Chapter 3.47 – Breaking

Note: features acres of pale skin with strategically-placed décor. Caleb had bedded countless women in his three hundred and seven years. He had, often unwittingly, seduced wealthy women, poor women, thin ones, fat ones, pretty ones, ugly ones, young and old in almost any situation one could think of. Yet, lying in Sage’s bed, besideContinue reading “Chapter 3.47 – Breaking”

Chapter 3.46 – Inside

Warning: nsfw (no nudity), violence, questionable consent and a good dose of clueless cringe. By the time Seth and his troublesome tutee had materialised back at their miniscule lodgings, her fight and panic had dissipated. He turned her face side-to-side, studying her for a hint of that delectable offering, but found none. Frustration rolled throughContinue reading “Chapter 3.46 – Inside”

Chapter 3.45 – Bedtime Story

Warning: violent, harrowing, horrific Everything about the tiny house was exactly as Faith remembered it, except for one detail. Oh my god, she willed to Seth, who had followed her a pace behind, scoping the darkness. What? Seth projected back. Suddenly on alert, she could sense him tense at her shoulder. He was making herContinue reading “Chapter 3.45 – Bedtime Story”

Chapter 3.44 – Strawberry

Note: drug use/influence April was full of bubbles and rainbows. She had to admit that she couldn’t really taste the strawberry flavour of her magic tea, but it was a pretty colour and smelled super yummy. And it was definitely magical! After one sip, everything went a little fuzzy and soft around the edges. AfterContinue reading “Chapter 3.44 – Strawberry”

Chapter 3.43 – More Meat

Seth Grimm had faced a number of arduous challenges in his time on the planet, from false accusation to imprisonment, but he’d take another three decades in solitary confinement if, for once, he could just get his bloody fledgling out of the door on time. It had taken almost an hour to get to thisContinue reading “Chapter 3.43 – More Meat”

Chapter 3.42 – A Brew or Two

After a long, cold night in the dank forest of Forgotten Hollow, Sage had finally arrived home. She stretched her aching legs and cracked her stiff back as her old bones groaned and protested back to position. Oh, how she longed for her bed, the soft eiderdown and the plump, duck feather pillows. She sighed.Continue reading “Chapter 3.42 – A Brew or Two”

Chapter 3.41 – New Digs

Warning: Very morbid. Contains graverobbing, vandalism, open graves and talk of death. “Isn’t it a thing of beauty?” Bernard, the groundskeeper, said in a not-too-convincing manner as he sensed the pair approach from behind him. “A fitting monument to an icon. And in my humble grounds. An honour. Yep, that’s what it is.” Lilith shrugged.Continue reading “Chapter 3.41 – New Digs”

Chapter 3.40 – Irritant

Jessica’s scalp was so itchy. When she’d first been presented with her MAD hat she’d felt pretty good in it. She was fully starting to embrace the ‘wear whatever makes you happy’ mantra of her fellow GliTS, almost starting to like her starched, polyester poodle skirt and the little static shocks she got periodically fromContinue reading “Chapter 3.40 – Irritant”

Chapter 3.39 – Neon Nightmare

For the night’s hunt, Seth had taken Faith to a club that, previously, she could only have dreamed of being allowed in to: the Orange Box. Faith had dressed up for the occasion and was excited to mingle with the kind of people who were allowed into a club that had a dress code, butContinue reading “Chapter 3.39 – Neon Nightmare”

Chapter 3.38 – The Butler Code

Disclaimer: Drugs mention, tiny bit of blood. Broof had never before been into the forests of Forgotten Hollow, but he had, of course, heard all about them. As he and Lilith made their way along overgrown paths and through ever-thickening trees, Broof’s shoes became muddied and his field of vision became smaller. As the darknessContinue reading “Chapter 3.38 – The Butler Code”