Chapter 4.03 – Domestic Bliss

It was all still taking some getting used to. Lilith stepped into the little cottage and the overwhelming smell of bleach was the first thing to greet her, as always. But that in itself wasn’t what caused her pause, or tied her insides into knots. “Evening, Lilith,” Broof called out from his position at theContinue reading “Chapter 4.03 – Domestic Bliss”

Chapter 4.02 – Like Flies

In the Henford countryside, all was still, all was silent for miles around Moon’s tiny cottage. But inside was another story. “I definitely look OK?” Melinda asked again, fussing with the shirt she’d tied around her hips. “Do I look like I’ve made an effort? Too much effort?” “You look lovely, dear,” Moon said soothingly.Continue reading “Chapter 4.02 – Like Flies”

Chapter 4.01 – A Great Witch

“Wyatt, you could have told me about April before this all got out of hand. We would have managed…” “Mum, please. I know I’ve messed up, I know you’re trying to help and I know you think I’m nothing but a huge, naïve idiot, but trust me; I know what I’m doing…” “…I’ll manage withoutContinue reading “Chapter 4.01 – A Great Witch”

4.00 – Interlude

Disclaimers: grief, death, trauma You bloody idiot. Don’t you smirk at me. Don’t you realise what you’ve done?! Don’t give me that ‘sacrifice’ bullshit. You’ve traumatised the poor guy. He won’t cast a damn thing! Won’t touch a cauldron. He’s almost as useless as Broof is now… He was my chance, my one real chanceContinue reading “4.00 – Interlude”

Chapter 3.53 – Botched Bloodline Pt. 2

Disclaimer: blood, death, disturbingPart 1 is here Sage ran through her house. ‘Pretty lights’ might have seemed fun and harmless to April, but Sage knew better. She really hoped there was still time. This time. “Come on, Slow Coach!” Tarragon had called over his shoulder as he’d skipped through the long grass without a careContinue reading “Chapter 3.53 – Botched Bloodline Pt. 2”

Chapter 3.52 – Botched Bloodline Pt. 1

Moon swirled her teapot in silence until she was satisfied that her tea was adequately steeped. She had been unable to sleep that night, for a few reasons. Not least because one of her cats hadn’t yet returned home after his evening bathroom trip. Restless, Moon had abandoned her attempts at sleep to go andContinue reading “Chapter 3.52 – Botched Bloodline Pt. 1”

Chapter 3.51 – Super Magic

Disclaimer: violence, blood Thanks to Mercuryfoam for creating the fist fight animations that I couldn’t bring myself to make. Sorry that ‘yellow sim’ and ‘blue sim’ weren’t the pairing you had in mind! 😬 What is the worst way in the world to be woken up? Wyatt had experienced quite a few of them, surely.Continue reading “Chapter 3.51 – Super Magic”

Chapter 3.50 – Apes Harper

Disclaimer: violence I’m not really sure what happened, but something happened. It wasn’t simply the way that Caleb was staring at me as if I’d grown a second head. Nor was it the tingly feeling I had in my legs. And it definitely wasn’t because I’d eventually stolen a sneaky peak at a lamp andContinue reading “Chapter 3.50 – Apes Harper”

Chapter 3.49 – Hot and Bothered

Disclaimer: morbid self-harm He had allowed her to leave and then he’d trashed the apartment just because. Because he had no idea how this new power worked. It simmered hot in his sluggish veins, taunting him with a ferociousness that felt like Faith herself. And, just like Faith, it was stubbornly refusing to cooperate withContinue reading “Chapter 3.49 – Hot and Bothered”

Chapter 3.48 – Flickering Lights

While Jessica’s cohorts figured out how to safely dismount from their precarious people tower, Jessica had subtly checked the house. As well as ensuring that the coast was clear, she was looking for clues; any sign as to the reasoning behind Ralf’s fate, anything he’d left behind. Her search turned nothing up. Nothing at all.Continue reading “Chapter 3.48 – Flickering Lights”