Little Balls

Welcome to The Sims mobile voicemail service. You have two new messages. First new message, received on the seventh of May at three fifteen am *beep* “Hello? Hello, Charles? Charles can you hear me? It’s your mother. Are you there Charles? Don’t you play silly beggars with me, young man; I saw our Melinda onContinue reading “Chapter 2.13 – Little Balls”

Chapter 2.12 – To Your Taste

Penelope gently closed the door behind her and tiptoed across the room, even though she was alone in the building. She stole a look over her shoulder, before pressing the button on the machine, watching as it whirred to life. She did this most weekdays, but today was different. Today she would try it forContinue reading “Chapter 2.12 – To Your Taste”

Chapter 2.10 – Search the Earth

Lilith hadn’t felt this good in a long, long time. A completely different woman from the sapped misery who had headed down to breakfast. A hundred worlds better. Lifted. Spirited. It was amazing how a fresh feed could do that. Despite being initially controlled by her thirst, Lilith had managed enough restraint to limit herContinue reading “Chapter 2.10 – Search the Earth”

Chapter 2.08 – Haute Cuisine

At 9am on a Monday morning Ralf did not expect a run-down bar on the outskirts of Forgotten Hollow to be very busy. As it had been every other time Ralf had set foot in this sad establishment, the place was almost deserted except for two people; Fred Wino, a local drunkard and the owner,Continue reading “Chapter 2.08 – Haute Cuisine”

Chapter 2.06 – Electric Fizz

The ceiling was a different colour. Babs had insisted on painting their bedroom ceiling yellow, to match the rest of their house. Yellow was her favourite colour, closely followed by orange, so the whole abode was a glowing citrus fiesta, a banana and tangerine dream. A box of warm sunshine, she once called it. ChuckContinue reading “Chapter 2.06 – Electric Fizz”