Chapter 2.31 – Cold Soup

Melinda was in the kitchen preparing soup when Seth left, looking a lot happier than he had the previous morning, Melinda noticed. Almost smug. He nodded at her again as he passed, although this time he wasn’t so keenly followed by Faith, who appeared a few minutes after he’d gone. “Everything OK?” Melinda asked asContinue reading “Chapter 2.31 – Cold Soup”

Chapter 2.30 – Nightfall

NSFW, dark, abusive, awful (sorry Mona) We agreed to meet at nightfall, but despite your cool expression and surface aggression, your relief was evident when I finally got around to knocking on your door gone midnight. You didn’t ask me where I’d been which is just as well as I wouldn’t have told you. Ah,Continue reading “Chapter 2.30 – Nightfall”

Chapter 2.29 – Nothing Illegal

“Well?” Faith asked as April hopped off the stairs and rounded the corner to the kitchen. “Did it work?” April rocked on her heels and nodded, smiling. “Yes, I managed to smudge some of the gloopy stuff from my wrist on the stick. It’s so much more gross-looking than it was when you guys hadContinue reading “Chapter 2.29 – Nothing Illegal”

Chapter 2.26 – Crash Helmets

Note: drug references, vulgar, contains painful levels of cringe Whatever had gone down with Seth certainly seemed to put Faith back in a better frame of mind; she and Melinda had had a heart-to-heart and been enjoying a game of cards when the door flung open and April rushed in, running straight upstairs. Caleb skulkedContinue reading “Chapter 2.26 – Crash Helmets”

Chapter 2.25 – The Silent Man

Broof Hogwash cradled his head on his arms and tried to calm his heart, keep his anger in check. Anyone who really knew anything about the former butler of the late Sandy Moss would not describe him as a tempestuous or aggressive man, but the memories of a hundred cameras and flashbulbs, the snide wordsContinue reading “Chapter 2.25 – The Silent Man”

Chapter 2.24 – Ego Blow

“Lorna Broad-Castor here, still somehow awake and continuing your 24/7 coverage of the Sandy Moss Murder story. Eagle-eyed viewers among you may notice that a clock has been added to the screen, enabling those of you who are fully immersed in this story to now remember what day it is and allowing me to slowlyContinue reading “Chapter 2.24 – Ego Blow”

Chapter 2.22 – To the Bone

Note: It’s pretty evident to most readers by now, but Lilith has a drink problem. Fiddlesticks. On his way to work at the observatory, Chuck had managed to reach the winding, dark country lanes of Windenburg before the car ground to a shuddering halt. This probably had something to do with the gravy boat lightContinue reading “Chapter 2.22 – To the Bone”

Chapter 2.20 – Oh No!

“Great! Still standing!” Caleb cheered, setting down his passengers. April landed gracefully and smoothed her clothing down elegantly, watching with disdain as Faith brazenly tugged her skirt into place, flashing her bottom as she did so, probably deliberately. April winced as she watched her friend jiggling her ample bosom back into her bra as ifContinue reading “Chapter 2.20 – Oh No!”

Chapter 2.19 – Dirt

As they walked past manicured lawns and sparkling fountains, Ralf tried not to grin. Jessica gazed at the building and asked him again, “Are you winding me up, Boss?” When Ralf had mentioned that he was paying a visit to the Wangshafts for his monthly catch-up, Jessica had begged to be allowed to come with.Continue reading “Chapter 2.19 – Dirt”

Chapter 2.18 – Nobody Died

It was a mere hour before sunrise and there was still no sign of them. Seth wouldn’t say he was worried, particularly. All right, the three girls had low sun resistance, but his trespass into her head had confirmed that the squeaky stray was more than capable of finding shelter for them, of looking afterContinue reading “Chapter 2.18 – Nobody Died”