Chapter 2.22 – To The Bone

Note: It’s pretty evident to most readers by now, but Lilith has a drink problem. Fiddlesticks. On his way to work at the observatory, Chuck had managed to reach the winding, dark country lanes of Windenburg before the car ground to a shuddering halt. This probably had something to do with the gravy boat lightContinue reading “Chapter 2.22 – To The Bone”

Chapter 2.21 – Common Ground

Lilith looked around the pub, checking every wall before she entered. The plush, beer-soaked carpets, dated panelled walls and general dinginess of this place were outweighed by the two things it had in its favour. Or rather, didn’t have. No CCTV and not a single foil-headed freak to be seen. Not a single other patron,Continue reading “Chapter 2.21 – Common Ground”

Chapter 2.20 – Oh No!

“Great! Still standing!” Caleb cheered, setting down his passengers. April landed gracefully and smoothed her clothing down elegantly, watching with disdain as Faith brazenly tugged her skirt into place, flashing her bottom as she did so, probably deliberately. April winced as she watched her friend jiggling her ample bosom back into her bra as ifContinue reading “Chapter 2.20 – Oh No!”

Chapter 2.18 – Nobody Died

It was a mere hour before sunrise and there was still no sign of them. Seth wouldn’t say he was worried, particularly. All right, the three girls had low sun resistance, but his trespass into her head had confirmed that the squeaky stray was more than capable of finding shelter for them, of looking afterContinue reading “Chapter 2.18 – Nobody Died”

Chapter 2.15 – Bad Influence

Faith closed the motel door behind her and tried to form some words. She had known from the second that Seth appeared that everything was going to go completely to shit. It was written on the wall that Melinda would hate him and from Caleb and Lilith’s reactions, it would stand to reason that theyContinue reading “Chapter 2.15 – Bad Influence”

Chapter 2.14 – Leather and Grime

“You’re being very rude to our guest, Mel,” April said. “Come on! Sit with us. Have a little drinkie; it’s not going to kill you. The plasma is actually super yummy with gin in it! Or is it that the gin is yummy with the plasma? I don’t really know.” She giggled and took anotherContinue reading “Chapter 2.14 – Leather and Grime”

Chapter 2.13 – Little Balls

Welcome to The Sims mobile voicemail service. You have two new messages. First new message, received on the seventh of May at three fifteen am *beep* “Hello? Hello, Charles? Charles can you hear me? It’s your mother. Are you there Charles? Don’t you play silly beggars with me, young man; I saw our Melinda onContinue reading “Chapter 2.13 – Little Balls”