Chapter 1.22 – Weird Juice

For once the weather channel was right. The rays of sun were swallowed by thick clouds and the rain had started to fall. As Lilith pulled her boots on, Melinda turned to her. “Please can I take some of those packs with me?” “Of course,” Lilith walked to the kitchen, Melinda in tow, “you canContinue reading “Chapter 1.22 – Weird Juice”

Chapter 1.21 – Can’t Compel a Cow

“Do you think she planned this whole thing?” Melinda asked. “To keep us? Why would you want to keep someone who didn’t even like you that much?” “Why do you pretend to like her?” Lilith asked. Melinda looked guilty, “For Faith’s sake.” “Faith must be a good friend.” Melinda nodded. “Sun will be up soon.Continue reading “Chapter 1.21 – Can’t Compel a Cow”

Chapter 1.19 – Dead in the Woods

“Come back! I’ll leave my wife!” Will called as Faith and April headed back down the path. He tried to follow them and ended up falling onto his face. Dale giggled but he wasn’t faring much better. “Wife?” Faith turned back towards Will. “You never said you had a wife!” “Beth’s gonna be so pissedContinue reading “Chapter 1.19 – Dead in the Woods”

Chapter 1.18 – Stupid Girl

Melinda had allowed Lilith to guide her back to the sofa which was just as well as her whole body felt like it might crumble to dust beneath her. “She made you do it?” Melinda scoffed. “She made you attack her, almost kill her, turn her? What would she gain from that?” “She-“ “You’re completelyContinue reading “Chapter 1.18 – Stupid Girl”

Chapter 1.17 – Face of a Monster

“What has gotten into you lately Caleb? You’re somehow even more miserable than usual.” Lilith turned on the lights and crossed the room to sit beside her brother. She took in his silence and his downcast features. “Are you hungry?” She didn’t wait for him to reply. “Good, because you just wait, you are inContinue reading “Chapter 1.17 – Face of a Monster”