Chapter 1.04 – Should Know Better

April rushed to the music room, heart racing. She was right. She must be right.  After they had cleaned him up as best as they could, Sandy had somehow convinced Dr. Vatore and his lap full of chocolate pudding stains to stay for a drink. The two of them were in the sitting room again.Continue reading “Chapter 1.04 – Should Know Better”

Chapter 1.03 – To Start A Fire

At 8 pm exactly the doorbell rang. Sandy made the butler open it so she could keep up the pretence that she wasn’t really that desperate. In reality, she had been pacing the hallway since about half four.  April lingered in the adjacent music room and heard her mother announce in her most charming voice, usually reserved forContinue reading “Chapter 1.03 – To Start A Fire”

Chapter 1.02 – Champagne and Bullshit

April had woken early the next morning. A fitful night’s sleep now meant a plan was fully formulated in her head, although she would have to wait a few more hours for her mother to wake up. Her artificially smooth exterior might have convinced the world that she was defying her age, but Sandy’s insidesContinue reading “Chapter 1.02 – Champagne and Bullshit”

Chapter 1.01 – It’s My Party

Sandy threw her phone to the floor and screamed.  The caterer was running late due a local kale shortage and the DJ had called in sick with liver failure or some other such nonsense that could have surely waited. Now to top it all off, there weren’t nearly enough paparazzi outside. Didn’t they know the daughter ofContinue reading “Chapter 1.01 – It’s My Party”