Chapter 1.37 – Selfish Desires

Faith knew what she was expecting when she pushed open the bedroom door. April would be lying upon her bed; awake perhaps, but not entirely and still stuck in that creepy new dark form that she had. She did not expect her to be stomping around the room looking very much back to normal. “WhoContinue reading “Chapter 1.37 – Selfish Desires”

Chapter 1.36 – Easy Prey

Lilith closed April’s bedroom door and tried to fight against the desire to lie on the floor; she was drained. Feeling her way along the banister, she descended the stairs. Faith and Melinda greeted her at the bottom. “Did it work?” they asked, together. “Yes, but it’ll take a day or two for her toContinue reading “Chapter 1.36 – Easy Prey”

Chapter 1.35 – My Epitaph

Note: Sad tone. Dark place. Get a cute animal nearby to pet when you’re finished reading. It’s so bright today. It really hurts, it really burns. I’ll keep my eyes closed from here in case it blinds me. The sun never used to feel like this, on those rare occasions when I was allowed outside.Continue reading “Chapter 1.35 – My Epitaph”

Chapter 1.34 – Down With That

Caleb had arrived at the billboard with the fish on it. There was definitely no sign of April. Now what? There was barely a cloud in the sky; the sun would be bright and deadly to fledgling vampires today. He walked to the verge where he assumed April had last been. The grass had beenContinue reading “Chapter 1.34 – Down With That”

Chapter 1.33 – Roadkill

“You’re not trying hard enough!” April shouted from her hiding place as Faith once again failed to flag down a passing driver. Faith bit her lip, silently fuming. April was wrong, she wasn’t trying at all. She hadn’t even stuck her thumb out for that one, let alone her leg. “I think it’s a lostContinue reading “Chapter 1.33 – Roadkill”

Chapter 1.32 – Reckless Ways

Melinda wasn’t feeling quite as spirited as Caleb clearly was, as he bounded along like some sort of undead, overgrown puppy. “Lilith will be pleased to see you. We can play some chess!” he enthused. “I’ll be terrible at it,” Melinda said, wondering what on earth she’d said or done to perk him up soContinue reading “Chapter 1.32 – Reckless Ways”

Chapter 1.31 – Spawned Somehow

“But I’m thirsty!” April whined, stomping her foot. Faith was losing her temper. “I’m not going hunting, April. If you’re really that thirsty, have one of the pouches.” “I’m not drinking that stuff!” April screeched. Faith sank her head into her hands. Even Joy wasn’t this much of a brat and she was only seven.Continue reading “Chapter 1.31 – Spawned Somehow”

Chapter 1.30 – Without Shoes

Warning: Suicidal sims, suggestion of exploitation, generally awful. 16 years earlier Caleb had been stargazing on his bench when the human had appeared. She was barefoot and without a coat in the frigid November weather; he felt even colder than usual as he looked at her. She must be lost but he didn’t know whereContinue reading “Chapter 1.30 – Without Shoes”

Chapter 1.29 – The Opposite

Melinda was very relieved that, as a vampire, she did not have the function to poop herself, as the zombie had appeared from nowhere to rip the face off an unsuspecting truck driver. April squealed in delight and Faith looked almost bored. The gore in the movie didn’t seem to bother Melinda as much asContinue reading “Chapter 1.29 – The Opposite”

Chapter 1.28 – Love The Misery

April and Caleb had stopped staring at each other in the living room and instead were staring at each other in April’s bedroom. Faith and Melinda quickly had enough of April’s coquettish giggles and had slipped out of their room to watch the news downstairs. There wasn’t really anything else to do. Almost every channelContinue reading “Chapter 1.28 – Love The Misery”