Chapter 1.24 – Less Dead

Warning: This chapter alludes to self-harm and is generally quite dark. With April not willing to show her ID for fear of being recognised, they’d had to visit a few nightclubs before they found one that would let them in. With its dingy interior and sticky floor it was definitely not the sort of establishmentContinue reading “Chapter 1.24 – Less Dead”

Chapter 1.23 – Foil in the Microwave

April missed her reflection. She was hoping that she was putting lipstick on in the right place. Faith was beside her, trying to apply eyeliner. “This is such a disaster,” April sighed. Faith looked at April’s face. “Well, you have some on your fangs but otherwise it’s fine.” April ran her tongue over her teeth.Continue reading “Chapter 1.23 – Foil in the Microwave”

Chapter 1.22 – Weird Juice

For once the weather channel was right. The rays of sun were swallowed by thick clouds and the rain had started to fall. As Lilith pulled her boots on, Melinda turned to her. “Please can I take some of those packs with me?” “Of course,” Lilith walked to the kitchen, Melinda in tow, “you canContinue reading “Chapter 1.22 – Weird Juice”

Chapter 1.20 – Five More Minutes

Ten Years Earlier “Yes!” Faith squealed, throwing her arms into the air, “I could beat you with my eyes closed!” Melinda shook her head and turned away from the arcade machine. “You cheated.” “I did not! Right, best of three.” “I’m out of tokens. My mum only gave me five simoleons this week. Said theContinue reading “Chapter 1.20 – Five More Minutes”

Chapter 1.19 – Dead in the Woods

“Come back! I’ll leave my wife!” Will called as Faith and April headed back down the path. He tried to follow them and ended up falling onto his face. Dale giggled but he wasn’t faring much better. “Wife?” Faith turned back towards Will. “You never said you had a wife!” “Beth’s gonna be so pissedContinue reading “Chapter 1.19 – Dead in the Woods”

Chapter 1.16 – Vampiric Allure

Melinda awoke to the sound of something soft and heavy being dragged down the stairs and across the room. She stirred and blinked at sun. Oh, she felt rough. It took her a while to focus on the image before her. Faith and April had just about managed to drag Will to a seat atContinue reading “Chapter 1.16 – Vampiric Allure”

Chapter 1.15 – Real Drinks

The bar was a dump. The kind of place frequented only by miserable local men who had a beer in the evening in their work-wear before begrudgingly returning home to their families. Everyone turned to look as they walked in but no one seemed to recognise April. Melinda felt very out of place. Faith howeverContinue reading “Chapter 1.15 – Real Drinks”