Chapter 3.17 – Fires of Hell

How did this whole thing get worse each time?

Wyatt had suffered this presentation multiple times over the years; every time his mum got a whiff of him having any interest in anyone or hearing through the grapevine that he’d got himself a new squeeze, out came The Chart. He could reel off, verbatim, every single page and most of his mum’s butt-clenchingly embarrassing stories.

But sodding heck, this was a million times worse than any other time, ever. His mum just would not stop talking. Going off on tangents. Reminiscing. Asking questions no one wanted to answer. It was like she was trying to make the ground open up and swallow them all.

Wyatt’s cheeks were burning hotter than the underworld. He was amazed he hadn’t ignited the coffee table.

Sage had run the full gamut of her topics and was -finally- almost at the end of her flipchart. The ‘grand finale’ in all the painful ways possible.

Wyatt had turned off somewhere between neck kissing and erotic massage – a first time for everything – and was abruptly brought back to the room by his mum enacting an explosion.

April, the only occupant of the room who didn’t appear to be dying of embarrassment and who was hooked on every word, mimicked the explosion sound and said incredulously, “Millions of them? And you only need one? What happens to the others? How do you stop them?”

Wyatt went back to his happy place as Sage began stomping around, doing her impression of an aggrieved sperm cell banging its head against the inside of a condom.

He allowed his mind to wander to fantasy.

He imagined standing from the sofa, waving his overcharged hand and burning the board to ash.

He imagined the look of horror on his mum’s face and the cheers that would no doubt erupt from his squirming buddies.

Nah, that was overkill. Besides, knowing his luck he’d probably burn the house down, get his casting rights revoked and she’d make a new flip chart with a hundred extra pages to endure next time.

He could do it, if only for April; she had clearly learned a lot. He wasn’t sure Caleb had learned a lot but during the roleplay section Sage had insisted on – which was mortifying – he had at least tried. He knew what he was doing wrong, retrospectively, even if he didn’t know why or how to fix it.

Wyatt felt pretty bad for the dude but in this case, ‘trying’ wasn’t really good enough. There was no way Sage was gonna allow him to be alone with April.

Wyatt had almost zoned out enough to forget where he was, but became aware that Sage was still talking and, worse, gesturing with sound effects. What the hell was she doing now?

Nope. Nope, nope, nope. He was literally gonna die.

One more page. Just one more page. As long as no one asked any questions, he would soon be hiding in the safety of his room, brewing up something to wash his brain with.

“And that concludes tonight’s lesson! Any questions?”

April appeared to have reached her information fill level and remained mute but beside Wyatt, Melinda, who had been silent since page thirty-five, perked up. Wyatt almost wrestled her to the floor in his haste to silence her.

“Mel,” he hissed between gritted teeth. “I’ll give you ten simoleons and tell you anything you wanna know if you don’t ask her any questions.”

“Deal,” Melinda whispered without hesitation.

“No one has any questions, Mum. We all now know everything and will go back to our chaste lives, keeping our bodily fluids to ourselves… bar the occasional blood sucking, obvs.”

“Very well then,” Sage said smoothly, closing her flipchart. “We shall call it a night. But if anyone does have any questions whatsoever, you know where to find me!

After the sun had fully set, Faith set off to prowl the city streets. Unlike the previous night, the darkness didn’t feel like home, it didn’t feel endless and free and overflowing with opportunity, it only felt threatening and lonely.

She had been flitting all day between rage and worry, waiting for the moment when Seth appeared and laughed at her for pining for him. She’d played out a number of scenarios in her head, things she’d say if he came back, what she’d do if he didn’t. She couldn’t stay in the apartment forever – eventually someone was going to notice the original owner was missing and come and look for him. Where else would she go? What else would she do?

She couldn’t go home, not now, even though she ached in her bones to hold her little sister again. Maybe she could swing by the house and peek through the window or intercept Joy on her way home from school. Like some sort of creep.

Joy was going to be eight soon. Faith would go see her on her birthday even if it killed her. But not now. Now she had to find her footing, again.

What if Seth really had left her? She wouldn’t really blame him – no bloke had ever stuck around this long before, she already felt like she was on borrowed time but… fuck. It hurt.

Faith had no idea where to start looking for Seth. She sort of knew the city by its bars and shadows, mainly, but knew that he wouldn’t hang out in the city if he didn’t have to. He’d have gone out of the concrete jungle and made his way into the surrounding forests and there was no way she was wandering the woods all night, filled as they were with bugs and bugger knows what else.

She could find a bar, blag a few drinks, by herself. Go dancing, by herself. Wander aimlessly… by herself.

Could she go back to the cottage and try and patch things up with Melinda? Did she want to? Faith had always thought it; Mellybean deserved a better friend.

Damn it all. When April had turned up at the cinema that night and offered Faith her wildest dream, she’d never thought she’d end up alone, wandering the streets in a near frantic state, pretending she wasn’t looking for any sign of her mind-fucked vampire lover—

Something white interrupted Faith’s circling thoughts when it darted out from behind a bin and scared the living shit out of her.

But unlike most cats she’d encountered in her time, this one did not carry on running, it didn’t ignore her and head back to wherever it came from. It blocked her path and stared at her, meowing softly.

Faith was not much of an animal lover. Animals were either shedding, stinky, slimy or a combination of all three. They couldn’t hold conversations, they didn’t laugh at jokes, they were all pointless, really.


The cat continued to stare at her, to meow at her insistently. Maybe it knew her? Something about it was kind of familiar, she thought scanning through her memories, quickly realising it wasn’t her own memories she needed to scan.

Shit, it was weird remembering the memories Seth dumped on her – in her? – when he had his little meltdown. It was kind of like it didn’t fit in her head, like a hat that was too small, but worn on the inside of her head. That made no fucking sense, but Faith couldn’t explain it any better than that.

She wondered if that’s how Seth saw his prey’s memories, too.

OK, so that’s where she’s seen a cat before. White, fluffy, big green eyes. It was just coincidence but this cat that was giving her the evil eye looked identical.

Although, white cats weren’t uncommon, not in these parts. Some white tom – possibly even this one, he was clearly fearless – had obviously been having a lot of fun with the females of the town. The Fringey of cats, she laughed to herself.

She ignored the thing, turned around to pursue an unblocked path and found herself tripping up over the little shit who had bolted between her legs and was weaving around them, his meowing persistent.

Faith watched in horror as the thing deposited a thousand white cat hairs on her jeans. She hoped he didn’t have fleas. Would fleas bite her now? Probably not, but she didn’t want to risk it. She briefly considered booting the thing into the sky, but it was still pretty early, there were people milling about and in a weird way, it was sort of cute.

The cat had fallen silent, its warm body against her leg, rubbing his face against her calf, purring and never breaking eye contact. Faith felt a pull as she looked at it, a lure…

No, that was ridiculous. It’s just a cat.

Faith nudged it away with her free foot, probably a little too hard, repeating her instruction to shoo. The thing hissed at her and ran off a short way and Faith, relieved that it had gotten the message, watched it go, only to see it stop a few feet away to look back at her. Or rather, it seemed to Faith, to glare at her. Almost to goad her. She could almost hear it singing in her head; I know something you don’t know.  

It was insane but what if… what if this cat did know something? What if it was actually trying to lead her somewhere? What if Seth was right and this thing was following him?

Maybe it was a gut feeling or maybe it was because she had nothing better to do, but Faith heaved a huge sigh and started to follow.

Forty minutes later, the cat had run through alleyways and back streets, eventually coming out onto a track that led away from the city and into the wilderness.

This was insane. This cat was probably gonna make Faith lost and then kill her. Maybe it had some sort of big cat complex and they’d find her mangled corpse knotted in a ball and left on someone’s doorstep.

The cat had run on ahead, down a trail that was thick with mud and horse shit, and Faith decided that enough was enough.

She pivoted on her heel to turn back, before she reached the point of no return and again, her attention was caught by something on the ground.

Faith was never one for picking up litter, but this… she recognised this…

It had been soaked through by the earlier rain showers but there was absolutely no doubt about it. It was a ticket stub for the Kaz Traitors gig.

Faith still clung to this all being coincidence but was quickly losing her grip. There were only a handful of people at that gig. What are the odds that another one of them had walked all the way out here?

Tiny. Miniscule.

Faith had never run so fast in her life. She pursued the cat as it bounded effortlessly through a barely trodden trail while she stumbled along behind it. She was so relieved that she hadn’t worn her ridiculous heels and had put a bra on, but these jeans were so not made for running.

The path eventually reached what looked like a selection of independent shops in the middle of nowhere. Faith followed the cat through a pair of heavily-hung gates into a place that she immediately recognised, despite its modern-day makeover.

Angeline’s farm.

Of course he’d come here, she thought with resentment. Half of her wanted to turn around and storm off down the path, go back to cottage and make amends with Melinda and just forget the bastard. But the other half?

The other half knew that something was wrong.

Seth was lying on the floor and he looked like he’d been there a while. At first she thought he was dead, well, more dead, but on closer inspection, she realised that the heavy compression that surrounded her when she was near him still lingered. She took that as a sign that he was still there.

The cat had settled quietly behind her, observing.

“You bought me here and you’re not going to help?” she joked, but it gave absolutely no response, no acknowledgement that she had even spoken.

Faith didn’t know what to do. What could’ve floored him like that and was it still a danger? She nudged Seth in the side with the toe of her boot, but he didn’t flinch.

“Wake up, asshole,” she whispered, thinking a good insult might rouse him.


Hm. She wondered if she could move him. Dropping to her knees, she managed to get enough leverage to heft him into a sitting position. Fuck, he was heavy, even without pockets full of rocks and knives. She managed to get him as far as the wall and semi-upright before her arms gave out.

“Seth! Wake up!” she tried again, with the same response as before.

There was only one other thing she could think to do.

Well, it worked last time and seemed to do the trick again. As the sound of her palm contacting his cheek echoed around the small alleyway, Seth’s eyes blinked open and for the first time, she realised that he was in dark form.

Those glowing eyes of his caught her off-guard and for moment all words escaped her. Even in dark form he was absolutely gorgeous and added to that the fact that he looked so wounded, so fragile…

She stroked his face, feeling like she’d been gutted.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered.

“Faith?” he murmured, it sounded like so much effort. He craned his head to the sky trying to put pieces together. “It’s dark? What day is it?”

“It’s Monday night. Have you been out here all day?” Faith asked, the guilt of not looking for him sooner starting to eat away at her. “What the fuck happened to you?”

“It’s dark,” he whispered.

Faith bit her lip. Was he dying? Was she too late? Fuck, fuck, fuck! “Good job you have a guardian angel, then,” she joked, trying to laugh. “Stay away from the fires of hell, Seth! Come into the light!”

“You’re hardly an angel,” he murmured.

Shit. Did he know? Could he tell? She’d washed and changed – surely she didn’t smell of Caustic now? But what was that he’d said to her before?

“Come now, Violet. I’m a prime apex predator and you four are hardly skilled at covering your tracks.”

“Seth, I—“

He reached his hand up, his eyes trying to focus on her face. For a moment she thought he was going to hit her, but his touch was gentle where it landed. “You’re not a nightmare, Faith,” he said quietly. “It was a joke in poor taste.”

“Ha fucking ha,” She shoved his hand away. She couldn’t deal with that right then; softness. “A joke. I thought you’d left me.”

“By no will would I have left you alone with that pink-haired predator. I could barely read his thoughts, but I could feel his intentions.” He groaned, pressing his gloved fingertips firmly into his forehead. “Holy damn, my head.”

“How much did you drink?”

“Barely anything. Perhaps my age is showing.”

“Perhaps,” Faith thought, a more sinister scenario crossing her mind.

He grabbed her wrist and tried to focus on her again. The laboured tone of his voice did nothing to dampen the force of his words. “Know that if he laid a single finger on you, I’ll hunt him down and gut him, fame be damned.”

Fucking bollocking shit. If Faith had breath, she’d likely be hyperventilating by now. “He didn’t,” she murmured, lying like a pro. “I- I can look after myself.”

“I don’t doubt it.” He nodded, relieved and stroked her hand against the roughness of his face as he laughed. “Twice in one week you have come to my aid. I’m becoming quite the ‘damsel in distress’,” he joked. “Who’d have thought I’d have a saviour and that it’d be you?”

She fought back tears remembering the disappointing fuck she was having while Seth was probably wandering around, possibly drugged, or passed out at the mercy of the sun. She pulled him into an embrace, so he couldn’t see her face.

“How did you find me?” he asked.

“I didn’t,” she admitted, allowing him to rock her in his arms. She inclined her head towards the cat. “He did.”

“Oh?” Seth followed the direction of her nod and in an instant his whole body seized up.

He threw Faith off as he crawled back in fear, stammering as he went, “It’s that one! It’s that cat! It’s following me, I know it!”

“It’s just a cat who seems to like you—”

He ignored her. “No cat can live 300 years.”

“Not this shit again. It’s a different cat. There’s more than one cat in the world, Seth,” Faith pointed out as she approached her fluffy new companion. He jumped up at her attention.

“You’re just a stupid cat, aren’t you?” she cooed, tickling its chin as it pushed its head into her hand. “Yes you are! Just a dumb ball of floof who follows my man around.”

What the—

Was that her weird blast power again? Maybe it was a way of dispelling creatures she hated – first Lilith, now cats. Or perhaps it was just static built up from running in man-made fibres. Whatever it was, the cat appeared unhurt but scarpered like its arse was on fire, ignoring Faith’s calls.

She returned to Seth, who was looking far more relaxed with the cat gone, and helped him to his feet.

“See?” she said. “Just a cat. It’s fine.”

Everything is fine.

Sage’s flipchart can be downloaded from here.

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14 thoughts on “Chapter 3.17 – Fires of Hell

  1. Wyatt … poor guy! I can see he suffers all the torments of hell on earth 🤣
    If I thought he disappeared under the radar, I’m terribly wrong.
    Sage is so embarrassing and so hilarious at the same time. Let’s hope she does not find it necessary to repeat the lesson 🤨

    Faith is not fond of animals, but fortunately she is able to think or she has a sharply developed sixth sense.
    The beautiful white cat is back and leads her on her way to Seth. Whoever the cat represents, Seth is not meant to die right now. Or he should not lose his immortal life.
    Seth clearly associates the cat with Kitty. It is now more obvious that the cat represents something magical. Maybe a sorceress / sorcerer? Maybe it’s a Familiar. I’m so curious to know more 🤔

    Everything is fine … maybe?
    That Seth tells Faith that she is not a nightmare makes the moment more than fine, even though it is difficult for Faith to accommodate. Self-hatred can be an effective shield against emotional surrender.🥰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. His life is literal hell, don’t you know? 😉 Oh my goodness, yes let’s hope they all behave themselves now.

      Ooh, fun guesses! A Familiar, you say? Very interesting.

      Everything is fine! Seth is alive (well, alive-ish), Faith was not abandoned and our clueless collective are now a little less clueless. All in all, a happy chapter, yes? Yes.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. XDDD *eyeroll* Sage, seriously. She’s a menace. I was thinking about figuring out some sort of pointed question for her for maybe a minute or so, but then thought better of it. She’s got this ability to talk over any sort of jab, it’s completely pointless.

    The rest of it, though. So the cat is clearly magical and high likely the same cat Caleb had been feeding because how likely is it that a cat guided first Mel and now Faith and they wouldn’t be one and the same? That and, if I go and guess it was Faith’s power activating, that would probably mean he tried to bite her. Which would mean he likely understood she was insulting him. Nothing against that, of course, some thanks you give for the cute kitty’s help, Faith. 😦 But it still confirms at least parts of the suspicion. It’s not just an animal. It might not be anyone malicious, though… I remember the GliTS mentioning something about a witch child that can turn into a cat… so maybe that’s who it is. It still might just be a trap, but my gut says Kathryn doesn’t do this much subtle.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She just completely ran away from me this scene. Ooh a question for Auntie Sage? Don’t be shy, you can be anonymous after all. 😁

      Indeed, this cat, or one very similar has been lurking since almost the start of the story, guiding the vamps, eating medical waste and now getting an almighty static shock from Faith, apparently. 😉 It might not be anything malicious no. And it might just be a cat. Maybe.


      1. *snorts* Nah, anonymous is not the problem. More like if I did that I’d be trying to make the question into a putdown – except this is Sage and it wouldn’t work so no reason to even bother. p:

        ,,,ha plumming ha is about right. ;D No way do I believe it’s just a cat. And if what you’re saying is that it not being anyone malicious has the same likelihood, then… well. I guess this book needs a great big dumpster fire like the previous ones, doesn’t it now? ;DD Either way if they are malicious… heh, they’re probably making changes in their plans right now. Ha. Faith is a lot of things, but a weakling isn’t one of those. She still shouldn’t say mean things to beings that never did anything to her though. Especially those that are much smaller than her and fluffy. 😦

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my gods this lecture 😂🤣🙈 Every time I think it can’t get any better/worse, it outdoes itself! 😆 Sage has some very strategic hand placement and the best expressions I’ve ever seen on her, bwahahaha! Poor Wyatt. I wonder if she’s laying it on extra-thick just to have a little bit more of a chance that it’ll stick in Caleb’s mind.

    Doesn’t seem to be very successful there, though. Yeah, never allowing him to be alone with April is probably the best course of action here. I wonder what Melinda was going to ask. Here’s to see if Wyatt is less cringe-inducing at answering sex ed questions than his mother 😂

    Auntie Sage AHAHAHAHAHAHA 🤣🤣 I know some characters that might make use of this! 🤭 Oooh, and even advice on using up old potatoes! I might need that myself, soon. Haven’t thrown a potato at an AE cast member in a while.

    Back from laughing down to seriousness with Faith. Okay. I can do it. Breathe, Yimi, breathe.

    “Bugs and bugger knows what else.” To be fair, Faith would probably be the most dangerous thing in those woods, except for more experienced vampires. Thinking Melindog deserves a better friend is still a terrible reason for abandoning her. ☹

    I was convinced that that cat had evil or at least suspicious intentions with Seth, but the fact that it led Faith to Seth made me do a complete 180 on it. Maybe it’s a witch familiar? Or a polymorphed/shapeshifted/whatever person turned into a cat? Or maybe just a cat. If it has lived with Lilith and Caleb for ages and April’s aunt before that, maybe it simply got to know Seth and cares for him in its own way. Still very clever for a cat, though 😐 Hmmmmm. Cannot deduce. Need more information.

    Oof. That entire scene is so painful and heartstring-tugging. Faith is so used to assuming the worst and thinking people leave her that she didn’t even consider the actual worst and now it’s eating her up inside. I wonder if Seth being so sweet is glimpses of the old Seth peeking through, while he’s not in his normal state of mind.

    I’ve seen that colour-changing picture with the cat three different times now and it STILL makes all the hairs in the back of my neck stand upright, what with the way it seems to suddenly look right at the camera. Gaaahhhh what happened there? What is that swirly magic? Is it coming from the cat? Is it a reaction to something Faith did? Is it a spell that protects from vampire touch? What is going on? 😲

    I’d almost think that it was Angeline as a cat, if not for the fact that we already saw Angeline having died. Gah, need more answers! Next chapter please!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sage is definitely playing up to her audience; April was actually interested and engaged unlike… well you can see how Wyatt reacts. 😂

      Wyatt will not be getting a chart out when he answers Melinda’s question, that’s for sure. But will Sage get a chart out when she answers yours? 😉

      Yes, please breathe. Breathing is very important to life. Another who thinks this cat might be a Familiar, I see. One thing is certain; it is a very clever cat.

      You thought Seth was sweet? I suppose, compared to his typical behaviour, his almost-not-really-an-apology probably was quite sweet. And there you go again with your so close yet so far statements. Gah!

      Maybe it is just a static shock, Yimi, if it’s making your hairs stand up. 🤭

      Aww, Angeline as a cat would be very lovely. Or would she still be lovely? She’d have been forced to eat animals (and bits of people, thanks Caleb) for three centuries, that can certainly change a person’s outlook.

      I can’t promise you much, but I can promise that there will be a next chapter and that it will answer at least one of your questions. Hurrah!


    1. Think I’ve had enough of Sage’s “little” lesson. The flipchart was hilarious. Don’t think I’d get any use for it, though.

      Seth was actually really sweet when he woke up. Somebody did a number on him. And more on the cat: Not sure if that was Faith’s ability protecting her on who the cat really is, witch I still haven’t made up my mind. >.> Or if it was the cat’s ability itself.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh do I hear you on that. If I never see that damn chart again, it’ll be too soon. Some random people have actually downloaded that flipchart for reasons I don’t really understand.

        Another who thought Seth was sweet. His bar is pretty low, huh? 😆 And ooh… great theories. Could be a mixture. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Okay, so I binged this yesterday as a birthday gift to myself, but stupid WordPress app wasn’t working so I had to save my comment. As a result, this is going to be one big comment where I try to get my thoughts in order and be very chill but mostly just want to scream that these chapters were excellent and OMFG A FLIPCHART.

    Okay. Deep breaths.

    One of the things I love about this story is how it upends my expectations. I think I’m comfortable and understand a dynamic between two characters and then WHAM! Here comes a plot twist. I’m not even sure if plot twist is the right word because it never feels like a “gotcha.” Faith/Seth really had my head on a swivel. At first it was all the usual fare—Faith being insufferable, Seth being…probably also insufferable but my heart doesn’t know that. I was dying seeing him in leather pants. And weirdly, the concert scene started out of kind of sweet…and then slowly sinister. And then it was like: the hunter becomes the hunted and Seth is passed out! WTF! Methinks the creatures that took him long ago aren’t completely gone. Though wouldn’t he have sensed other vampires? No, maybe they are evil witches?


    Okay, sorry, I’m calm. The scene where Faith finds him and he talks about protecting her from that trash dude but she’s already slept with him just tore out my heart and stomped on it.

    God, I voted for Seth but I also love Faith and Sage is giving them both a run for their money. Aside from being so dang hilarious, the scene with her giving everyone sex ed was perfect. Like, actually, it’s horrifying but she is not wrong. These dummies need information. Speaking of dummies, the way the issue of consent was handled in these past few chapters was incredible. At first I thought it would be very cut and dried—April would learn that Caleb is absolute gutter trash and that she has a right to say no, for any reason at all. And he should respect that. But then, flipping it on its head to be like—actually, Caleb’s inability to understand consent means he also ends up in situations where he wants to say no but doesn’t feel he can. Like, this is how I want to see consent talked about.

    Um, who knew Hoggy had such divine powers of empathy? He makes so much more sense to me now! I think I even…like his character?

    God, even Sage can see Lilith moving in on Mel’s dad. Gah, its kind of making me see Chillith in a whole new light ::changes back into Feth/Saith t-shirt::

    Sage giving Mel some sense of purpose outside of April and her friends and everything else was just ❤

    Dang it. I need to vote again. Sage is my favorite. Sage must be protected at all costs.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Happy belated birthday! I didn’t know, but someone remembered. [caution: gore]

      Ooh, swivel head syndrome. Yes, I hear that a lot. All I can say to your speculation there is: maybe when you’re looking for a higher danger, you can trip over a lower one…

      Aww Thackery Binx. I did love that movie and do draw inspiration from things I love as well as things I hate (honest!).

      Tore your heart out and Faith’s. Big fuck up. Still, she’s not one to let her shortcomings bother her and Seth’s the forgiving type so it’ll all be fine. Ahem.

      I’m so glad that Sage’s sparkling personality and overbearing methods are finally winning her some fans! Maybe I’ll run that poll every 6 months and see how it changes. Perhaps plot it on a graph! OMG the geek in me is taking over, back on topic. Yes, thank you for pointing that out; this is also how I want consent talked about. Consent should be straightforward, but often isn’t and definitely isn’t here, in this grey mess I have created, where every moral line is blurred and no one knows where to stand.

      Aww, Broof is a sweet soul and ooh, jumping ship again are we?

      Liked by 2 people

      1. THIS IS THE BIRTHDAY CAKE I DESERVE ❤ hahahahaha.

        Oh yes, I know exactly what “fine” means when you say it. ::prepares self for Faith/Seth dumpster fire::


        I have FULLY jumped ship on Chillilith. I’m just…Chuck deserves better, okay? LOL

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