Chapter 2.12 – To Your Taste

Penelope gently closed the door behind her and tiptoed across the room, even though she was alone in the building. She stole a look over her shoulder, before pressing the button on the machine, watching as it whirred to life. She did this most weekdays, but today was different. Today she would try it forContinue reading “Chapter 2.12 – To Your Taste”

Chapter 2.11 – A Private Matter

Warning: toxic, painful The room fell silent as Caleb stormed in, but if he realised this, he didn’t show it. He disappeared into the bathroom and slammed the door without so much as a glance in their direction, let alone a greeting. The three girls looked at each other before Melinda stood up, quickly followedContinue reading “Chapter 2.11 – A Private Matter”

Chapter 2.10 – Search The Earth

Lilith hadn’t felt this good in a long, long time. A completely different woman from the sapped misery who had headed down to breakfast. A hundred worlds better. Lifted. Spirited. It was amazing how a fresh feed could do that. Despite being initially controlled by her thirst, Lilith had managed enough restraint to limit herContinue reading “Chapter 2.10 – Search The Earth”

Chapter 2.09 – Sink A Ship

Warning: Disturbing imagery, very dark This was the second time in as many days that Caleb had been unable to buy the items he was tasked to. This store mainly sold packaged convenience foods, newspapers and other bits and pieces that its likely customers – dock workers – would require. He had found playing cardsContinue reading “Chapter 2.09 – Sink A Ship”

Chapter 2.08 – Haute Cuisine

At 9am on a Monday morning Ralf did not expect a run-down bar on the outskirts of Forgotten Hollow to be very busy. As it had been every other time Ralf had set foot in this sad establishment, the place was almost deserted except for two people; Fred Wino, a local drunkard and the owner,Continue reading “Chapter 2.08 – Haute Cuisine”

Chapter 2.07 – Shredded Bin Bags

The three girls and Caleb arrived at the motel on the docks in Evergreen Harbor just before sunrise. The girls loitered out of view in the shadows, trying to avoid the rats scurrying around in the accumulated trash and the first bright rays of sun, while Caleb went to check in. “Good morning, young man.Continue reading “Chapter 2.07 – Shredded Bin Bags”

Chapter 2.06 – Electric Fizz

The ceiling was a different colour. Babs had insisted on painting their bedroom ceiling yellow, to match the rest of their house. Yellow was her favourite colour, closely followed by orange, so the whole abode was a glowing citrus fiesta, a banana and tangerine dream. A box of warm sunshine, she once called it. ChuckContinue reading “Chapter 2.06 – Electric Fizz”

Chapter 2.05 – Kick Him Harder

Violence, abusive behaviour This man had approached Faith within seconds of her leaving the motel. Nothing about him was attractive; he looked like he had been randomly generated by a people machine and plonked in front of her. But if she closed her eyes, used her imagination he could be anyone… It wasn’t how thisContinue reading “Chapter 2.05 – Kick Him Harder”

Chapter 2.04 – First Date

Caleb had carried April at superspeed past the ticket booth and April had mesmerised the usher. No one knew that theatre three at the Llama Lagoon Cinema was currently occupied by two lawless vampires on their very first date. The movie that they had selected, Bloodthirsty Bunny, was promised to be a ‘gruesome romp throughContinue reading “Chapter 2.04 – First Date”

Chapter 2.03 – It Will Be Dark

Caleb returned to the motel room to find Melinda watching cartoons and Faith glaring at him. He stared at her and she stared back. “You look different,” he said, studying her. “Do I? How?” Faith scoffed after about thirty seconds of Caleb’s silence. “I’m missing about twenty inches of hair.” “Oh, yes. So you are.Continue reading “Chapter 2.03 – It Will Be Dark”